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Use an Infographic CV

We all know infographics are simple and easy to understand. Also, we can make things attractive and effective using infographic. As infographics are much popular, considering its effectiveness it is the best way for one to design their resume as an infographic.

Infographic can be favorable while considering CV. Few things to be considered when you decide to work on an infographic:

Job Application:

Suitable industries to target with an infographic are the creative ones like Information Technology, Design, and Animation. This way you can show off your creativity skills to them along with your experience and qualifications.  Nowadays we are facing lots of competition in IT. And that is for creative positions. So Infographic is a great platform for us to showcase our creativity and chase the positions.  Infographic can be your stand alone example for the recruiters to judge your creativity. For other fields like Medical or Law, infographic may not be much useful because they might be looking for something else more than creativity.  For such fields standard CV may be more advantageous.

Examples Of Simple Infographic CV

infographic-cv-example-1    infographic-cv-example-2

Your CV’s Content:

What’s more important is to grab recruiters attention for right reasons. You should carefully balance your design and content in an infographic so that they complement each other.  If you are creating an infographic with lots of animations or dancing, it may certainly end up taking the attention away from the content.  It is advisable to use an infographic as a pretty design that is intended to mask any inadequacies.


Before designing an infographic what you need to consider is how you will be applying for the job. If you are going to send it as hard copy by post or show them in person, an infographic is ideal. Applying online may throw up some issues because you are allowed to upload a document or pdf file. An infographic tools which allows you to download infographic as pdf will make it easy for you.

Infographic is the easiest and creative way to distinguish oneself and stand out in the competitive crowd. Infographics are the best way but if you are opting for the same, check once if it suits the position you are applying for.

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