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12 Years Of Legacy: Celebrating A Milestone Anniversary

12 Years Of Legacy: Celebrating A Milestone Anniversary

We turned 12 last week! It was a celebration of the successful and learning years at MilesWeb. We can hardly believe that it has been 12 years since a small group of three passionate newbies, Deepak Kori, Chinmay Dingore, and Chetan Mahale, began their impactful vision: to make web hosting accessible and affordable for everyone.

We turned 12

And guess what? From our humble beginnings as three teammates in 2012, we’ve blossomed into a flourishing company with over 80 dedicated employees in 2024. Each teammate brings their own unique spark, making them an invaluable part of our MilesWeb family. We wouldn’t be here without them (even if they do out-of-the-blue things).

MilesWeb family

Before this milestone birthday, we racked up a whopping 11 awards from the renowned G2 platform! These awards recognize our top-notch web hosting services, reliability, and uptime scores and mark us as “Small Business High Performer,” “Fastest Implementation,” and much more across India, Asia, and the Asia-Pacific region. 

We’ve faced our share of challenges, but we’ve also achieved remarkable milestones: the trust of over 50,000 customers worldwide, plus a track record with over 120,000 answered and solved chats

To celebrate our monumental 12th anniversary, MilesWeb threw a party that brought  a cascade of good times! We started the day with a quick trip to the stunning Mridur resort. Once we were settled in, it was game on for fun activities that brought the whole team together.

event activities

From engaging in exciting event activities to indulging in delicious food, MilesWeb ensured a day packed with team bonding and laughter. But it wasn’t all about games and giggles (although there were plenty of those too!).

MilesWeb event activities

We also took some time to recognize all the amazing things our team has accomplished this year. Awards were handed out, speeches were made (some funnier than others!), and let’s just say the dance floor got LIT!


At MilesWeb, we know that happy employees = awesome work. This party was more than just a celebration; it was a reminder that we’re a family here. We work hard, we laugh hard, and we appreciate each other and that’s what makes MilesWeb such a great place to be.

Thanks to our learning and active listening, we’ve expanded our toolbox beyond traditional web hosting. Now we offer a whole range of solutions, from pay-as-you-go cloud services to simple hosting options for both individuals and businesses.

Our biggest win in this decade-plus journey is the amazing connections we’ve built with our customers. For us, our clients are the sprinkles on our website hosting sundae! (Don’t judge our metaphors.)

MilesWeb hasn’t just blown out 12 candles; we have ignited the future of modern web hosting! Get ready to experience mind-blowing new features and services as we constantly push the boundaries of innovation. And wait, our focus isn’t just on tech; we are obsessed with streamlined onboarding and support that goes above and beyond. We say, “If today’s service is good, tomorrow’s will be even better with us.

12th anniversary

12 years down, and the party’s just getting started! We’re bursting with excitement for the future, and you know very well that we couldn’t keep this joy bottled up. We wanted to share it with the amazing people who made it all possible: our incredible customers, rockstar employees, and phenomenal partners. Seriously, folks, you’re the wind beneath our wings! 

Thank you to all!

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