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The Incredible Expansion Story of MilesWeb

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For the past nine years, MilesWeb has worked hard enough to create the brand identity. It has undergone many changes and has built a strong team set.

Then the team was small, now the team has expanded. As the company saw consistent growth and recruited more talents, the need for more space also increased.

Today, we have moved to our new office space. For the past few weeks, we were waiting for its completion. Now it feels like an accomplishment. Our new office space is not located any far. It is within the existing office building and feels like we received the kind of scaling we waited for long.

We never knew our team would outgrow the existing office space and we will need one more. Our founders and all of us have passionately worked in making this company a huge success. Today we feel we have climbed yet another step towards more growth.

The new office space took around eight to twelve weeks to complete. As we wanted the office to be better than the old one, it has all the comfort and hopes to move ahead.

Our founders dreamt of expanding the business for years. The tiny cabin then turned into a big office. Now we have two office spaces to increase productivity.

Every time a new member joins the team, they contribute varied ideas, skillset, perspectives, and knowledge to the table. The only aim to expand MilesWeb was to work with talented members to help the company grow more, and we have seen the best.

Our founders Deepak Kori, Chinmay Dingore, and Chetan Mahale, visioned the new office space to be calm, comfortable, enlightening, and teach a valuable lesson to members every day.

If I give you the office tour, you will notice light-painted walls, which offer a subtle look. There are frames on each wall to remind the team they are doing great and can make the most out of their skills and knowledge.

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We have a separate conference room, meeting room, and interview room that we missed in our first office space. The new office space has much more to offer in that case. The reason to create different rooms was also to pinch a point that no member gets disturbed from other activities like interviews and meetings happening in the background.

We are the creative team of MilesWeb. From the beginning till today, we have done everything to make the company a big success. It has now been accomplished. The new office space work began in the month of July and was completed in approximately 8-10  weeks. You can see below the office look before and how it looks now after its completion.

The place was all dusty, messy, and in process. Hardworking men were putting 10 into more efforts to complete the work on time. Can you see the place didn’t mean anything unless it acquired the office look?

Everything felt dreamy after we entered our new office space. The wait was over. Each member was assigned their respective desk and began working.

It is an incredible feeling we cannot describe in a few words. There are more hopes of productivity and growth after this. We look forward to expanding more and creating such office spaces.

But, as we announce the launch of our new office space, we would want you to be a part of our happiness and wish us the best for future accomplishments.

To provide you with the best of our web hosting services, we need the best resources and skill sets. We are adding more talents to the team every other day and enhancing the output. If you send in some wishes we can go ahead together and make our businesses a success. 

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