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MilesWeb’s Milestones! 2023-A Year of Growth and Innovation

MilesWeb's Milestones! 2023-A Year of Growth and Innovation

Whoa, 2023 was a rollercoaster of wins and challenges! A perfect year for serving top-class web hosting services and elevating ourselves as a hosting platform. With seamless site migrations, resolving technical queries, unwavering customer support, and adding new hosting accounts to the MilesWeb family, we are glad to say this year has been one of our best.

We upgraded our services to be cooler and more user-friendly. And we can definitely sit down when we have a story to share with you all. With fun, dedication, and improvements, we have collected a lane full of memories. Let’s wait no more and take a journey to our 2023 moments.

Our Service Triumphs

No matter how long we go, our priority will always be our clients. To ease the web hosting services, we have included some of the best highlighting features in our services.

Pay As You Go Cloud

2023 was a digital revolution for cloud services. MilesWeb understood the requirements of websites and launched our pay-as-you-go cloud services.

AI Logo Maker

With the emerging AI technology, we were thrilled to announce the launch of AI Logo Maker. The logo maker proved an essential tool for all our clients, as they create and design their logos at a minimal, reasonable cost.

Enhanced Customer Support

We believe in the quality of our work. To keep the record of the best customer support, we expanded our professional team with experienced developers, technical experts, and friendly customer executives. We are now a happy family of 80+ MilesWeb professionals.

Growth Milestones

Growth Milestones

This year, we grew our client family to a total of 50k.

Statistics are just numbers, but our happiness is beyond these numbers. In 2023, we have migrated 25000+ sites to MilesWeb, answered more than 120000 chats, and resolved 23000+ tickets.

Events We Rocked

Events We Rocked

We were the hosting sponsor at WordCamp Kerala (March 25th, 2023, Kochi, Kerala).

Gold sponsor at WordCamp Bengaluru (July 29th, 2023, Bengaluru).

The prideful moment of being one of the hundreds of attendees at the WordCamp, where we shared, communicated, and gained WordPress knowledge!

Zest of Fest

Zest of Fest

While on-screen we are a service provider, off-screen we are a mixture of pure joy, love, and cultural bonding. At MilesWeb, we never miss a chance to celebrate. All the year-long festivals were celebrated with great pomp.

Have a look at our photo gallery; we are sure the smiles of our team are contagious and can come on your face too. Yeah, just like that!

We enjoyed it all year round with annual parties, Diwali celebrations, birthdays, team treks, and other days like Boss Day, Independence Day, and Republic Day, and the list continues to infinity.

Don’t miss our photo booth to catch the look.

What’s Next?

Well, there will be no stop to our accomplishments. MilesWeb is another name for progress, improvement, and the best hosting provider. No matter how small or big, we will continue to upgrade ourselves and serve our clients with the best web hosting services. Last but not least, we promise to share all our adventures with you.

Wishing you a fabulous new year!

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