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Sharing MilesWeb WordCamp Kathmandu Experience!

Sharing MilesWeb WordCamp Kathmandu Experience

Watch this video to check out a sneak peek of WordCamp Kathmandu! And yes, then continue reading the blog.

So, recently we embarked on a journey to fly to the beautiful center of Nepal’s history, art & culture, Kathmandu for the largest WordPress community event, WordCamp Kathmandu. The event took place on the September 3-4 2022 at Gairidhara Kathmandu.

Right from flying off to Kathmandu, attending the WordCamp event to coming back home, the entire experience was super-amazing and valuable ✈️. 

In short, we had an absolute blast, so we thought we would walk you down through our experience there. 🙂

Kicking off, basically, it was a two-day event that had around 400+ attendees along with speakers. And, yes, we were also fortunate to meet all the WordPress users, developers, freelancers, SEOs all in one place. 

During the 2 days schedule, we attended presentations, workshops, Q & A’s and more. Yes, it was fantastic and resourceful!

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The second day was “Contributors Day” which was an important part of the WordCamp event. The purpose of this day is to give back to WordPress. As, open-source platforms such as WordPress let anyone make anything they wish for WordPress and share it with the WordPress community. 

Yes, we also set up a booth at the event and as usual, and to tell you the booth experience was really great and super busy. Literally, there was a great buzz at our booth in just 20 mins. We met a lot of interesting people, talked to potential clients, and introduced them to our WordPress cloud service.  

WC Kathmandu 2022

How about goodies for WordPress buddies? Yes, we said goodies to whoever visited our booth. Ohh my god, there was literally a rush to grab the goodies…😅

Now comes the best part about the conference, “cPanel/Plesk, one of the leading web hosting control panels partnered with MilesWeb.”

Kudos! 🎉This was a super-great moment. Also, to tell you, the main motto behind this was to engage with fellow WordPress folks, and enthusiasts and foster potential partnerships further. 

Overall, it was really an incredible experience at this event with all the fellow WordPress fanatics. Hoping to attend the next on-the-list super-soon! The thing is, WordPress Community has so much to offer, and we should take the benefit of it to the fullest. 

Last but not the least, together we can drive the WordPress passion even better. 

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