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It’s World Password Day! Time to Keep Close Eye on The Security

world password day

How many of you have passwords with your favorite actor’s name (Well, many of you must be having them!). Also, be it your pet’s name, relative’s name, or a friend’s name, these types of simple passwords are super-easy to crack. 

When you enter such passwords, you might even get a popup saying that “Your Password is Weak.” Why do you get this message? Have you ever wondered? Yes, because weak passwords are a gift to hackers. 

Today passwords are needed almost everywhere, from unlocking a mobile phone to accessing your emails to even entering a home. It’s your duty to keep them strong and secure.

Fortunately, World Password Day exists! It’s about creating awareness about the importance of strong passwords and why everyone should keep changing the passwords to stay away from online disasters. 

On this day, everyone of us should carefully think about the passwords and how we can take measures to keep them super-safe. Indeed, password day shouldn’t be celebrated just today, rather everyday! 

Here’s a blog for you on World Password Day!  

The History

Passwords have come a long way since ancient times. It was used to deny the entry at the door unless a specific phrase was provided. Over the years, passwords evolved and was first developed in 1961 by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) so that multiple people can make use of a shared computer system. 

And Finally, in May 2013, Intel officially declared World Password Day for the first time on the first Thursday in May. It has been observed worldwide ever since. 

When Is World Password Day Observed? 

World password day falls on the first Thursday in May every year – this time its on 5th May.

Who is It For? 

World Password day is for everyone, including companies, individuals, and experts. It’s an annual reminder to review the security practices and understand the importance of digital security. 

Surprising Password Stats

Here are some of the surprising Password Stats:

  • 50% of people use the same passwords for all their logins. It’s absolutely not secure to use the same password for all logins. 
  • 31.3% of total users update their passwords once or twice a year. Thus, the ratio of people updating their passwords is very low.
  • 53% of People rely on their memory to manage their passwords because they are easy-to-remember passwords that hackers can guess easily. 

Giving Some A+ Password Security Tips

Check out the A+ security tips to help you go through a smooth digital journey online. 

1. Create a Solid Password

Just think about the list of passwords you have, bill payments, online bank accounts, social media, shopping sites, and it goes on and on. 

  • Keep your password super-strong and complex
  • Use 8 characters or even more
  • Make it a perfect combination of numbers, letters, symbols and special characters 

2. Change: The Need of the Hour!  

Hackers and bots are just getting smarter day by day, and due to this, websites and applications are getting trapped in it. Do you have passwords that have not been changed for months?

REMEMBER, REMEMBER ALWAYS!! Keep changing your passwords regularly, even if you think the task is daunting! Because a small change can save your day!

3. Get a Password Manager 

Trust me! Technology is literally a blessing! There are password managers that lets you safely and conveniently manage complex and unique passwords for an unlimited number of accounts. So, making use of password manager tools can be beneficial. 

4. Use Two Factor Authentication 

If someone tries to access your account, Two-Factor Authentication will help you better protect your account. 

Celebrating World Password Day! 

You celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions, so should you even celebrate Password Day?

Of course! Why not? It’s more about protecting your family and yourself from identity theft and dangers. Well, it’s time to open your eyes and play safely in the online world. 

Start going through your passwords, make them strong like no one can ever “Crack.” Alert your friends about the same. 

So from now, follow the A+ tips given above. That’s all you can do!

Wrapping Up 

We hope this World password day inspires you to put password security on the top of your priority list. Like see, you have to deal with passwords literally everywhere, be it your phone, banking, emails, job work, and whatnot. 

Enhancing your passwords is one of the best ways to put a lock on the potential susceptibilities and prevent hackers from accessing your information.

So, yea, let’s take an oath today to keep passwords 10001% secured!

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