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What Is Schema Markup? 7 Crucial Reasons To Use Structured Data For SEO

Google search mechanism needs to put in a lot of effort to read and understand the content of a page. You can help this effort by providing specific indicators about the meaning of the page by implementing Schema markup or structured data on the page. Structured data is a standardized format for giving out information about a web page and for categorizing the page content.

Google makes use of the structured data that it finds on a web page in order to analyze the content on that page and to collect more information about the web in general.

Google search also utilizes structured data for implementing special search result features and enhancements.

Structured data is denoted through Schema markup which is a code that you need to add to your website for the search engines to provide relevant and informative results to the users. If you have used rich snippets before, you will have a better understanding of schema markup. As Google continues to establish a web that is more semantic, these markups have become increasingly popular and valuable in order to facilitate effective internet communication.

Here Are Some Interesting Facts About Schema Markup:

  • Through schema markup search engines know what your website data means.
  • With schema markup, some of the content gets indexed in a distinct way to make search results more authentic for the users.
  • Schema markup makes use of a distinct semantic vocabulary in a microdata format.
  • You don’t need to have any coding skills for adding schema markup.
  • org, Schema markup was invented by Bing, Google and Yahoo.
  • Schema markup was invented for the users, so that they could get appropriate search results.
  • If the websites put the right schema markup in place, in the search engine results, users get comprehensive information about a website like – what that website is into, what is the cost of the products, what is the address or contact details of that company etc.
  • Schema markup helps your website to secure a better ranking for all types of content. You can add markup for restaurants, local businesses, articles, movies, book reviews, events, products etc.

Why Is Schema Markup Important For SEO?

Schema Markup Provides Rich Snippets

Schema markup makes your web page look better and more informative in the search engine results. This is because it provides rich snippets that are displayed below the page title of your content.

milesweb rich snippet

When a user searches for MilesWeb, they will get all the information they need. Every aspect of information like contact details, rating, address, reviews etc. is displayed for searchers to make informed decision whether they want to get in touch with the company or not.

A rich snippet is much better than the plain meta data that Google chooses for displaying in the search engine results.

Through structured data markup, you can display the exact data that you want the users to see.

Schema Markup Helps In Achieving Organic Click Through Rates

When users see the search results, they would obviously go for a website that has more information displayed. These are the websites with extensive rich snippets which is a result of a structured data markup present in a web page.

When you observe an increased click through rate, it is caused due to extensive rich snippet that is well-presented in the search engine results.

Schema Markup Boosts SEO

Although adding Schema markup is not a direct SEO strategy, but it is one of the best SEO practices that can help you rank better in the search engine results. When schema markup is used at the right places on the website, it provides an indirect SEO benefit because of which your web pages get indexed easily. This is because you provide meta data that is more authentic than just keywords.

Web pages that have structured data markup have a higher potential to rank better in comparison to the pages that don’t.

Schema Markup Is Great For Local SEO

Schema markup works great when it comes to local SEO. With properly formatted structured data, you can provide more information to the search engines about your local business along with your address and contact information. As a result of this, searchers who are looking for a local option will easily find you. Preferably you should use Schema markup for boosting local SEO along with a properly optimized Google My Business page for a better reach.

Structured Data Is Good For Voice Search

When you voice search something on Google, you might get a voice answer for it if there is a rich snippet enabled for that search term. You can try this – Open Google Assistant and say “What is SEO?”, and you will get to hear an answer like “According to some blog SEO is defined as…” (where some blog is the name of the blog that is featured in the search engine results).

Google gets answers from the featured snippets. Therefore, it is useful to have structured data on your web pages so that you can rank better in Google feature snippet and you will get a greater exposure for the voice searches as well.

Schema Makes Your Page Look More Attractive

When you add schema markup, your web pages look more alluring and they put forward your best information. Your search engine results look different as compared to others as they comprise of images and rich snippets. As a result of this, there are higher possibilities that users will click on your website pages in the search engine results. This is also the reason why websites having schema markup rank higher and do better in comparison to the websites that don’t.

Display Business Details With Schema

You can display your complete business information in the SERPs with the help of Schema. You can display your contact numbers, address, logo, social media accounts, blog, founder information etc. Schema markup is also helpful if your business has more than one names or if you have changed your business name. You can easily display your business details that you want your customers to know through Schema markup.

Guide: How To Add Schema Markup To Your Website?

To Conclude…

Schema markup or structured data is one of the most powerful SEO tools and you must use it to the best of your business’s advantage. Although you might get intimidated by adding Schema markup, but it is much easier to apply! You will figure it out when you start doing it. When you add schema markup, you will be amazed with the way your website is displayed in the search engines and your website will become worthy of receiving a greater response by the searchers.

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