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Why Quality Web Hosting is Important For SEO

Nowadays, most of the business owners focus a lot on the artistic or visual appeal of their website to attract new customers. But it is not worth to spend all the money on website looks if it is not found on search engines. Now you might be thinking about the back-end work to get the websites ranked on search engines, are you? The basic and the important thing to start with is the quality web hosting. You will find lot of web hosting sites in India once you surf internet. But how to know whether the web hosting provider is the quality one?

Web Hosting is often unnoticed but plays important role in determining your website’s SEO rankings. Know how:

  1. Uptime/Downtime:

You might have always seen the banner or tag of 99.9% uptime guarantee callouts on the website. They have some reason behind it. The quality of the web host is determined by hope accessible the website actually is. If your host quality is poor the more will be your website’s downtime and which indirectly affects your SEO rankings. The reason behind it is if your website is accessible all the time when Google crawls it. It is more likely to be considered at the top priority of relevant searches.

  1. Website Loading Speed:

A website loading speed or page loading speed affects the SEO rankings. We all know that the internet is growing along with lots of competition for us. People are no longer willing to wait even a single or half a minute for your website to load and check the content on the website. They will simply switch to your competitor website and may convert for their services.  You can control some of the factors affecting the page load speed like coding or page size but most of it depend on your web hosts.  Some of the web host related factors are the type of hard drive, the CDN and whether the hosting is well optimized for your CMS such as WordPress.

Here are 12 Significant Tips to Boost Your Website Loading Speed

  1. IP Location:

The Physical location or the server location of your web hosts also affects the SEO rankings. Search Engines most likely ranks websites with IP addresses in the same country. So it’s better to try a web host who has servers in your own country to boost the SEO rankings. IP or server location can also affect your page loading speed. If you are targeting the users in the country where your server is not located, the page loading speed for those users may vary and can have an adverse effect on your rankings plus business.

  1. Security:

Poor website security can have a harmful effect on the website’s SEO. The reason behind it is attackers or hackers that can hack your website and create spam pages, harmful backlinks to the site and all the things for which Google loves to penalize a website. By the time you figure out the spam pages or backlinks, Google may penalize your website or drop your rankings. So before settling on one web host be sure that the web host is acquired with security technology options with them. Lack of security or poor security may get your website infected with malware which can lead your site to get blacklisted or may show security warnings to viewers. So it is important to check whether the web host has the security methods or technologies to defend your site from attackers.

  1. HTTPS/SSL Support:

Google has specifically stated that HTTPS or SSL is an SEO ranking factor since then every website is opting towards Https to protect user data in web traffic. For now, it is just a minor ranking factor but may become more important in near future. If you wish to move your website from HTTP to HTTPS, you can consult your web hosting provider to get on with their TSL/SSL certificates. This will contain a list where you can ensure how your website is fully operating HTTPS. These lists are fairly easy to find and make it easy for you to switch seamlessly.

  1. Technical Support:

When your website goes down and get you into a panic situation, this is the best moment to know how well organized and quality driven is your web host provider. Make sure your web hosts provides you with 24*7*365 days technical support available. Even if you are not satisfied with this, go one step ahead and ask the experience of tech support staff for help. This will make you have an overview of how dedicated and capable the support staff is to help you all the time.

This is why your web hosting plays a very important role in determining whether your website will have a boost or bust. Making sure and checking the quality of your web hosting is not just the good way to SEO but ensures, your users will have a great experience browsing your website and may turn back to you if needed. MilesWeb provides you with all above factors with the quality experience. If you want to know more about the same, contact us or use the below comment box. Hope you found the article helpful for your search.

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