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Top 12 Tips to Promote Your Small Business Website During the Holiday Season

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Updated onOctober 5, 2019

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Ready for the holiday season? Holidays are right round the corner and people are planning for shopping and holidays. Is it your business’s very first holiday hustle? You might be already thinking on some ideas about seasonal promotion of your business.

May it be your first or 100th holiday promotion; it is always been hard to come up with some new ideas for holiday marketing of your business. Many entrepreneurs even have a mindset that holiday marketing is just for the big businesses. But that’s not the case at all.

In fact, this is the great time to tie your customers into a seasonal promotion, isn’t it? Treat your audience with great deals and create relevant and lucrative campaigns to set up your business for success in the upcoming year.

Thinking that ‘holiday marketing’ is only done during Christmas? Nah! It’s done during all the festivals, and businesses that have run the campaigns during these festive seasons have earned fruitful benefits.


It’s time for Christmas and you shouldn’t miss a chance of seasonal promotion of your business. So, you have landed at the right place as we are going to discuss here the best holiday marketing ideas.
Let’s get started:

1. Determine your holiday marketing budget

You might already have kept your regular budget aside for online marketing. If you haven’t, now is the time to think about a budget that you will require for small marketing. This is in particular to some social media channels that require at least a small amount to run the campaign. If you are going for Facebook, of course that is free, but the Facebook algorithm gives more preference to sponsored posts and ads. Therefore, your campaign might get lost in the busy news feed.

But in case you aren’t interested in investing in Facebook campaign, you will need to publish your posts for multiple times or offer discounts, if your fans share your posts. One of the quickest solutions would be to buy small ads or promotional posts in order to ensure that fans see your posts.

Apart from this, if you are ready to spend, it’s great! Decide the amount of money that you can contribute to your marketing budget during the holiday season and start working.

2. Work on Website Optimization

Whatever be your business niche, it is important to provide a fast and flawless web experience.
Time is the most important thing in online business that is preferred during the holiday season. If your website isn’t easy to navigate or it simply takes long time to load, it is for sure that customers will leave your website.

Can your small business afford to lose traffic during the busy season? Not at all. Therefore, you should address any lags or missing information on your website.

You might be wondering:

How to make my customers happy?

Just take few steps to optimize your website in order to attract and retain traffic via conversion. With this, your website will become easy to navigate, making your customers happier than ever before.

Is your website mobile optimized?

That’s an important point to be noted. Do you know that maximum people shop via mobile? Check the below facts:
• 84% of smart phone shoppers use their phones while in a physical store as per Google.
• 61% of people have a better opinion of brands when they offer a good mobile experience as per HubSpot.

So, what do you think about making your website mobile optimized?

3. Update your products to showcase your sale

Don’t miss to apply a sale or discount to your products so that the visitors can identify the price differences. No doubt your products will be seen as usual on your website. But for the holiday push, they too deserve getting dressed up. Also, list the discounted products under the special heading such as “Holiday Specials” or “Special Deals” and add this collection on your homepage to get noticed quickly.

On these days, you can’t neatly wrap all the presents in a box. There are businesses that donate to a charitable organization or sponsor a company-wide day of service. Or you can arrange awards for the best web designers or best website themes. With this, visitors will feel like they’ve come across the best deal around, plus since you have aligned your promotion, you will gain customer appreciation as well as sales.

4. Host a gift giveaway on social media

Want to ignite your social media holiday season campaign? Treat your visitors with giveaways and contests that can help in boosting the activity during the rush to get the perfect gift. You can launch giveaway content and also, invite people to get involved. But prior to making your campaign live, don’t miss to check the parameters and requirements of the contest for legal purposes.

You can even offer coupons to your visitors. As per the 2016’s survey by CouponBox, coupons can grow the revenue for retailers up to 40 percent. Prior to deciding on the coupon, first determine your profit margin and then create a coupon that will help you earn without affecting your profit margin. Create fascinating coupons for your customers and share them as and when required on your social media or via email newsletters.

Make sure each coupon you offer has a unique coupon code so that you can track which coupons are most used. For instance, create a coupon code such as “EMAIL” for email offers and a different code for social media such as “SHAREME,” to detect coupons found through social media. When the holiday season ends, count the coupon codes to know which coupons proved to be highly profitable for your business. This will help you to plan the coupons for the next year.

5. Dress Your Website up for the Holidays

No doubt your customers like the regular appearance of your website. But during holidays even they expect something new. So, it is important that you dress your website with some extra sparkle.
Take the example of the coffee king “Starbucks”.

All have seen the company’s white-and-green siren, but since November 1st 2018, Starbucks’ cups have got a little more festive.

When the visitors visit their website, they are welcome with twinkling snowflakes and a giant, festive banner image. Also, their promotion code is amazing: SNOWFALL.

Wait don’t get too excited!

Don’t miss to note one thing. The good as well as old-fashioned marketing advice is that know your audience.

Whenever you are planning to design your brand as per the holiday-themed, keep a track on how your customers receive it. In case, you don’t have an idea about it, you can run A/B tests, ask for customer feedback or hold a focus group.

6. Use Your Email Marketing List

You can get easily caught up in making sure if your website is perfect for the festive season or not. But, you should remember that many customers won’t see it until you help them notice it to them in some form. For example, you can send an email that contains your website link and a perfect reason to visit your homepage.

Email marketing is the one of the most effective marketing tactics to create awareness, acquire, convert, and retain. Therefore, it is highly used during holiday season.

Just don’t forget that your subscribers have subscribed for a reason: they want to hear from you! So, wish them for this holiday season and share your good news.

7. Create Interest

All have been eagerly waiting for the holidays. But since you are a website owner, you can use all the expectations to create hype for your business.

For example, the biggest fashion brand, H&M created a short trailer to drive its 2017 holiday partnership with Nicki Minaj. This campaign proved to be highly successful as their followers increased by 31%, they earned a media value of about $98,252,000 and their mentions in 2017 were about 245,630.

Got your eyes rolled back!

Now a question might have struck your mind that what if my budget is low? No problem at all! Though you can’t hire a mega-watt celebrity for boosting your holiday, you can always create anticipation, the old-fashioned way: with a countdown!

You can make some days special by offering giveaways on those days. For this, you can do the promotions, offer deals or post blog content – anything that will encourage your customers.

8. Promote Your Expertise

After dieting for months, the holiday season is the time for gaining weight. This also brings a motivation to lose weight at the start of the New Year.

Jokes apart! The point here is that if your brand holds a special expertise on a holiday-related topic, then it’s time to jump in and start sharing.

For example, if you are running a web hosting company, then focus your content on how web hosting can help people to start their own blog during the holidays.

This will motivate the individuals of different niche to start their own blogs such as food blog, health blog, travel blog, etc.

9. Add a re-targeting pixel on your site

What if a visitor comes to your site and leaves without taking any action? You won’t know that if he will come back to you or switch to another site. Therefore, you should add a re-targeting pixel on your site. With re-targeting you can follow the users around the web and send them targeted messages that will convince them to go back to your website. You just need to add a small and inconspicuous piece of code to your site that tracks the user on Facebook or Google and displays advertisements that keep him aware of your brand.

Re-targeting certainly works as you already know that the user is interested in your business and so, it is possible that they might get tempted by your offers. With this form of online advertising, you can keep your brand in front of visitors during this busy season and covert the bounced traffic.

10. Improve your site speed

It’s time for shopping and your website is therefore going to be jammed with traffic. A point to note is that there will be high traffic coming from mobile devices. This is because people are in hurry and so will prefer using their smart devices.

Visitors already have many plans during the holidays and hence, they grab their products from the online store that is quick in terms of speed. Imagine your website takes a long time to load, the visitors will surely move on to your competitor’s website. It’s a fact that if there is a second’s delay, you lose the conversion by 7%. If you don’t want this to happen with your business, make sure that your website gets loaded speedily.

Don’t miss to check your website speed score via various tools such as the Google’s PageSpeed Insights. You will be able to find the site load speed as well as tips to improve your load time. You should also optimize your images prior to uploading them on your website. This helps in improving your page load time.

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11. Build trust among your visitors

After the Google’s update about marking the sites without SSL as “Not Secure”, many websites have seen switching to Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). Apart from this reason, SEO ranking and secure environment are also the two factors that businesses are thinking upon and so opting for SSL installation.

Prior to visiting a website, visitors are making sure that the website is safe to trust by checking for HTTPS, or “the green bar”. So, make sure that your website is SSL certified.

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12. Ensure your visitors can easily contact you

Visitors come to your site with an intention to buy during the holidays. They select the easiest and effortless option to reach to you. Better check for your contacting options and make sure those are working well.

Also, ensure that your contact menu is easy to find and contains your phone number, your email as well as physical store address. Live-chat is also the most used option, as many people don’t like to contact via phone. This option helps your visitors to get answer to questions, staying on your website. This ultimately leads to more conversions and revenue.

The holidays are coming. So, make your business ready for this holiday season with these top ten tips.


Pallavi is a Digital Marketing Executive at MilesWeb and has an experience of over 4 years in content development. She is interested in writing engaging content on business, technology, web hosting and other topics related to information technology.

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