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Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan – A Necessity for Every Small Business

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Many business owners start with their small business and run their business patiently assuming that everything is set. In this digitally active world today, technology is replacing all manual activities that gives rise to business risks. Those risks are mainly related to data loss which businesses can’t afford to avoid. It might happen during the chaos of running the business, you miss taking some critical steps to secure your small business.

Since everything is digital, no business should take the risk of insecure data. Therefore, it’s critical to implement a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plan. Business owners that have experienced the nightmare of losing access to their company network will understand the significance of having a plan in place. Data loss is risky and incredibly expensive though it occurs due to a natural disaster, human error or cyber attack. So, it’s better to invest time and money proactively in the backup and disaster recovery solutions to minimize the risks and have peace of mind.

What is Business Disaster Recovery (BDR)?

A BDR plan combines of data backup and disaster recovery solutions that collaborate to ensure uptime, diminish data loss and maximize productivity in the midst of an attack, natural disaster or other compromising situation. Simply speaking, BDR solutions keep your business safe when a disaster strikes. BDR solutions today offer secure, continuous backup and rapid data restoration with the cloud-based architecture and makes sure that the business operations run even in the event of disaster.

Do you know? 

  • The Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) market is estimated to grow from $1.42 billion in 2015 to $11.92 billion in 2020.
  • The research by Security Week states that the total volume of data loss at a business level has augmented above 400 percent over the past few years and this trend is seen rising soon. Businesses are facing challenges to protect their private data due to introduction of cloud computing, big data and BYOD policies in the workplace.
  • As per IT Web, the total cost of data breaches is expected to rise above $2.1 trillion by 2019. This is because small businesses don’t take security at a serious note and think that only biog organizations are at the highest risks. But unfortunately, it’s a false assumption.
  • Verizon has also mentioned in a report that small data breaches – with less than 100 files lost – cost between $18,120 and $35,730.

Reasons For Why Small Businesses Need A BDR Plan:

When any business doesn’t have a BDR plan in place, it’s typically because they aren’t clear about the importance of BDR.

Below are the top benefits of BDR plan that are essential for the health of your small business –

Stay Safe against the Effects of Natural Disasters:

Natural disasters can occur anytime and in any form like earthquake, flood, hurricane, blizzard or other extreme disaster which are uncontrollable. Your business can face devastating downtime when such disasters occur. The National Archives and Records Administration has found that above 90% of the organizations that experience minimum 7 days downtime, go out of business within a year. Though a BDR plan won’t be preventing those natural disasters, but will protect your data and ensure your business isn’t compromised with downtime.

Reduce the Impact of Cyber Attacks:

A BDR plan assists in minimizing the impact of attacks and risks by cyber criminals. As the data generated everyday is increasing, criminals are also expanding their techniques to attack small businesses that they think are susceptible. The overall weak security maintained by several small businesses makes them an easy goal for attacks and probes.

Safeguard Your Client’s Data:

A backup and disaster recovery plan helps in keeping your client’s data safe. When you are saving a lot of confidential customer data, you can’t afford to slip this data into the wrong hands especially, when there’s a cyber attack. If you want to protect your brand’s reputation or avoid costing on your current and future business, a backup and disaster recovery plan is a must.

Employees Make Mistake:

Individuals working for small business can make mistakes leading to data loss. Many times your company’s employees are responsible for exposing your critical data.  Therefore, a BDR plan is essential. Additionally, it’s important for the businesses to train their employees well and also, invest in backup solutions.

System Failure:

A system like the hardware, machines or other components might fail. Though you buy the system with a guarantee of 99% uptime, it will certainly encounter issues after some time and experience at least some downtime. Even if you spend hard on technology, no solution is a perfect one. Therefore, businesses need to invest in robust BDR plans that can support all of these risks.

But you need to find a BDR plan that comprises of several features like the hardware compatibility, scalable pricing, around-the-clock support and strong reputation. Don’t worry. MilesWeb’s CodeGuard Cloud Backup solution offers a complete backup and disaster recovery solution for your small business.

Let’s Check the Features of MilesWeb’s CodeGuard Cloud Backup Solution:

The fastest and most reliable website backup service, CodeGuard tracks all the website changes on regular basis. You can recover all your website data instantly with just few clicks with CodeGuard cloud backup.

Reasons for Choosing CodeGuard Cloud Backup:

  • Since CodeGuard works in the background for your website, you simply need to turn it on to take the regular backups of your website data.
  • When any change is detected on your website while monitoring it, CodeGuard notifies it through a ‘ChangeAlert’ email. The email describes what data was added, modified or deleted from your website.
  • Since it’s a cloud platform, CodeGuard is extremely easy to setup. Simply add your website connection details for starting the backup process and it’s done.
  • Take your website data backup at any time. Full backups of your data can be created from the CodeGuard dashboard and also restore data from Cloud backup to the MilesWeb server within few clicks.
  • In terms of malware detection, CodeGuard will automatically scan your website and instantly send alert if any malware, virus, Trojan, rootkit or spyware is detected.
  • CodeGuard’s control panel is user friendly, so, users can backup and restore data quite easily.

Ultimately, no one wants to see something bad happening to their business. It’s hard to believe that at some point in the future, your business is likely to face such disasters. But the quote “Precaution is better than cure” is always followed in a business. Though one can’t stop natural disasters, cyber attacks, human errors or technical malfunction, you can protect your business from the cost after the disaster by investing in robust solutions like the backup and disaster recovery plan.

The Author

Pallavi is a Digital Marketing Executive at MilesWeb and has an experience of over 4 years in content development. She is interested in writing engaging content on business, technology, web hosting and other topics related to information technology.

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