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Top 25 Best Freelance Business Opportunities

Are you looking for a small start up business? Do you have plans to earn some extra money by investing the least amount of money, time and energy? If you are, then you have a plethora of freelance business opportunities in hand. In fact, these business opportunities are so flexible that you can be anywhere in the world and still your business activities will not be hampered in anyway. The best part is you need not have too many educational degrees to start such business. All you need is a smart business idea. If you are not sure about where you should start from, then the following freelance business ideas will give you a wake-up call.

1. Data Entry

This is one of the opportunities that you simply cannot miss. You will not require any kind of formal training for this. If you have the basic knowledge of computer and excel, you will be more than qualified for this work. To start with it, you can search online for such kind of works. During your search you will find plenty of data entry work that you can do in your part time. There are many websites like PeoplePerHour, Upwork, Freelancer and Guru where you get this kind of job.

2. Blogger

If you have a knack towards writing and feel that you can make it big online, then being a blogger is the best option that you can opt for. Sitting at home many bloggers have made it their career and you can have your own sponsored posts if you manage to get recognized with your blogs. You can visit some of the well known blogging sites like BloggingPro, Problogger and Copyblogger to get more information. So, go on and write awesome!

3. Web Designer

People who are really creative with applications and websites will have a great time being a web designer. This is one business that is booming right now and as long as internet and online marketing exists, it will never go down. More and more companies are looking for freelance web designers to create their company website and thus your chances to become successful in this business are ample. You need to have technical experience and a creative mind and you can become a successful web designer working right from home.

4. Business Consultant

This can be an incredible idea for a start up business. If you have a clear understanding of different businesses and how they should be conducted, then being a business consultant would be the ideal freelance business for you. In this business you will have to define the goals of your clients and help them accomplish that goal. Thus, you will be able to help so many new businessmen to be successful in their business and in the process you yourself can also become a flourishing business consultant.

5. Tutor

There is nothing better than imparting education to the younger generation, it is in fact one of the most noble professions. You can be in your twenties or thirties or even older, but if you have good knowledge on a subject and you know that there are students who are eager to learn about it, then become a tutor and start teaching students through online platforms. You can be in your home and teach through online classrooms or have small groups who can come to your house to learn.

6. Fitness Trainer

There is an increasing need of fitness trainers in various gyms. If you have a good physique and you know the intricacies of the gym equipment’s then you can become a fitness trainer. If you have a home setup with various equipment’s, you can have people coming in small groups to learn exercises in your house. There are various certification programs which you should acquire to get success in this field.


7. Travel Agent

This is one of the easiest freelance business ideas that you can make the most. A freelance travel agent has numerous benefits apart from the fact that you will earn a good amount of money from your clients while working from the comfort of your home. You will have to find exotic locations for your clients, inform them about the places they should visit, food they should eat, best deals for accommodations and transport and other parts of an itinerary. You can get more information from Startup Jungle and Careerlancer.

8. Caterer

In case you know the art of cooking and can please people with delicious foods, it will finally pay off well. Start up a small catering business and if you can manage to please a few taste buds, then your business will flourish in a few months. Get a license and learn the local health codes and off you are catering people with delicious food in your part time. Food lovers have the habit of spreading good word about delicious dishes and if you are lucky within a short time you will start receiving plenty of orders.

9. Yoga Trainer

Just like a fitness trainer, you can become a freelance yoga trainer too. Yoga has become a necessity for many people these days. If you know the various poses of yoga and you are confident about teaching others, then go for it without any more thinking. Become a private yoga trainer and teach people right from your home. To become a certified trainer, you have to spend at least 200 hours in a Registered Yoga School.

10. Translator

Another smart idea for freelance business is that you can become an online translator and earn thousands every day without moving an inch from your home. If you are good in any particular language other than your mother tongue you can go for that as well. There are lots of businessmen who want to have a translator with them for their business activities. Get a professional translation certificate from a reputed institute.

11. Makeup Artist

The hours spent in front of the dressing table will be a success if you can become a popular makeup artist. As a freelance makeup artist, you can spend few hours on bridal parties or on marriages and make the bride or groom look beautiful. It will not need any certification from any beauty school. You can do it according to your convenience and can earn good amount of money.

12. Interior Designer

Interior designing is all about creativity and the best you can do with the space you are given. It requires both education and certification as interior designer. You should have knowledge about building codes and architecture and a clear understanding about furniture, design and structure. Websites like Designer Society of America and Fresh Home will be very helpful if you want to become a freelance interior designer.

13. Pet Sitter

If you love animals and really care for them, you can become a freelance pet sitter. It is easy to get such jobs, especially on websites like, Rover and as many people these days keep pets in home. You can visit their home and take care of their pets when they are away. You will have to feed them, take them for a walk or clean their litter. This business will give you money and mental satisfaction as well.

14. Travel Writer

Traveling to exotic locations can be beneficial for you. To become a travel writer is quite a fascinating and a lucrative business overall. If you pen down your experiences along with a picturesque description of the place, then you can become a successful travel writer within a short time. You can write for various travel websites like Travel + Leisure, Fodors and Lonely Planet, you will get a really good amount of money as a freelance travel writer.


15. Proofreader

Many educational institutions hire freelance proofreaders to check question papers and various other documents from their own comfortable spaces. In fact, you can become a proofreader for students who are doing a PhD. You will not require any formal education to become a freelance proofreader. Having good knowledge about the subject and some knowledge about formats such as APA and MLA will be enough.

16. Copywriter

In order to become a copywriter you need to be familiar with various web-based programs and also have a rich stock of words. Additionally, you should also have knowledge on social media content, promotional materials like brochures and newsletters and such other things. This combination is perfect for a copywriter and you can write texts for various promotional events or products. Websites like Copyblogger and Copyhackers are great platforms to start as a freelance copywriter.

17. Photographer

A freelance photographer can earn good amount by the end of the year. You need to have to your own camera and equipment’s and you can start by covering weddings or birthday parties or magazine shoots. People with photography skills are already earning a living with freelance photography. A little bit of knowledge on editing tools like Adobe Light room and Photoshop will be helpful as a freelance photographer.

18. Life Coach

This is quite a motivational job and you can work with parents, business executives and entrepreneurs. If you feel that you can motivate others through your words, then life coach is a great opportunity to flourish your capabilities. You can get help from International Coach Federation if you want to become a part time life coach from home.

19. Art and Craft Tutor

Knowing how to knit or etch glass can have its own perks. If you have any such creative side, you can share your skills with others online from your home on websites like CreativeLive, CreativeBug and Craftsy who are interested in art and craft. In fact, you can have an online classroom where you can teach students personally and in the process can earn good amount of money.

20. Event Planner

If planning events and parties is your forte, then there can be nothing better than being an event planner. You can be at home and plan events for your clients without facing any travelling hassle. Also, you need to have relationship building skills because it will keep your clients happy and engaged. Organize and plan events in your part time and earn thousands using this innovative freelance business idea.

21. Referee

Not many people are aware of this, but becoming a referee is really simple. It can be for any sport ranging from cricket, football, hockey or any other sport. If you know the rules and regulations of that particular sport, then being a freelance referee can be a very interesting job. You can get in touch with National Association of Sports Referees to know more details about becoming a sports official.

22. Dog Walker

Dog walker is a very respectable job and if you can manage to be friendly with few of the dogs, you will never feel alone. People who are not able to take their dogs for a walk often search for people who will do that work for them. Just get a business license and know all the local leash laws. If you are not sure how to get a business license for becoming a freelance dog walker, you can visit for more information.


23. Accountant

You can become a freelance accountant for small business organizations. These organizations do not have enough money to appoint a full time accountant. That is why a freelance accountant can be the best choice for them. You can make use of your calculation skills to good use by becoming a freelance accountant. Check out websites like Tad, BidaWiz and Accounting Department for accountancy related works.

24. SEO Specialist

Do you know the techniques to make a website popular in search engines like Google or Yahoo? If yes, then you can easily become an SEO specialist. This is a business which is extremely flourishing these days and you can earn really well. You need to understand how important an engaging content is for a website and the technical aspects of the content. Adhering to the webmaster guidelines is also important if you want to become a freelance SEO specialist.

25. Music Instructor

Last but not the least, becoming a music instructor or tutor can be another excellent freelance business opportunity. If you are good with musical instruments, then you will find lots of enthusiastic students who will be willing to learn from you. Set up an online classroom and teach live during your own free time. There is no formal education that is required or any degree to become a freelance music instructor.

26. MilesWeb Affiliate Program

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Freelance business opportunities are in plenty. You just have to figure out what you are good at and you can follow the lead to have some extra income in your spare time. It can be any business idea, but you need to be honest and work hard to earn the extra money. So, keep these two factors in mind before starting as these are crucial to make any freelance business successful. Happy earning!

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