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6 Questions you should ask yourself if you Manage your Personal Brand

If you are someone who works on personal brand awareness, here are 6 questions you should ask yourself. These are questions that can give you clues to evaluate your actions and strengthen your personal branding. Discover them!

  1. Does the Profile Reflect your Professional Value Effectively?

Do you have a photo on your profiles? Have you described your job functions? Frequently publish the content related to your profession in social networks? If the answer is no to any of these questions, you have to improve your profile for business opportunities. Just so that others can know precisely what your strengths are in the field. Cheer up!

  1. Do you Have a Portfolio of your Work?

Social channels allow you to attach documents and links that complement your profile. Do not miss this opportunity! Differentiate from the rest is vital to enrich your personal brand. It shows what you do best and share it.

  1. Do you Take Note of Feedback Generated by your Action?

Tracking your posts on social networks will let you know your level of influence. What people value your contributions? What perception do you generate? What kind of feedbacks do you get over your debates you visualize? Keep in mind each of these data, since they comprise what others think about you in the professional field.

  1. Do you Project a Uniform Image of your Profile?

If a person searches your name on social networks, are they able to easily identify you or have to guess if it’s you or someone else? On each channel you have a different photo? If we want to generate business opportunities, we must make it easy for others to contact us.

  1. Do you do Networking in Person?

Your actions should not focus only on social networks. Not even close. In fact, the most effective networking is one that occurs in person, looking at someone directly in the eye. The reason? Because it is the most direct, the most personal, which generates more empathy and to find more common ground in less time. Connect with people whenever you can in your industry events.

  1. Do you Positively Assess your Effort?

The difficult employment situation in many cases, we not enough value our professional worth. One must know how to reward our efforts, dedication and hard work. If we do ourselves, it is difficult for others to do. So always remember how much you’re worth is (do not hesitate even for a moment).

Probably the chance of your life is just around the corner.

The Author

A Journalist Specializing in Blogging, Social Networking and Community Management. As a constant learner, Pravin is always aiming towards new ideas and greater knowledge. When he is not doing research, reading, or writing for blogs, you can find him hanging around social media sites.

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