7 Smart Strategies To Increase Your Social Media Shares

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Updated onJanuary 14, 2021

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When the context is about marketing, exposure undoubtedly is the name of the game. There is no denying the fact that having top-notch content is simply outstanding. But at the same time, it should get the right exposure so that people can appreciate the content.

That’s why brands and businesses worldwide are emphasizing more on increasing their reach on social media platforms. In short, if you want to get social media shares, you should make your content sharable.

But getting social media shares is not easy as your target audiences have way too much content to concentrate on. Social media shares can improve the perception of your brand among people. People are more likely to trust what their friends share when compared to what a brand tells them. The average consumer is more likely to buy from you if there are other people vouching for your brand.

Importance Of Tracking Social Shares

Before you get any deeper into implementing the strategies to increase social media shares, you should be aware of their importance. To be precise, tracking social media shares has several applications when it comes to social media marketing. Here is a list of some of them.

  • Depicts what type of content resonates best with your target audience
  • Provides you insights on how your content spreads over online platforms
  • Assists you in measuring the outcomes of your social media campaigns
  • You will have the ability to react quickly to brand mentions on social platforms

Simple & Smart Strategies That You Can Use!

Always remember that social media algorithms are ever-evolving. So there is no tried and tested way to increase your shares. However, it is essential to adhere to the best practices of social media marketing to get the desired results. With these things in mind, let’s take a glance at the top ways to increase social media shares.

Research About The Trending Topics

An effective way to ensure more social shares is to research about the trending topics and create your content based on trends. This would ensure that your content is relevant to the audience. It always pays when you conduct research ahead of time.

You can make use of tools to recognize the top shared content. Keep in mind that the main objective of this research is not to copy from the existing content. In other words, you have to identify popular topics in your domain and add something new to those. So you have to ensure that you go above and beyond the top shared content.

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Provide A Glimpse Of The Content In The Headline

Note that your content would fail to impress if the headline does not captivate the readers. So it is equally important to write a good headline that would grab the attention of the readers. Always remember that social media users favor content that intrigues them.

With the right headline, you can show them that your content is intriguing and exciting at the same time.

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Users usually gravitate towards those headlines that have numbers, questions, and personalization.

The best headline would summarize your entire content in a single line.

So if you want to get more social shares, you have to concentrate on writing engaging headlines.

Good Captions Always Work!

Don’t ever ignore the importance of captions as they play an important role in making your posts visible.

Here are some great tips to make your captions more interesting!

  • Include proper call-to-action phrases in your social posts
  • Be on the lookout to take advantage of the character limits to include relevant items in your post
  • Be aware of the latest hashtags and implement them accordingly

On Instagram, when you post something with the right hashtags, your post would be visible to a larger audience.

Share Mobile-Friendly Posts

There’s no denying the fact that a massive proportion of social media traffic emanates from the mobile devices. So you have to optimize your posts to make them mobile-friendly. Also, when it comes to mobile optimization, social platforms do the bulk of the work.

Here are some more strategies to make your social content optimized:

  • Break down chunks of texts with spaces and line breaks to eliminate monotony
  • Leverage adding captions to video content so that all your viewers can have access
  • Thoroughly check that whether or not the graphics are legible

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Provide Readers A Good Reason To Share

When you create content, you should give your readers a reason to share it! A majority of brands usually neglect this aspect and design content based on specific services or products. In short, you have to put yourself in the customer’s shoes while creating content.

Remember that there is no magic formula to create viral content. However, there are elements that would surely be effective than others. For instance, quizzes can attract users and are easily shareable too. On the other hand, posts with engaging images can help in collecting more shares.

You can also design content on the lines of providing practical advice too. You can post content that encourages a response from the audience’s end. Let’s cite the example of quizzes in this regard. Being question-based posts, they can trigger an immediate response from your users.

Quizzes also allow your followers to rope in new people to the conversation. One of the key highlights of question-based posts is that they don’t require much attention while designing. Through frequent quizzes and polls, you can build a community of users, thereby earning more shares.

Increase The Share Options

Apart from optimizing the content on social media platforms, you should also ensure that the share options are functioning correctly. Note that there is no need to add dozens of share buttons to every single channel.

You should also be aware of the right positions to place the share buttons to get maximum shares. Always make it a point to place share buttons on the top and the bottom of the page. If you want your audiences to share the content on Twitter, remember to add the “click-to-tweet” option at the bottom.

Use Influencers Appropriately

Well, not every brand out there has social media influencers. But if you have some of them, ensure to use them wisely. Social media influencers or micro-celebrities can significantly help you in getting social shares. They have specific subtle ways to engage with the audience.

Moreover, they are impactful as audiences think that they have a deeper connection with your brand because of their interaction. Content from social influencers can readily persuade your audiences to engage with your brand.

If you manage to select the right influencers, your brand will receive a greater level of validation. And when there is more significant validation, there is a higher possibility that your brand’s content would encounter more shares and re-shares.

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Over to you…

Getting a sizeable proportion of social share is a universal goal for marketers. Apart from following the strategies mentioned in this article, you must also develop a dedicated content strategy that would help in getting more shares. Remember that social media is all about prompt responses, catching the latest trends, understanding your audience and keeping your audience interested!

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