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Understanding Facebook Insights! What Do You Need To Know?

Facebook Insights is an extremely powerful tool for anyone who wants to track the user interaction for their Facebook page. Facebook Insights can be viewed by all the admins of the page and it provides all the important information related to the number of active users.

By having a deeper knowledge about Facebook Insights, you will be able to determine the most important factors like the appropriate time of the day to post for getting the best response, the best day of the week to post and the type of content that is popular among your audience. It is important to take into consideration that the Facebook insights tool is constantly updated for reflecting the new development and patterns of the user’s behavior on your page. Therefore, you must keep checking Facebook insights regularly to get a better idea about the way you should post on your Facebook page.

Making use of Facebook Page Insights will enable your business to tap into the huge potential of Facebook’s active users.

Here’s All That You Need To Know About Facebook Insights:

How To Access Facebook Insight?

  • Login to your Facebook Account and click on the page that you have created.
  • On the top menu, you will find Insights present besides the option Notifications.

When you click on the Insights option, you will get a graph about various aspects like:

  • Actions On Page
  • Page Views
  • Page Previews
  • Page Likes
  • Post Reach
  • Story Reach
  • Recommendations
  • Post Engagement
  • Videos
  • Page Followers
  • Orders

When you click on any of these options, you will get detailed graphs about them along with the corresponding options. You will also get statistics about the most viewed recent posts and you can boost the post as well if required.

The Pages To Watch Section

Below all the important parameters, towards the end of the Insights page, you will see an option that says – ‘Pages to Watch’. The Facebook pages that you have created will be shown and you can also manually add the pages that you want to compare with your own page. For example, along with your own page, you can add a competitor’s page as well to compare the results. This can be a very effective way to benchmark your results with those of your competitor’s.

The ‘Posts’ Section

The posts section is one of the most crucial sections of Facebook Page Insights that you should be looking at. This section provides you a lot of important information about the response that your posts are getting and the activity on your page. The analysis is done through these three tabs:

  • When your fans are online
  • Post types
  • Top posts from pages you watch

The All Posts Published Section

In this section you can check the results for all the posts that you have published on your page. For every post, the information is categorized in the following factors:

Type : Is your post a link post? Or a photo post? Or a video? This column will help you to understand which type of posts are more appealing for your audience.

Targeting : Was it a public post? Or did you target it just to some special audience? When comparing the result, you must take the targeted group into account.

Reach : This column shows the number of people who see your posts. When you hover your mouse over the yellow bar, you will be able to see the breakdown of paid reach and organic reach. At the top of the ‘All Posts Published’ section, you will find a drop-down menu that you can use for changing the parameters displayed in the column.

Engagement : Here you will be able to view the number of clicks that each of your posts has received along with the number of comments, reactions and shares. You can also boost your posts through this section.

When Your Fans Are Online

This option is present at the start of the ‘Posts’ section. Through this graph, you will be able to see the fans who are online at a glance. The statistics shown are averaged out for the time period that you select. You can view specific audience numbers for every hour of the day when you hover your mouse across the graph. You can also view specific patterns related to various days of the week by moving your mouse over the ‘Days’ option present above the graph. This will help you to know if your audience has the same browsing patterns on the weekends like on the weekdays.

Post Types

This section provides you an overall insight about how well your posts are performing with your audience on the basis of reach and performance.

Top Posts From The Pages You Watch

In this section, you will get in-depth information about that pages that you have selected to track along with your own pages. You will only see the audience engagement in numbers and not reach. However this section provides a very important insight about the type of content that your competitors are posting.

What Exactly Should You Track Through Facebook Page Insights?

Reach And Engagement : Find out the number of people who viewed your posts. Who interacted with your posts? Did people report any posts as spam?

Actions : What actions are taken by people on your page? How many people really click on your call-to-action buttons?

People : You should check the demographics of the people who visit your page, you can get more information on this topic through Advanced Insights. When do people see your page? How do people get to your page?

Views : How many people view your page? Which sections of the page do they look at?

Posts : How are your posts performing?

Important Tips For Getting The Most Benefits Through Facebook Analysis:

  • Rethink your target audience and post accordingly.
  • Find out what works for you over time, it can be any particular types of posts, images, videos, anything, work on that.
  • Schedule your posts at the best times when you can get the maximum response from the audience.
  • Once you understand the user behavior on your Facebook page, optimize your page with important tweaks to encourage the preferred action.
  • Keep checking back frequently how your posts are doing and what response they are getting.

There’s a lot to Facebook Page Insights that you can use and analyze. Once you start working with Facebook Insights, you will get a better idea about the audience behavior on your page and what you can do to improvise it and to get maximum likes and comments.

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