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5 Types Of Video Content That Your Audience Will Love To See

Creating video content is a hot topic and this is true for every industry. Videos have the power to hold user’s attention and to stimulate user engagement. Most of the businesses feature videos on their home page and through their social media accounts for getting surplus traffic. If you have not yet embraced video marketing, its time to start right away! Creating and promoting videos will prove to be one of the best marketing decisions for your business.

You see videos all over you; they are present on YouTube on Facebook, on Instagram, on Twitter etc. This is the need of the time! Incorporating video marketing in your SEO strategy is just as important as any other aspect of your overall marketing strategy.

Although you know that video marketing is essential, but you might be concerned about – what type of videos should you create that gets the maximum response? Here, let’s have a look at 5 most impactful types of video content that will help your business to establish a connection with your audience in just a few minutes when they see the video:

Tell Your Business Brand Story

The inception of every business has a story behind it. Many entrepreneurs have very interesting stories about how they got the business idea and how they went about getting their first customer. If you are an entrepreneur yourself, you will hear yourself telling this story to many of your family members and friends!

Tell your story to all your audience now! When you are creating a video about your brand story, you can either tell the story about how you established your brand or you can also talk about a problem that you solved for your customer. When you solve an issue for your customers, you have your own unique approach towards addressing the issue and your audience needs to know this. When you talk about an issue that you solved for your customer, the rest of your audience starts relating to you immediately.

Before creating this video, plan about all the aspects you must talk about, create content around these aspects and record trial videos with your own phone camera.

This practice will provide you scope for improvement and your final video will be a work of perfection. The best thing about this type of video is that your prospects will be convinced that your business understands the genuine problem faced by the customers.

Here is an example video that talks about the benefits of hosting with MilesWeb:

You can portray your brand even by featuring the benefits you provide through a video. When you as the owner of your business talk to your prospects about how you address the prominent concerns, basically you create a place in their heart and you succeed at winning their trust.

Create A Behind-The-Scenes Video

Good story telling can depict the uniqueness of your company and it also has the power of motivating your employees, making them feel special and captivating your customers. So you must consider creating a candid behind-the-scenes video that portrays your business culture.

These type of videos are impromptu and they provide a delightful and immersive experience. This is like pulling up the curtains to your business to let the audience see what your organization looks like from the inside.

You can just randomly shoot a video where you are asking general questions to your staff, you can create a video where your staff members are talking about some relevant subject, a video over office pranks, your team brainstorming sessions, celebrating a birthday in office, preparing for some major presentation, after-work events or just having some fun during the break times video.

Here is a candid video by MilesWeb team that provides information on starting an online business:

There is not a lot of planning required for creating a behind-the-scenes video. You might just want to check it once to see if everything looks good before you post it anywhere. This is a simple type of a video that has immense power to get your audience interested.

Tutorials Or How-To Videos

You might have a knowledgebase and you might have written a lot of how-to articles and now it’s time to create them in video form. Even if you don’t have a knowledgebase on your website, you can create video tutorials easily for the topics that your customers need information on.

There is a difference when you write steps in an article and when you show the same steps in a video.

You yourself will also choose to see a video to understand something instead of reading about it. The fact is that people value actionable insights and that’s why creating a tutorial video is important. You can start with explaining a concept or you can depict the entire process in an animation and have a background voice that explains everything. You can create a how-to video on something as simple as choosing the right web hosting company or choosing the right operating system.

Here is a video by MilesWeb that explains the process of viewing the error log in cPanel, video depiction of this process makes it easy to understand the process:

As you start creating tutorial videos, you will get more ideas and more topics to work on. When you create and post tutorial videos on your website or on your social media accounts, encourage people to comment about what topics they want to see as tutorials and make tutorial videos accordingly.

Client Testimonials

This list wouldn’t have been complete without mentioning this one!

Your clients talking about you is the best thing that can happen to your business brand! Posting client testimonial videos has a different level of convincing power altogether!

Client testimonials, reviews and case studies play a very crucial role in lead generating and lead nurturing process. They validate the fact that your business is really as good as you say it is.

You need to pursue your existing customers to give a feedback about your business, your customer support, the products or services you provide etc. Convincing the customers to provide you a video can be an arduous task at times but you have to get testimonials and reviews. Happy feedback from your customers depicts that all the hype you create about your brand is real and you have the complete system in place for providing the best products, services and support to the customers.

Here is a beautiful video about what MilesWeb’s clients have to say about them:

It’s surely great to feature written reviews and testimonials but featuring video testimonials will get you a better response. You can either feature independent customer testimonials or you can club all the testimonials you have and create a very artistic video and feature it on your website or on your social media accounts.

Video Emails

Here’s a quick fact”

Adding the word ‘video’ to you email newsletters can highly boost the possibilities of your email getting read!

That’s true cause we all love seeing videos. Even in the most congested inbox, people will notice the subject line that includes the word ‘video’. Having said that, you must avoid creating a lengthy video, a short video with the right subject will do the trick!

Some quick tips for creating a video email:

  • Make sure that your video is short – about 5-6 minutes, not more than that.
  • Include a brief introduction in the video, you can also add why you are getting in touch with your customers or prospects or you can highlight some important benefits.
  • Insert a smart call-to-action within the video email. You can elicit a response by asking your audience to give you a call or by asking them to follow a link to a certain landing page.

Here is a very informative video about how to start a business, it is short and informative; something that people will be interested in and they’ll love watching it:

You will be able to create better email videos if you segment your audience. You can choose to make a video on any general topic related to your industry or the value that the customers can get by using the products or services you offer. You can choose to make videos on distinct subjects for your prospects and your existing customers on the basis of your advertising pattern.


If you put in time and efforts in creating engaging video content, your videos will set the stage for you though which you can market your brand. Creating videos is not a difficult task if you get to it. Video content can play an important role throughout the buyer journey. Creating and promoting good videos will help you in establishing a personal connection and trust with your audience along with creating a strong brand awareness.

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