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Data-Driven Customer Service Trends Prevalent

Customer service expectations are higher than ever before. Consumers usually pay in order to get good customer service. Well, businesses can no longer be profitable by being reactive. For companies that belong to every domain, will forever be a defining year.

What’s more, many businesses out there have to adapt and change their business models altogether. Any error committed in the customer’s journey causes considerable losses in the potential revenue. The level of customer support you provide is the future of your business.

Well, brands are cautious about reverting to pre-pandemic expenditure levels. That’s why customer acquisition, as well as service, will emphasize attracting the right long-term audience. Even if you have result-oriented customer service strategies in place, you just can’t lax about them.

As a brand looking forward to attracting and retaining audiences, you should keep innovating and improving. So with these things in mind, let’s take a glance at the top customer service trends that are data driven.

The Emergence & Prominence Of Chatbots

A large number of businesses are using AI-powered chatbots to facilitate highly personalized customer service. These chatbots usually have remarkable similarity with virtual assistants as they can solve queries put forward by your customers.

In other words, with chatbots around, there is no need to maintain 24/7 customer service support. Being powered by AI, chatbots can recognize and respond to the questions of the customers. Chatbots can provide real-time support and this is cheaper as compared to having a team of customer service representatives.

What’s more, chatbots improve the quality of their responses over time. Chatbots with machine learning capabilities can make conversations more interesting for your customers.

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Mobile-Friendly Support

Smartphones are not only becoming the new digital hub but they also act as the bridge to the physical world. As a result of the pandemic, a large number of users increased their screen time, especially on smartphones.

The mobile platform has an influence that goes beyond the standard online strategies. Resolution of issues through though call or chat develops customer loyalty and rapport. However, there are specific things that you need to take care of to facilitate mobile-friendly support. For instance, you have to optimize your website for mobile devices.

And if you have in-app support, then you can quickly provide excellent customer service.  Moreover, you can include FAQ sections in the app itself so that the customers wouldn’t face any issue.

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Greater Emphasis On Personalization

There is hardly any surprise will bring more focus on customization. People always appreciate friendly, efficient and customized customer service. What’s more, businesses are going all out to acquire more tools to personalize customer service.

In other words, consumer expectations will only grow. You have to follow some necessary steps to make sure that you are providing customized customer service.

Here are some steps which would help you to customize on a large scale.

  • Focus on Data Unification

In case you don’t have chatbots, ensure that customer data is available to the customer service agents.

  • Segment your Customer Base

Based on data unification, personalize information according to every customer’s profile. Making use of intelligent software platforms would help you to develop customized strategies to target them.

  • Focus More On Analytics

Well, analytics would be useless if they cannot provide you with some actionable advice. Make use of analytics to avail insights that are relevant and actionable.

Note that there are higher possibilities of retaining a customer if you have a good customer experience.

Intuitive & Prompt Customer Service : The Key To Convert Sales Opportunities

Conversations emanating from customer service are increasingly becoming opportunities for companies to sell. Well, nowadays, it is quite common for users to chat with customer service support before they buy any product.

By communicating and clearing their doubts, there remains no uncertainty whatsoever. If you are able to answer the customer queries smartly, you can very well sell to the customer. Moreover, as customer service agents chat with customers extensively, they have a great understanding of the customer’s issues.

It is quite simple to convert customer service conversations into opportunities for sales. What you have to do is share the sales enablement resources. If you want to go a notch higher, investing in an assist bot would be an ideal option.

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Significance Of Real-Time Customer Support

Nowadays, customers want quick responses to their queries. If you make a customer wait for too long, that customer would leave and find some other alternative. Because of this, a large number of brands opt for real-time support.

If you visit any commercial website, you are likely to find a live chat option. These types of features ensure that you can get immediate support for problems and queries. When you have instant approval deployed on your platforms, you can readily boost customer satisfaction.

And when you bolster customer satisfaction, this can positively impact your conversion rate. Always remember that if users can solve their issues right on the spot, they are more likely to buy from you.

Customer Service Pertaining To Crisis Management

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an eye-opener for brands to focus more on crisis management. As customary to its name, crisis management customer service involves undertaking proactive action. Always be mindful of the fact that customers want transparency when they interact with you.

Customers always want you to keep them updated. It would be best if you also let them know how you will respond to them in times of crisis. But before you develop a crisis management customer service model, you have to align with the customers to create a shared goal. Crisis management in customer service is a great way to keep the customer experience positive.

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Empathy Critical In Influencing Business Decisions

The past year has taught brands to be more empathetic. However, brands have to keep pace with empathy from the conference room to the floor. With compassion, brands admit that they are able to undertake holistic decision making, which includes the needs of employees.

What’s more, many brands think that the pandemic was an eye-opener that empathy could help them deliver excellent customer experience. To infuse the element of compassion, you have to develop an integrated business model that emphasizes adding a human element.

Customer Service Through Social Media

For modern-day brands, social media is not primarily for promotions and advertisements. Instead, they are using social media platforms to interact directly with customers and build rapport. Social media is a wonderful platform to address customer issues and to understand them better.

For instance, you can answer customer queries by sharing the links to useful resources. Providing time response to the complaints and solving issues publicly will display your commitment towards customer service.


Like all components of the business, customer service is ever-evolving in nature. This business component develops as per the advances in the demand of the consumers. As a brand, you should always remember the fact that customers are responsible for your sustenance. So it is your right to provide them with good customer service. Comprehending these popular trends would help you to stay ahead of your competitors.

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