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Content Planning for the Website and Social Networks (With an Example)

In recent years I began to follow the plan for content and articles. We call it Publication Plan. I will share our experience on it is executed on our WordPress Blog.

Publication Plan (content plan):  A list including material or content that you want to publish on the site.

Why do you need a content plan?

The main goal: Promotion of a website in search engines and social networks.

There are a number of advantages:

  1. You can identify the key search terms for which your website should rank in search results.
  2. The more material will be on the key demands, the more traffic and therefore sales will be generated.
  3. The material then can be promoted on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+) and thus we can see an increase in traffic.

The more interesting the material, the better the results will be.

How do we plan publications in WordPress?

The fact is that the content is mostly planned in Excel. But WordPress has a special plugin called Editorial Calendar.

The example of content plan:


This solution has several advantages:

  1. We see the content plan and can simply adjust it by dragging materials or by changing their text
  2. Working with the publications plan can be directly done on the site and is accessible to other users.
  3. Publications can be aligned to avoid fibrillation. (one day a lot of material, and then a pin drop silence)

How to prepare the material?

For the preparation of the material, l am using a simple method of “What I see -I write”. This technique has its advantages, such as part of the materials written in album eventually led customers. I did not think about what the audience want, but simply wrote on interesting topics for myself, and in which, a good amount of audience was interested.

But there is one more technique. Research Market Demand. For this, we need to understand what people are looking for on the Internet that relates to the topics you share. For example, the idea for this article came to me after reading the article about important plugins for WordPress (link). It talks about the different plugins that can be used. And I wanted to talk about how we can use it. But I also need to take into account the objective of “Promotion in search and social networks“. So you need to understand that whether the audience is interested in the topic and is searching for it or not. What people are looking for?

To do this, you need to perform some additional steps:

  1. Take a thesis on the subject. For example, there is a “content plan” and search it in Google keyword research tool (Keyword Planner).
  2. It shows how many times this topic and related questions are searched per month:


  1. Next, compose the plan so that you can capture as many keywords as possible, but without harming the meaning and use.


Thus the article that will be obtained will be useful to the audience, which can help you to gain a maximum number of likes and repost in social networks, and rank well in the search, which should attract more visitors from search engines. In fact, we catch two rabbits. And often it turns out to catch both.

As a result, we get a good effect:

  • Promotion in search engines (SEO)
  • Promotion in social networks
  • Interesting content – it may itself sell
  • The increase in attendance
  • Sales growth

If you have questions or suggestions, please leave a comment.

The Author

A Journalist Specializing in Blogging, Social Networking and Community Management. As a constant learner, Pravin is always aiming towards new ideas and greater knowledge. When he is not doing research, reading, or writing for blogs, you can find him hanging around social media sites.

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