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Customer Service Best Practices Inspired By The SaaS Technology

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The explosion of customer success strategies in SaaS software companies is no surprise. Interestingly, the key metrics in the form of customer retention and engagement forms the core of every SaaS business strategy.

A large number of organizations are relying on their customer service departments to collect and assess data to serve customers better. Well, recurring revenue is the lifeblood of any SaaS organization operating in the realm of the subscription economy.

The digital transformation has resulted in the explosion of demand for SaaS products. Well, there is always the temptation of organizations to acquire new customers. While you cannot deny the acquisition of new customers, modern-day SaaS companies should nurture their existing customers.

The ultimate goal of the SaaS powered technologies is to increase the lifetime value of their relations with customers. Moreover, it would be best if you always remembered that customer success is an ongoing process. You should always ensure that every user is getting the most out of your products.

Undoubtedly, customer success best practices play a crucial role in improving customer retention. Also, the customer success strategies for SaaS businesses should have their focus on the specific goals for the customers.

Significance Of Customer Success For SaaS Companies

As mentioned earlier also, recurring revenue is essential for the SaaS business model. Quite naturally, if you are struggling to retain customers, your SaaS Company would also work to grow. So here are some reasons which highlight the importance of customer success for a SaaS company.

  • Decreases Dissatisfaction Among Customers

The higher the rate of dissatisfaction among customers, the difficult it would be for your SaaS business. With effective customer success strategies, you can significantly reduce dissatisfaction among the customers.

  • Increases The Appeal Of Your Product Roadmap

If you have a dedicated customer success department, you can get the latest and essential product information. In other words, you would have actionable insights that would be immensely helpful in developing a product roadmap.

  • Helps in Improving Internal Communication

Customer success can help improve your organization’s internal communication to a great extent. Customer success strategies would keep your team focused and helps in improving their morale too. Customer success is essential for SaaS businesses as they are the constant voice of the customers.

The Top SaaS Customer Success Best Practices That Work

We are operating in a customer-centered economy. There are many disruptions and innovations which force SaaS companies to stay at the top of their customer success strategies. In other words, your customers expect services that would be ideal for their requirements.

What’s more, they tend to view the subscription market as a short-term investment. To thrive in this competitive market, you have to focus on the best practices for customer success.

Let’s have a glance at some of the SaaS customer best practices that yield great results.

Monitoring Customer Behavior Extensively

If you want to stay relevant among your customers, you have to follow their behavior closely. In the realm of SaaS companies, customers are always the core. And your in-house CRM is not enough when it comes to monitoring their behavior closely.

You need a sound vision of your performance related to the expectations of your customer at every stage of their journey. You should have a good view of the customer relationship hierarchies across various segments.

In this way, you can build a real understanding of your customers by analyzing their responses and engagements. What’s more, it would also become more comfortable for you to assess their buying patterns and future preferences.

Making A Good First Impression

Never refrain from optimizing your onboarding process. Always remember that customer onboarding is essential if you want to improve your trial-to-paid conversions. And if the users have bad experiences with the onboarding process, they would abandon you in no time.

Also, during the onboarding process, your users would stay motivated. Thus, it is imperative to use this as an opportunity to arouse their interest in your product. Once you motivate the customers to undertake consistent actions, it would be easier for you to augment their interaction. Here are some other aspects that illustrate the importance of a great onboarding process.

  • Note that onboarding is a great way to make users comprehend your product’s value proposition. For increased trial-to-paid conversions, the users should know your product’s value. It would be best to educate your users about how your product would help them reach their goals during the onboarding process.
  • When your users understand the features of the product better, they will use and recommend it. In the absence of onboarding, there would be initial confusion among your users to use the product correctly. You can design product walk-throughs that would stir the interest of your users in the product.
  • Regular interaction with your customers is necessary. Use various types of communication channels like emails, live chats, calls etc., throughout the onboarding process. Ensure that you are the first one to initiate the conversations. In this manner, you will nurture your customer’s right from the onset of their usage journey.

Always Share The New Product Features

SaaS businesses need to justify the value of their products to the users always. If you fail to do so, it may result in increased customer churn.

One of the best ways to solve this issue is by releasing new features. In this manner, you can also increase the total product engagement among the users. However, only introducing the new products wouldn’t be sufficient.

You have to share the new features of the product right within the app so that your users are aware of them. Here are some of the best practices you should follow while releasing new features.

  • Always personalize the updates to boost engagement
  • Use good visuals and graphics so that they can attract customer’s attention
  • Let your users know about the benefits of upgrading to the new features
  • Set your goals and plan while releasing the new features

Prioritize Customer Success

It is essential to start early while focusing on customer success. Jason Lemkin, one of the famous names in the SaaS customer service segment, believes that prioritizing customer success can set the tone.

In the B2B space, you just cannot undermine the prospect of customer success. You can hire a dedicated customer success manager to depict your organization as a customer-centric company. If you want to become a customer-centric company, it is not the job of the customer success team only. Your whole organization should align its goals with customer satisfaction and customer success.

Off-Boarding Is Just As Crucial As Onboarding

A plethora of SaaS companies focus more on retaining and acquiring new customers that they forget that off-boarding is also essential. Always remember that the off-boarding process is just as important as onboarding. It is always right to leave on a fair and positive note.

Also, if your customer is leaving, it doesn’t mean that they are going forever. You have to take care of various aspects while ensuring a smooth off-boarding process. An excellent off-boarding process would take care of multiple elements like integrations, cancellation process, etc. Ensure that each of these aspects is optimized properly so that your customers are not dissatisfied while leaving you.

Customer Data Is Crucial

For your organization’s customer success department, customer data is always vital. It would be best if you ever tried to know whether or not your customers are using your product. Moreover, users cannot be successful with your products or services if they never use them. When you monitor your customer’s activities, you will gain insights on the following aspects:

  • You would gain an understanding of how they are using your services
  • You can keep a watch on how frequently they are using your product
  • You would be able to provide better support
  • You can recognize those customers who are using your products the most

Concentrate On Customer Success

Note that customer success plays a fundamental role in defining user engagement. This is the reason that you should take a few extra steps to assist your customer in achieving their objectives. You grow when your customer grows!

Also, make sure that you consider customer success as your success. This would help in adding more value to your customer’s journey. Moreover, they would engage with your products more frequently.


Always remember that there is no overnight strategy to master the art of customer success. That’s why your primary focus should be to add value and fortify your customer relationships. At the same time, it is also essential to depict your product’s value proposition. If you follow the above-mentioned best practices, you will witness an increase in engagement and customer success.

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