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Everything You Need To Know About ChatGPT

Everything You Need To Know About ChatGPT

One major technology trend that is here to stay is AI (Artificial Intelligence). Earlier, you might have thought this tech trend would be limited to robotics, manufacturing and other industrial uses.

However, AI has expanded on a larger scale where content creation activities are also influenced. In this blog, we are talking about the latest AI content creation tool ChatGPT. Its founding company is OpenAI, and in recent times many users have been concerned about whether it will beat Google in the future. 

This AI model has created a buzz, and the main question is whether ChatGPT will emerge as a dominant AI model.

In this guide, we will understand all things associated with ChatGPT. Let’s have a quick look at them.

What is ChatGPT?

In different devices, voice assistants or speech recognition systems give the desired results according to the user’s input. Now, as technology transforms, the GPT-3 technology is used in the Chat GPT to aimed to produce textual contenttextual content. In simpler terms, it is a content generator which has gained popularity. 

Users get customized results as per texts they enter in the chat box. The full form of GPT 3 technology (Generative Pretrained Transformer 3) processes languages in AI algorithms and produces results. Hence, if the user wants conversational text through the system, this AI model fits perfectly with their requirement. It ensures a higher engagement model.

For instance, search for “trending hashtags on AI” on Google and ChatGPT, you will get more accurate results on ChatGPT with no extra knowledge. On the other hand, Google will provide search engine result pages with 100% accuracy. 

The GPT model has over 175 billion parameters making it a human-engagement tool. Therefore, this Chatbot model easily understands the human written or spoken language and delivers the best result. No matter which complicated topic query you have, this AI Chatbot will give you accurate answers. 

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How can you use ChatGPT?

Currently, it is free of cost. You only have to sign up, visit the ChatGPT page and get machine-generated content. Ask your query and see what results you get.

Purpose of using ChatGPT

Like other language processing models, it produces text-based content as per the user’s query. But this AI Chatbot is one step beyond meeting users’ requirements. Whether it is the lengthy content of the assignment, short mathematical formula or any other write-up requirement, this Chatbot produces refined results. 

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There is no text resulting in limitation in the ChatGPT. You will get results in a matter of seconds which ultimately reduces research timing. Some of the prominent use cases of this Chatbot are:

  1. Researching content marketing information.
  2. Dissertation analysis.
  3. Complicated formulas. For ex: Quantum Physics.
  4. Any kind of personal or professional communication.
  5. Engaging conversational dialogues.
  6. Content summarizing

Most of you might be writing lengthy content, which is a time-consuming task. Writing an essay or researching on some topics takes a lot of effort. Hence, to minimize the same, ChatGPT is there to help you. 

How does it function?

This AI Chatbot uses the RLHF (Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback) model. Using supervised fine-tuning, they trained an initial model. The trainers played the AI assistant and the user to build natural and engaging responses.

A reward signal/system helps a machine learning model improve through reinforcement learning. OpenAI collected a comparison dataset that ranked the quality of two or more model responses. Using conversations between AI trainers and a Chatbot, OpenAI randomly selected a model-written message, sampled several alternative completions, and rated its quality. Proximal Policy Optimization enabled them to refine these reward models.

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When was it released in the public domain?

On November 30, 2022, OpenAI launched ChatGPT Chatbot as a prototype. Within a week of its launch, the Chatbot crossed  1 million user base with $1 billion in funding from Microsoft. Now, coming to the mass audience response, it is a mix of positive and negative reviews. Some are concerned about Google’s dark future, while the rest consider it a normal AI Chatbot that temporarily creates havoc.

Are there any drawbacks of ChatGPT?

This AI Chatbot is not a flawless software model. It has some limitations too! Unlike Google, it cannot produce images, videos or news. The other drawback is; it cannot produce content on recent updates. This software has limited knowledge upto 2021 academic year. You may also get inappropriate results sometimes, which will create a misunderstanding.


The OpenAI company has launched this software for the user benefit purpose. However, institutions like public schools in New York have not allowed this AI model to be accessed. It sometimes misinterprets the information because of its limitation to the knowledge. So, if you want to use this tool, use it carefully and don’t get over dependent on it.

Afterall, nothing can beat human creativity!

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