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Where to find copyright free images for personal and commercial use

Most of us know that adding a quality picture on the website or blog can increase its visibility and significantly improve the engagement.

Here are some of the reasons why it is advisable to use images:

  • 90% of the information received by the brain is visual.
  • It is a key to retain website or blog visitors, do not forget that images needs to be chosen according to article you’re writing.
  • The post with photos attracts more readers than those who do not, for example through Google images, you can get traffic for your photos if you use proper title for them, for example (blogging-benefits.jpg) will always be better than (123456.jpg).
  • It is desirable that your photos also carry labels, tags which can help you improve SEO.
  • It is very important to use copyright free images and avoid possible legal problems in the future. When you’re starting out, we easily forget this small detail that can become expensive in the near future.

Notice that I say “free copyright images” because it is very common to believe that any image circulating on the Internet is likely to be used, such as Flickr.

So beware that although the site where it is hosted does no mention the policies of use or type of license so it does not mean that they can be used for free.

Quote the source – (author of the photography)

And something that does not cost much but most of the people do not follow this practice. While using royalty free images we must be grateful that we get free photographs so we should at least put a link to thank the page by naming the source, it costs little work.

Where can we add the mention?

  • In the caption.
  • At the bottom of the post.

If you work with WordPress you can edit the photo and fill in the “ALT”.

You can do this in many ways, I usually use the post foot, putting Photo BY + Nick or name of the author or page from where I obtained the image.

This is how we should use free images.

Here is a selection of websites where you can find copyright free images.

  1. Flickr

flickrFor me without doubt one of the most extensive image banks, but not all are free, it is better to verify before starting the download.

  1. Morguefile

MorguefileYou can download pictures free of charge and without registration.

  1. FreeImages

FreeImagesLike flickr, you can also upload photos to share.

  1. Freerange Stock

Freerange-StockThis photo bank contains images of very good quality, you can search by topic or keyword.

  1. Public Domain Pictures

Public-Domain-PicturesYou can access more than 5,000 photographs and 8,000 free clipart that can also be used for commercial use if you wish.

  1. Free Digital Photos

Free-Digital-PhotosThousands of images are well categorized.

  1. Dreamstime

DreamstimeYou will have more than 740,000 photographs for free, you only need to register.

  1. Kave Wall

Kave-WallIt has many pictures to download but what really stands out is the texture of pictures.

  1. FreePixels

FreePixelsYou’ll find thousands of very good quality images and without registration.

  1. Creativity103

Creativity103Gallery of abstract photos and textures, can modify them if you wish.

  1. Free Media Goo

Free-Media-GooFor Photos, textures and digital backgrounds.

  1. Stockvault

StockvaultPhotos can be downloaded for free but they also sell them.

  1. Unprofound

UnprofoundThousands of images of good quality, no registration required for download.

  1. Insectimages

InsectimagesImages of insects are really good (if you like bugs ….)

  1. EveryStockPhoto

EveryStockPhotoIt is a search engine for free photos.

  1. CCSearch

CCSearchHere is the last website in the list that can let you download free copyright images.  It is sufficient to enter the name in the search box on the subject or object you need photography and then click on any of the options provided to us.

Know some other resources where we can find some more high quality free images? Share it across in the comment box!

Thank you.

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