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An Insight on Business Continuity Planning and FTP Backup


Every business is started with a vision to make it big in the industry and to create an exclusive brand presence. Business continuity planning is one of the common aspects of an organization’s risk management strategy. Business continuity planning comprises of the factors like disaster management, urgent response to emergency situations and planning the disaster recovery solutions for establishing a comprehensive framework that supports the business functions and secures the critical data. This framework helps in recovering the business from unexpected events that pose a threat to the stability of the business or any other factor that is harmful for the future existence of the organization. Through business continuity planning, one can get an insight on the strength of the business for handling the disruptions in the long run.

The base of a business continuity plan lies in the detection of the key business functions. The planning of all the critical business functions must be done in advance and it must be full proof to carry out the business functions effectively. Every application must be analyzed in terms of the business impact in case it was delayed or in case it failed. For creating a perfect business continuity plan, every function must be evaluated in terms of the following factors:

  • Effect on the brand presence
  • Effect on the market share
  • Strength of the product and performance efficiency
  • Legal / regulatory consequences

In case any of the factors fails to benefit the business, then a temporary workaround can be utilized for a short span of time before the effect is felt. However, in case of almost all the business functions, the temporary fix cannot be utilized in the long run as it might become cumbersome or totally ineffective.

Data Loss: Data loss is another critical factor that is an important aspect of business continuity planning as in case of data loss, a business might have to face severe circumstances. In absence of an appropriate backup, the effects can be catastrophic. A business that deals with customer information like eCommerce business, banking, insurance etc. data is the most important aspect for ensuring business continuity. In order to avoid major disasters, it is important for all the businesses to establish and implement disaster contingency plans. These plans must ensure that a backup is created and secured for the primary data. A data recovery plan must ensure that the time gap between the loss of data and its recovery is not too long.

Importance of FTP Backup: For creating a good business website, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) must be one of the core considerations for finding a web hosting package. The FTP software provides you with the freedom for setting up your website with whatever tools you select and you can upload the necessary files quickly to the web hosting platform. With FTP, there are no size limitations and this is a much more secure platform for transmitting information and important business data. The FTP software is user-friendly and it simplifies the process of transferring files making it more fast and efficient. While utilizing an FTP file server, ensure that it supports the TCP/IP protocol.

The main highlights of FTP include the following:

  • FTP is a medium through which small and large files can be transferred from one computer to another immediately
  • It’s more efficient because there is no need to complete any process to get the file / files transferred
  • Transferring files over the server is simplified through FTP

FTP based hosting and backup plays an important role in the business continuity planning and safeguarding the important business data. Storing files remotely through FTP ensures a powerful protection against the factors like physical devastation, hardware failures, natural disasters and theft. If your data is transmitted through a virtual location through the FTP backup option, your files are intact even if something happens to the devices. The best thing is the data that you have backed up through the FTP server can be accessed from any computer and from anywhere in the world. This is an extremely useful feature if you travel a lot and operate through several machines. By applying credentials to your FTP account, tampering of data through unauthorized data loss can be prevented.

Selecting an FTP based web server will ensure that your business data is kept intact and safely transferred over the web. Considering the major internet hazards that a business is exposed to, this small step will prove extremely beneficial for your business in the long run.

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