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NodeJS Vs AngularJS: Differences Explained Here

NodeJS Vs AngularJS

Javascript has evolved into the most popular programming language used for developing web-based applications! 

It’s ruling the web development world, from the internet browser to developing server-side applications to creating interactive websites, Javascript platform is being used everywhere.

Besides, there are different Javascript frameworks, like Node.js, AngularJS, React.js, Express.js and so on.

Are you familiar with these or might have heard about the same? In fact, these Javascript frameworks are becoming the first choice among developer communities worldwide. Infact, you can run nodejs website with node.js hosting.

Do you think NodeJS is the right fit for your next web project, or do you think going with AngularJS can be beneficial? Now, this is a point of discussion, right?

Well, here in this blog we’ll clear both the concepts. Let’s walk through the two strong frameworks, Node.js Vs AngularJS.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is basically a single-threaded, cross-platform runtime environment that is built on Google Chrome’s V8 javascript engine. It’s an open-source framework used to build the backend of most web applications.

Node.js gives web developers a platform to write, test and deploy the Javascript code outside the web browser. Most importantly it’s a cross-platform environment. To put it in plain words, it can be built and deployed on Linux, Windows and MacOS.

The popularity of Node.js is growing immensely, because of its non-blocking asynchronous architecture. It helps node.js developers to successfully create several web projects quickly and efficiently. In fact, the big giants in the market like LinkedIn, PayPal and more use Node.js for web projects!

Moving further, we’ll now explore why you should go for Node.js.

Why Should You Use Node.js?

Node.js comes with a lot of benefits! And this will clear your question of why you should use Node.js for your web project.


Scalability at its core! And that’s one of the best benefits of Node.js for those planning to grow shortly. The scalability of Node.js is achieved due to load balancing, and the ability to handle simultaneous connections at the same time.

Free and Open Source Platform

Node.js is a free and open-source platform. You need to install Node.js on your system!

The Speed

Speedy execution of tasks is what we desire for. Node.js is exactly the same. The non-blocking IO thread makes the execution faster and more efficient.

Great Community Support

Being a popular and widely used platform, Node.js has a vast community of software developers who try to enhance and contribute to making tweaks to the technology.

Easy Learning Curve

As we know that Javascript is a popular language among web developers to build the backend of applications. If you are familiar with the basics of Javascript, you can learn Node.js very quickly! You can even start writing code in less time and give a head start to your web project!

Features of Node.js

Now that you have an overview of what Node.js is, let’s get to know the features of Node.js:

  • Asynchronous in Nature: All the APIs in the Node.js library are asynchronous, which means they are non-blocking. A Node.js- based server does not wait for an API to return again to data. It always moves to the next API!
  • Zero Buffering: The applications developed in Node.js never buffer any data. Rather, it reduces the processing time!
  • Extremely Fast: As Node.js makes use of the V8 runtime environment. This makes the Node.js code run extremely fast.
  • Server Deployment: Node.js has a few built-in APIs that lets you create different types of servers like DNS, HTTP, and TCP servers.

What is AngularJS?

In 2010, Google first introduced AngularJS, an open-source Javascript framework for creating single page applications and modifying the static HTML to dynamic HTML.

It’s built on MVC architecture that’s generally used to design internet applications. This framework  precedes the basic HTML and offers extensions in the form of directives having the capability to make the website design mobile-friendly and dynamic. It mainly focuses on code quality and testability, and this is why developers mainly prefer it over the different frameworks available.

Why Use AngularJS?

Here we’ve listed down the benefits of AngularJS. This will help you know why you should go for AngularJS?

Great User Interface

An easy-to-use interface makes even the toughest task easy. AngularJS is well-structured and has an easy-to-use interface. With this, interpreting and manipulating the key components can be handled easily.

Code Reusability

It’s considered one of the biggest advantages of AngularJS. It lets the developers use the same code that has been already developed previously. Code reusability cuts down costs and saves developers time a lot!

Client-Side Solution

AngularJS plays a key role on the client-side. Here there’s no need to make the changes in the backend, so it’s the best way to use AngularJS for developing the front-end applications.

Faster Application Development

The MVC architecture of AngularJS ensures that the application development, testing and maintenance is fast and super-quick! 

Features of AngularJS

Anugular.js comes with a set of powerful features listed below:

  • Two-way data-binding: It basically synchronizes the data between the Model and the View components.
  • Dependency Injection: This is an inbuilt subsystem that makes the entire process of designing and testing web applications smooth and easy.
  • Routing: Routing as in networking is the concept of switching views.
  • POJO Model: It’s called the Plain Old Javascript Objects. This allows the manipulation of objects through specific Javascript functions. It makes it easy to reuse the code for developers.

NodeJS Vs AngularJS: The Key Differences 

Here are the main differences between node js and angular js: Take a look!

Installation & Deployment  In order to use and deploy the Node.js applications, developers first need to install Node.js on their system as it is a runtime environment.In the case of AngularJS, developers do not have to download AngularJS to develop or deploy the web project as they can embed the Angular framework directly into the code.  
LanguageNode.js is written in C, C++ and Javascript.It’s completely written in Javascript.
Best Suited ForIt’s best suited for small-scale web projects.Large-scale and interactive web projects  
ArchitectureBased on the MVC architecture, meaning, Model, View, Control architecture.Based on the Event-Loop architecture
Different Frameworks  Node.js has different frameworks like Express.js, Sail.js, Partial.jsAngularJS is a web application framework itself.
ApplicationUsed to build server side and client side networking applications Widely used to build single-page client side applications

And that’s all about the differences between Node.js and AngularJS!

The Final Say

I hope you now have been cleared with the basic concept, features, and the exact difference between AngularJS and Node.js. Needless to say, both of these are strong Javascript frameworks and can make your web project a great success.

After all, whether to opt Node.js or AngularJS for your next web project totally based on your demands.

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