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9 Eggcellent Things You Can Do on Your Website this Easter

Easter being one of the most important holidays is a great opportunity for you to get your website noticed.

Want some secret tips to promote your Easter service?

We have listed 9 tips to help you promote your website for the most important day of the year.

#1 Modify Your Homepage Design

When somebody visits your website, the very first thing that they notice is the graphics or sliders of your homepage. You can take advantage of this and make most of it by displaying the most important information in that section.

When you do this, make sure that you use attractive graphics to grab the attention of your users. You can get a lot of Easter backgrounds and banners available on the internet. You can take inspirations from them and design your own banner by adding your own touch of creativity to it. The visual power of these graphics will make a long-lasting impact on your visitors and the chance of them buying your product or service increases.

#2 Easter-Specific Landing Page

Along with your homepage banner, we also suggest making a separate landing page to showcase your special Easter discounts or products. You just need to create a new page on your website and add that in the navigation bar of your website.

Make sure this landing page continues the Easter theme throughout. This will be the perfect place to share complete details.

Here are some details that you can add:

  • Easter greetings.
  • Offer/ discounts.
  • The time period of the offer.
  • How one can avail that offer?
  • Coupon code, if any.
  • Terms and conditions, if any.

3. Blog About Your Easter Service

Content is king. Yes, it is. Add as much content as you can in the blog section of your website. The more the content, the more the traffic. Adding up more and more information about your service will increase the possibility of users visiting your website. Thus, your website will receive more traffic and you will get more exposure for your products. So, start writing and keep blogging till the day of Easter.

You can start your blog by writing about the significance of Easter and its importance. This will help you educate your visitors about the Easter and later, you can add your special Easter deals. If you don’t have a blog, you still can create one and get going.

Include as much information as you can in your blog covering up every single detail about your Easter service. This will help you rank in search engines for Easter specific keywords.

4. Social Media Promotions

With social media channels, you can promote your Easter content, create ads and publish posts that reach your audience. Catch the attention of your audience with attractive visuals and add descriptions that give basic information about your Easter special discounts/ offers.

Don’t forget to include an appropriate call to action from your posts like links to learn more, sign up or buy now. Also, encourage them to share and tag others in your posts to increase engagement and reach.

Additionally, you can also update the cover picture of your social media platforms with the Easter theme.

5. Use a QR Code

A QR code is typically used for storing URLs. It is an array of black and white squares and can be read by the camera of any smartphone. You must have seen it many times or may even have scanned one.

Create your own QR code to drive visitors to your Easter landing page. You can get it created with some tools available online. Place this QR code in your newsletter or share it on social media profiles. In fact, you can add it in any medium that you are using to promote your Easter sale.

Give your visitors a surprise discount when they scan your QR code. Doing this will build their interest in your brand. Also, they will tell others about it.

6. Build Curiosity

Create videos and share them everywhere possible. The most excellent form of communication is videos. It can encourage your users and increase engagements of your service. A short video will also work that you can quickly make with your phone. Share this video on your Easter landing page and homepage as well.

7. Registration Form

If you are organizing an event for Easter, it’s a good idea to include a form that will allow your visitors to sign up for the event or at least show interest in your event.

This form can be placed on your event page or Easter landing page or even homepage so that it can be easily found and filled.

8. Easter Egg Challenge

Grab the opportunity and sponsor a digital contest on your website. This way you can create a buzz with your brand. As a giveaway, you can offer them free gifts or special discount coupons for your products.

The best example of an Easter contest is ‘Easter egg hunt’. You can hide eggs on your website and ask them to find and click them. Once all the eggs are fetched you can reward them with a special coupon or a secret message. This will create great excitement among your users and you can become popular as well as their favorite brand.

9. In The End – Don’t Forget to Update Your Website After Easter

Once you are done with promoting and marketing about Easter don’t forget to put back your website as before once Easter is gone. It’s important that you take it down as soon as the holiday is over because if you don’t update, it doesn’t look professional. This includes your homepage banner, landing page, Easter promotion, headers, videos, etc. You can then focus on your next agenda and plan accordingly.

Final Words

The website is one of the most important ways to promote your brand during Easter. Don’t turn a blind eye to this opportunity. Instead, grab this chance to take your business to new heights. If you follow these nine tips for your online business you are surely going to increase your revenue this year.

Have some more interesting stuff that you can do with your website for Easter? Do share with us in the comments below!

The Author

I supervise the creative team at MilesWeb. I lead my teammates towards building social media strategies, drafting newsletters, writing creative blogs, creating videos and so on. I make sure of getting every member to use their skills and talents to their best and motivate them to find what is more to them. My concern also lies in executing concepts, guidelines and strategies in various creative projects and directing them towards completion.

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