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7 Best WordPress Plugins To Get More Followers

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Website and mobile applications are the definitions of the new digital world. Every celebrity, popular brands or businesses have hosted their products and services online to reach millions of users. These users are in search of what they need. One of the most popular methods to promote any business on the web is through the social media platforms. 

Social media is the only channel that allows free and paid promotions. One can create a personal account, business account, creative posts, hashtags along with descriptions. You can get a huge number of followers only if you constantly work on increasing the followers and likes.

What Is Social Engagement? How Can It Be Enhanced Online? 

Today, social media has become one of the biggest and successful tools to communicate with customers. It increases the website visitors, enhances social reach and increases the conversion opportunities. All you need is a good amount of followers on your profile that like and share your posts within their network. This is called social engagement. 

The more innovative posts you put on your page, the more followers it attracts. However, there are two ways to increase your social followers:

  • Organic Method
  • Paid Method

The organic method means promoting your social page by posting regular posts related to business and the industry. The paid method involves the use of a budget and promoting the page to a larger and relevant audience. This helps the business page in getting social engagement along with followers.

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How WordPress Plugins Can Help In Increasing The Followers? 

There are many plugins available with WordPress that can fruitfully enrich your social profile. These plugins are both free and paid. When it comes to establishing your online brand on social media, these plugins are of great help.

There are certain reasons to grow your followers on social media. Creating your target audience is beneficial to:

  • Reach target buyers easily
  • Share viral content in many forms
  • Effective response management system
  • Exposure to social media marketers for great promotion tactics

Here are 7 efficient plugins to increase and manage your social media followers:


This plugin is popularly known to be the best in the digital field in terms of website traffic, lead generation and conversion. It allows paid campaigning of your business that shoots website traffic. With detailed analytics and insights, it serves as one of the most effective tools for the digital world.

But many do not know that it has a major role in increasing your social followers. It is because of the “Multiple Form Types” it offers such as popup, floating bars, scroll boxes, fullscreen overlays, slide-ins, etc. These features are specially meant for increasing your social followers. For instance, a popup can appear asking the user to follow on social media along with the relevant options redirecting the user to the social page of the business.


The MonsterInsights plugin is the world’s best tool when it comes to the analytical analysis of the website and social profiles. Online marketers can analyze data from Google analytics that includes social media traffic. This plugin can also be used for:

  • Tracking your ROI from the investment in social Ad campaigns
  • Posting popular content on the social page
  • Comparing social posts on every platform to know the type of posts attracting viewers


Usually, plugins can increase the page speed of the website, Novashare is an exception to it! It is a lightweight social media plugin that can be installed into a WordPress website. It allows displaying social sharing buttons throughout the website.

It works for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, etc. It is very easy to configure settings after installation through this plugin. One of the biggest advantages of this tool is that it is responsive to all devices. It is the perfect tool to increase social visibility with effective UI.


Social warfare is a great option for social media marketers to make their profile rich by attracting followers. Installing this super-lite plugin will give you complete access and total control over the content sharing pattern you follow. It provides social sharing buttons to install on the website wherever you want.

Bloggers make use of this plugin with its extensive features through which they can provide social sharing options at the right places on their blogs or websites. If growing followers is your ultimate social goal, then social welfare is the right plugin for you.


This plugin works best for retargeting the audience who left the website after a single visit. It sends push notifications to those users who have visited your website and social profiles. It simply crafts a new notification for the users whenever you:

  • Post an update on your social page.
  • Post any video on any channel
  • Post blogs on the website
  • Create and announce any live event

Once the notification is sent to the user, you can drive them to your social media platform. It creates brand awareness along with increasing the followers. It is also useful to strengthen online presence.

Smash Balloon 

If you want to see your followers increasing drastically, the Smash Balloon plugin is right for you. Where many tools provide displaying only the social sharing buttons, it allows you to share the social feed. It requires no coding skills to install and you can share your social profile to millions within minutes.

It can be used for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. It also adds to high social traffic contributing to the overall traffic of the website. Since it is visible to millions; you can get high impressions along with huge followers. Keep updating the social media content with relevant posts. It will be an added advantage.


Contests and giveaways can be engaging social media posts that attract huge audience. You can see comments, likes, shares, and retweets raining like never before. There’s no wonder that users will like and follow your business page after participating in the contest. When there is an immediate need for followers to boost social profiles, Raffle press is the solution.

If you use the RafflePress plugin, it means you are deploying one of the fastest ways to increase social media followers. It helps you in building your social profile. You can reward users by redirecting them to the landing page, social profile and social posts. You can request them to follow your page for trending updates.

If your contest/giveaway turns viral, it will give you an immediate increase in the followers that one needs.


Social media marketing is one of the tools of digital marketing that fetches social traffic via several platforms. At present, not only getting leads but converting the leads into customers is another important task for the online marketers. Social media has a pool of consumers where marketers can choose their relevant audience.

Use of these plugins can be more effective rather than using the organic method. It takes your business promotion effort to the next level. As a social media marketer, one should give these plugins a try and utilize them for quick and effective results.

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