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There is no qualification criteria required to become a blogger. Anyone from any part of the world can start his/her own blog and share information across the web. For some bloggers, blogging is a hobby and for some it’s a full time job. People are earning their bread and butter from blogging and it’s a highly productive income source. The blogging concept is quite popular in India. The people who have very little knowledge of internet also own a blog. A blog can be started to write and share images, information on any topic, it could be a photography, recipe, mobile, education, technology, fun, images etc. any thing which comes to your mind can be shared with people through a blog.

Why to choose web hosting in India to host the blog?

Indian people are obsessed of foreign products, this mentality can be seen in bloggers as well, when it comes to hosting their blogs with a web hosting provider. Many Indian bloggers opt for US or European hosting providers to host their blogs. The perception of the Indian bloggers towards the web hosting industry in India is not right. India is the first choice of foreign web hosting companies when they have to outsource their support and service. India has the talent and capability of delivering the best support and service to the customers. Most of the big hosting companies of US, UK and other countries have their support staff based in India. There are web hosting companies in India offering a wide range of products and services with 24/7 support. MilesWeb is one of the leading web hosting providers in India, you can host your blog or a business website easily with MilesWeb as they provide with affordable and efficient web hosting. They provide guaranteed server uptime, money back guarantee and free migration service if you wish to switch hosting service from other hosting provider to MilesWeb.

What does it take to become successful in blogging?

Blogging success depends on how you think! Here is what a blogger should be planning:


How should I start a blog?

It’s absolutely easy to set up and run a blog. There are many ready to use blog software that can be easily installed within a minute. MilesWeb would help you to set up and run your blog. You will get a ready to use interface through which the blogs can be customized further.

What do I need to start a blog?

First you have to register a domain name for example; .com, .net, .info,, .in etc you can use any tld for the blog. Secondly, you have to get a web hosting package. You will get both the domain name and the hosting package from the web hosting company. MilesWeb offers exclusive blog hosting packages with pre-installed WordPress blog. WordPress is a leading and a highly used blogging platform in the world. WordPress blog is preferred by small blogs to large news and media websites as well. It is popular because of its user-friendly interface, customization, free plugins and themes. It is highly flexible and customizable; it can be used to setup any kind of blog.

Which is the right web hosting package to run the blog?

For a new blog, the basic hosting package with 100 MB to 500 MB disk space and 1 GB to 10 GB monthly bandwidth would be sufficient. The cost of the hosting package with these specs may range between Rs.1500 to Rs.3000 a year. A minimum investment of Rs.3000 a year would be required for the domain name and the hosting package.

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