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Best AI Plugins For WordPress And WooCommerce

As a business grows, there are many things that the company needs to pay attention to. Great care and attention must be given to catering to customers and their requirements in the right way. This would ensure that your business grows and develops further in the coming years. If you are someone who is looking to provide the best and professional support and services to your customers then you must make use of Artificial Intelligence technology. 

It is no longer necessary for you to manually attend to a series of questions on your own and it is promptly carried out by the artificial intelligence plugins and support systems. Many tasks can all be better handled by computers with ease rather than being carried out manually. Artificial intelligence ensures to perform these tasks easily by way of following some instructions and set parameters in AI-powered plugins for the WordPress website. Ai is convenient and highly accessible. AI makes certain processes more efficient and allows a computer to do complicated tasks routinely. Some of the best-known artificial intelligence tools include image recognition, smart assistants, language translator, and much more.

Here, you will get to know some of the best and most popular plugins for WooCommerce and WordPress.

Facebook Messenger Chat With Bot

This comes across as one of the best and most popular AI plugins. When the customers contact you in case of your absence, the Facebook messenger would send an automated reply to ensure that the customer feels attended to. The Plugin uses Facebook Messenger Bot API technology to create an intelligent bot for the WordPress website.

Pricing Analyzing With WooCommerce AI

It is a tough task to compare, analyzing pricing structures, getting to know discounts, and another such aspects. However, this has been made convenient and easy by way of using WooCommerce AI which comes with a lot of advantages. The plugin is quite extensive and has complex pricing and discount toolkit which helps one to customize the pricing structure on the WooCommerce store. It also greatly facilitates implementing different types of discount-based prices and adds coupons to any category of product.

By using this plugin one can boost their sales considerably with attractive festive and seasonal offers for frequent customers using their purchasing history as the base. It also helps with clearance sales, discounts, and other such factors.


Customer service or information gathering can be accomplished using an Innue chatbot. Automating communication with the customer and creating personalized experiences at scale is made possible with this intelligent interactive agent chatbot. Users’ requests can be understood by the system, and it is prepared to meet them. All conversations, information, and menus can be displayed on all devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Chat Support

Communication needs to be smooth and easy between customers and providers. When a customer has some questions regarding specific products or services they should be at ease to ask you about it in just about a few steps. Customers would prefer to go with chat support and there shouldn’t be any reason for them to write long emails and the assistance is provided in just a few seconds. Hence, website owners must have a chat support AI plugin as it is beneficial for business growth. It saves a lot of time and it is convenient to use. It comes across as one of the most efficient communication tools.

BotPenguin: AI Chatbot Platform

With BotPenguin, you can create content snippets for your WordPress blog or product. Listicles, product descriptions, and blog outlines can be created, as well as rewritten and changed. 

Speech AI Plugin Speaker

This is a popular WordPress plugin designed to convert website page content to that of a human-like speech. It can convert text into human-like speech in more than 235 voices across 40+ languages in varied setups. The Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) comes across as a huge help that allows one to fine-tune speech for each article on the specific website. One can even pause, intonate, and read numbers in the standard format for humans with utmost ease and convenience. Some people would prefer voice messages rather than text and this is exactly why this AI plugin is important.

WordPress AI Assistant

The unique WordPress plugin facilitates one to create a virtual AI-powered smart assistant on the website that visitors can very well relate to. WordPress AI Assistant provides much-needed advice to customers on making the right purchase decisions. It also helps redirect them to specific pages and even forward discussions to the admin through email. It is WPML-ready and hence one can translate all the AI custom content in one go.

Voicer – A Text To Speed Plugin

This particular plugin is highly effective in converting the texts to human voice speech. The main base of the plugin is the Google Cloud Platform that would ensure the reliability and speed of the plugin across the globe with absolute ease and convenience. The Voicer WordPress plugin can convert text into human-like speech with over 200 voices across 30+ languages and variants. The easy-to-use plugin can create lifelike interactions amongst users and transform the customer support service. It comes across as a highly effective option out of all.

AI Chat With Facebook

Innue is a popular chatbot for customer service or to get information. This intelligent interactive agent chatbot comes across as a great tool for all those who are looking to keep the customers in the loop. It also automates communication with the customer and creates personalized customer experiences that would bring out the best outcome in the long run. It also clearly knows what a user wants and is prepared to meet users’ requests. It can display all information, conversations, and menus on all devices and is used on all devices including that of desktops, tablets, smartphones, and more.

Maxbot Chatbot Builder

The best and most interesting thing about this particular application is the fact that it does not require coding language knowledge for building a chatbot. Through this application, one can create different logic blocks and link them to particular triggers.

Apart from these, there are also many top-notch free AI plugins available for businesses to use. These plugins have become necessary for one to grow and develop their business in the long run and getting an upper hand in the highly competitive market. To make the most out of it, one should ensure to involve in some research and understanding before deciding about which plugin would best serve your interest and which one would not. There are many artificial intelligence plugins and they are known to provide an extensive range of services for various kinds of needs. There are also some basic ones and there are advanced options as well. You can choose the ones that best suit your business needs.

Advantages Of Using Artificial Intelligence For Businesses

AI is known to create a proper channel of communication between the service provider and the customer. When buying a product, a specific buyer can have a lot of questions and may require clarification on certain aspects and this is exactly why websites should have a chatbot option so that the customers can contact directly and ask the questions that they have in mind. It would greatly improve the personalization option for the customer thereby you can provide them the exact information they are looking for. It also helps you to provide personalized answers to the customers and direct them to the appropriate category with ease. The leads can be converted into subscribers and customers. One can also automate tasks so that it is possible to devote more time towards building business and boosting customer user engagement.

This plugin helps in understanding the customer behavior and hence can very well develop a customer-centric approach and make a wise informed decision. There are both paid as well as free plugins for artificial intelligence available. Knowing and understanding the cost of the AI is also necessary so that one can plan everything right from budget to that of features that are required for your site.

Wootomotion: Machine Learning AI

By analyzing your website’s sales, Wootomation suggests and recommends the best products to your customers based on their cart items. A section for up-sells and cross-sells is added to the cart before totals. Based on what others have bought, the section suggests purchases. 


With each passing year, several new technologies are coming up which would enable one to take the right course of action at the right time.

These are some top-notch premium AI plugins that are known to serve various websites and services at one go. Businesses must keep themselves in trend to make the most out of what technology has got to offer for businesses. Almost all types of businesses, be it small, medium, or that large-scale businesses are benefited from it which is why more and more businesses are going for high-tech and advanced Artificial Intelligence systems. The right AI plugin will help your business in the long run for achieving higher business growth and reach.

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