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Best WordPress Plugins for Social Media Connections

Imagine your online business has no social media presence, and you are working on the marketing techniques without sharing your website content on social media platforms.


Now, have a look at the statistics attached below.

This statistical data shows the increment in the social network users in the United States of America from the year 2017-2025 (expected).

Research proved that in 2020, there were around 233 million social network users in the United States, the equivalent of about three-quarters of the country’s population.

So, are you still thinking about the very first sentence of this blog? The social media presence is significant for any business growth. As we all know, social channels have become saturated, and the number of social network users is growing incredibly fast.

Your WordPress website needs a social sharing option so that your potential visitors will be allowed to share your content on their social media channels that will eventually benefit you from a marketing perspective.

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In such a case, we have found out some of the best social sharing plugins for your WordPress website. We will discuss the plugins in reverse order.

Number # 10 – Sassy Social Share

Sassy Social Share is a straightforward and smooth WordPress plugin. It enables your website visitors to share your content to approximately 100 social media channels. It is a lightweight plugin without affecting its functionalities.

You can customize the sharing icon size, shape, background color, and logo color as per your requirement. The icon style comes in three display options such as square, rectangle, and rounded.

The plugin will only be working on the online website and will not be functional on any local server. It is free to use and does not require any registration process. The icons are adjustable according to the size of your mobile and desktop screen.


  • Compatible with myCred and Gutenberg editor.
  • The users can easily customize the icon shape, size, bg color, and logo color.
  • Display the share count for tracking the number of shares.
  • Social share count is supported for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and some other social networking sites.
  • The mobile-friendly plugin is adjustable on any mobile device.
  • Compatible with multisite, AMP, BuddyPress, BBPress, and WooCommerce.
  • 24/7 expert support is available.
  • GDPR compliance support feature.

Number # 09 – Social Icons Widget

The Social Icons Widgets & Blocks is developed by the developers of WPZOOM. It is a generic plugin with a bunch of options for customization of the social share buttons. This plugin adds sharing buttons to your website’s posts and pages so that your visitors will be allowed to share your website content to any linked social media channels.

The overall download and installation are very straightforward. It lets you add social media icons to your website’s sidebar with the help of a widget, and then you can add your social media profile links to those icons.


  • It is easy to use and add social media icons to your website with social profile links.
  • It supports more than 100 social networks and sites.
  • It offers more than 400 custom icons and five icon sets.
  • FontAwesome integration and 38 academia icons are available.
  • Email addresses, Telephone, Skype, Viber, and WhatsApp support are available.

Number # 08 – Social Snap

Social Snap has a user-friendly interface and simple design. Social Snap takes the sharing process to the next level. It takes not more than five minutes to download and install this plugin.

It is a beginner-friendly plugin, and you do not require any technical knowledge to use this plugin. There are ways to display the social share button on your WordPress websites, such as a floating sidebar, shortcode, or template tags.

Placing social share buttons on your website helps you generate leads and bring traffic to your WordPress website. Your new and old visitors will be able to share your content on their different social media platforms, which is a marketing strategy.


  • It is light in weight and fast loading plugin.
  • It is a mobile responsive plugin and fits any mobile device screen with 100% pixel-perfect resolution.
  • It lets you have complete control over the plugin and use shortcode and Gutenberg block to implement it.
  • It is free to use, but you need to go with the pro version if you want to unlock more features.
  • It offers extensive support by the experts to resolve customers’ queries.

Number # 07 – AddToAny

The AddToAny Share Buttons is another WordPress widespread social sharing plugin. It allows website visitors to share the content on their social media profiles to reach a higher audience and generate more leads.

It offers a universal solution for all website owners and helps them add social share buttons to their websites without any technical complexities. Whether you’re a rookie or a tech-geek, you can easily download and install it on any WordPress website due to its beginner-friendly functionality.


  • It offers a wide range of sharing buttons: standard, floating, follow, image, vector, custom, official, and universal email.
  • It enables you to place the sharing buttons wherever you like to add.
  • It allows you to integrate Google Analytics for tracking the number of posts and content sharing.
  • It fits on any mobile device due to its mobile responsiveness without disturbing the website resolution.
  • Customize your sharing buttons according to your brand style.
  • Get experts’ support for any plugin-related queries.

Number # 06 – JetPack Social Sharing

JetPack is a Swiss Army Knife WordPress plugin that performs various tasks in which one of which is adding social sharing buttons to your WordPress websites. JetPack’s social pack looks very eye-catching and professional.

To add a social sharing button to your WordPress website using JetPack, you just need to download and install this plugin to your website. The simple integration with this plugin will enable you to add the social sharing pack.


  • JetPack’s social sharing plugin supports around thirteen social media channels that allow visitors to share your content on their social media platforms.
  • The simple easy to use interface will help you connect your social media channels to the social share buttons on your WordPress website.
  • It allows you to add the available social pack to the enabled services.
  • There are four ways to customize your social media buttons: icons+text, icon only, text only, official buttons.
  • Shuffle the order of your social sharing icons as per your preference.

Number # 05 – myCred Social Share

myCred Social Share is basically an add-on that works incredibly well and rewards digital awards to your customers for sharing your website’s content. To use this addon, you need to install the myCred gamification plugin to your WordPress website.

myCred is a point management system containing more than fifty add-ons that enable the user to offer points, badges, and ranks to the customers for performing different activities on the website.

The beauty of myCred Social Share is to lead generation due to its rewarding system. People share your website content to their social media channels in the greed of discount offers.


  • It rewards your visitors with digital prizes every time they share your website content to their social media profiles.
  • The admin will have the power to set up and manage the criteria for awarding the points to the visitors or customers of your website.
  • It enables the admin to define the reward points purpose for each post-sharing type on social media.
  • It is supported on almost every device, such as iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone.
  • It is easy to use with an intuitive interface.
  • It supports all browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

Number # 04 – Social Warfare

WordPress Social Sharing Plugin – Social Warfare is developed by the Warfare Plugins for all WordPress websites. It is a well-known WordPress plugin used to allow your website visitors to share your website content to their social media networks.

Content sharing plays an essential role in generating leads and bringing massive traffic to your WordPress website. It is a freemium plugin, and based on your requirements and feature needs; you can use this plugin either for free or paid.

The free version is suitable for the light-weighted social button that looks simple and basic, whereas the pro version offers a lot more to enhance your social sharing process.


  • It offers a wide variety of social media channels buttons for sharing your content.
  • The floating button can be placed using this plugin that helps your readers to share your content at any time by scrolling through your website.
  • It displays the social share counts in which tweets are included for social proofing.
  • Customize your social share buttons using the widget. Edit the post thumbnail images, images, text size, custom date range, and visual themes.
  • Add the click to tweet quotes anywhere in your website content for allowing your visitors to tweet the quotes from your website content.
  • Use the shortcode function to place your buttons anywhere on the website.
  • Enable your website visitors to pin your images.
  • Your plugin-related issues get resolved instantaneously.

Number # 03 – Revive Social

Revive social WordPress plugin helps keep your website content alive, whether it is an old one or recently published content. Moreover, it automates the process of sharing your old website content to social media channels and saves your time.

With this plugin, you will have complete control over your website content, and without leaving your site, it automatically adds hashtags from different categories or tags. In short, it simplifies the social media management process of your WordPress website.

The revive network helps you share the website content to the social media profiles that eventually keep your users engaged with your content and generate more traffic to your WordPress website.


  • It is a beginner-friendly website that requires two simple steps to use this plugin: installation and configuration.
  • Import the content from different websites using the RSS and Atom feeds on your website and share them on various social media channels.
  • It revives your old posts and brings them to life for generating leads to your site.
  • Download the images from the RSS feed and use them for your posts’ featured images.

Number # 02 – Mashshare

Another powerful social sharing plugin for WordPress is developed by René Hermenau. Mashshare is free to use a plugin for your WordPress websites and allows your customers to start sharing your website content to their social media channels.

It is a modern plugin and a perfect solution for you. It is highly enriched with remarkable features to enhance your social sharing process and lets you gain an optimal user experience. This plugin updates regularly for meeting the market trends.

It provides you with fantastic setting options that make it prominent among different plugins with the same purpose. It enables you to display the smart sharing buttons on your WordPress website to link high-profile social networks.


  • Highly customizable with developer-friendly functionality such as filters and actions.
  • The share button icons consist of a high-resolution vector font.
  • Display the total number of shares to keep an eye on the sharing stats.
  • Use the shortcode functionality to display the buttons anywhere on your website.
  • Set the color of your social share buttons as per your choice.
  • Multi-languages are supported.
  • Enable or disable the share count display.
  • Use the custom CSS options to add the styling to the sharing buttons.

Number # 01 – Smash Balloon

Smash Balloon is the number one professional and powerful social sharing plugin for WordPress websites. The top-notch and giant social media networks are allowed to use this plugin on your WordPress website. It also displays the customizable Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram feeds in WordPress.

More than 1,300,000 business owners are using this plugin and are happy with its features and user-friendly interface.


  • It enables the users to customize the social media sharing button according to their branding theme and styles.
  • The setup of custom social feeds is relatively simple and straightforward.
  • The intelligent caching backup system makes it unique among other plugins because it is super fast and reliable.
  • The social feeds are 100% SEO-friendly, and it enables the users to display the social feeds on multiple accounts.
  • Smash balloons display the likes, shares, comments, and reactions in a customizable way to build user engagements.

Wrapping Up

That would be all for having the profound knowledge on social sharing plugins for WordPress websites. The descending order makes it easy to differentiate the plugins preferences. Go through each of them and decide which best fits your needs.

The Author

Muhammad Shehroz Khan is a digital content producer at myCred, who believes that writing is a passport to the journey of expressing your thoughts to the world. He enjoys writing when he is not busy quenching his thirst for thrilling books.

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