Blogger vs WordPress Compared – 4 Pros and Cons

Updated onJune 20, 2022

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There are tons of requests on the internet about which blogging site is better. I, personally, have noticed a few bloggers who want to begin with a blogging career but are confused because of varied opinions on Blogger vs WordPress.

Choosing to blog is easy, but which blogging platform is better? It doesn’t take a lot of energy to decide what you want to do. The task is about selecting the right platform between Blogger vs WordPress, which will help you boost your blogging career.

There are numerous blogging platforms, but Blogger and WordPress are popular sites that stand out. That is why individuals generally question which platform is better, WordPress or Blogger? So that they have a better writing experience.

There are several factors that differ between both platforms. It is a debatable topic whether to go with Blogger or WordPress. Some users love the free blogging site, and some can’t get over the WordPress features.

Both platforms have their pros and cons, and with this detailed guide, your selection process will get a little lighter.

Before we compare Blogger vs WordPress, make a list that has your expectations from blogging. You could ask yourself why you want to blog and what output do you expect?

It may include something like –

  • You want to earn from blogging
  • Want to rank no. 1 on Google
  • Keep it a subtle, yet highly designed blog
  • Share your expertise in a niche
  • Offer readers unique content through your blog.

It can be more than this or anything else. Once you figure out the answer to these questions, the selection process between Blogger vs WordPress will get a lot easier.

Platform Vise Comparison – Blogger vs WordPress

blogger blog is blog free is blogging free blogging on blogspot

In 1999 a free blogging service named ‘Blogger’ was started by Pyra Labs. Later, in 2003 Blogger was acquired by Google. Since then, Google has had ownership over the blogging site.

Blogger is a free blogging site. Anyone can use, manage and customize their blog on it using free templates. It is easy and user-friendly. 

Many users rely on Blogger for their blogging. Some are happy with their experience, while some had to shift to

Blogger is more accessible because it is free. However, to start blogging with, you need to make it accessible to everyone. That means is a self-hosted platform you can use to design your blog on an independent website. You will have to put some money, purchase a hosting service and make it live so that your blog has an existence on the internet.

Theme and Template Availability 

blogspot vs wordpress blogger or wordpress wordpress or blogger

As much as you love blogging, I am sure you would want your blog to look the best. If not much, you should go for a subtle look that engages your audience as a priority. 

With WordPress, you get a wide range of free and premium themes. You can utilize them to give a preferable look to the blog. 

WordPress themes and templates are something you would love to use. Blogger platform also has tons of such features, but they are limited. You cannot compare Blogger vs WordPress in terms of themes and templates. Blogger limits that part for users.

You will also find those templates on many blogs but with WordPress it’s different. You will have a variety of options to choose from, which will give your blog a unique look.

Personal Domain / Owning Control

can i earn money on blogger is wordpress good for blogs how to make money blogging for beginners

Blogger/BlogSpot is also a free subdomain provider. That means you don’t own an exclusive domain for your blog as Google is subletting you one. They can control, manage, delete or disable the blog as they like. You don’t have a copyright for the blog content as it will always belong to the owner.

However, the WordPress platform lets you have a personal domain. The blog will belong to you and only you. You can control and customize it however you want.

One good thing about WordPress is that your blog content will be safe. There won’t be any other authority that can ban or remove your blog if it doesn’t meet their terms and conditions or any rule.

For WordPress, you will require a good hosting service. WordPress hosting is a special product built for WordPress sites, so the sites can be managed more efficiently.

Although WordPress sites require a small investment for hosting, it is an ideal deal for bloggers. 

Pricing – Blogger vs WordPress

blogging as a career

Okay, you want to be a blogger! That is decided, but the question is whether you want to write your feelings down and share your stories or you want to make a living from blogs.

When we look at Blogger, it is a completely free blogging site. You will find everything for free- right from themes and templates to even a free subdomain by BlogSpot. 

You can design the blog as per your preference and start sharing blog posts. However, everything that is free also comes with ‘limitations’. Plus, if Blogger ever shuts, you will lose your hard work. Not only yours but every blog created on Blogger will also be lost. 

Ask yourself if you would want that.

On the other hand, the self-hosted WordPress opens a door to independence. Your blog is free and in your control. Although you put a little amount into hosting, you get a good return on investment.

You can monetize your blog posts, web pages and even expand by adding an online store using a WordPress WooCommerce Plugin. You will have ample options of Plugins to back your marketing strategies to earn money. 

Your blog will be a professional content hub under your domain and won’t be in control of anyone else. Isn’t the idea itself wonderful? Think about it.

WordPress hosting doesn’t cost much. You can check MilesWeb’s affordable WordPress hosting plans that cost you only Rs. 60 per month after a 70% discount on a purchase of 3 years, which also includes one free domain for the first year. This hosting plan will influence your blogging decision towards WordPress in the debate of Blogger vs WordPress.

One plus point of is also that you can move your blog anywhere you want. You can shift to a new host, switch to another domain, or even move to a better content management system without any risk. 

But on Blogger there’s a chance you lose your developed channel and SEO rankings.

Conclusion– Which is better? Blogger vs WordPress

So in this post of Blogger vs WordPress we understood that both WordPress and Blogger are popular platforms, having their pros and cons. Blogging on WordPress requires a small investment, while Blogger/BlogSpot is completely free.

In my opinion, WordPress can help you become a professional blogger who also wants to make a living out of it. You can earn well by monetizing your content and even add an eCommerce store to sell products by increasing the scope of your site. 

A lot of bloggers do affiliate marketing through their blog posts. This can be a bonus point if your blog is monetized and you earn product commissions as well.

Moreover, ‘Blogger’ can be a little dim in the case of themes and templates. They are limited and will look like almost every other blogger’s blog.

On the other hand, WordPress gives you an opportunity to stand different because of unlimited free and premium customization options.

Well, this is my opinion, what do you think? Let me know your input in the comment section below.

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