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How to choose a WordPress template for your business website

WordPress template for business website

When we think about having a web page, the first step is to imagine how that website would be. We have color, typeface, images, etc. Here comes the question How to choose a WordPress template that goes with my business?

The second step is to realize this dream, and this is usually a bit difficult because behind this process there are many factors to take into account, for example, cost, flexibility, be prepared for updates.

And remember that, it is ideal to choose a template that can be used for the short, medium and long term.

Here are some tips that will help you in the decision making of choosing a template for your WordPress website.

The Search Process

Sometimes you think that the image is the last thing that you should focus on, so you use any template and avoid the tiredness of the search process. Then, you choose a template, and you start to add content, fill it with widgets and configure all the options. Everything goes well until you run the first WordPress update, and it all comes down.

You decide to find a solution, go to Google, go to forums and find out that the template you chose had not been updated in a good time. Now what? You have two options, you pay a web developer to fix it, or you try to do it yourself if you know some code or you start looking for a new template and you start from scratch, wishing you had more attention to the selection process.

Here are some WordPress templates for your business.

To avoid the pain and frustration of choosing the wrong template, we recommend following the process below.

How to search for a WordPress template:

Take into account the features you are looking for your website: If you are not sure about this, start looking for information on the websites of your competitors, or on pages similar to yours. Answer the simple question, what do you want to achieve with your website?

Think about how you want your website to look:

Decide what type of design and aesthetics best represent your business or project. There are many options such as minimalist designs, vintage, modern, technological, etc.

Do not lose flexibility:

Do you want to be able to change the look of your site frequently by adding new elements, without having to hire a developer? Then a multi-purpose WordPress template may be the best choice for you. If you rather plan on not modifying your site for a long time, then a Genesis template will work for you.

Do you want a topic that has a wide range of features such as job listing or search results? So what you are looking for is a specialized subject.

Looking for features that do not fit into a template for a specific template? Then use a customizable template.

How to choose a WordPress template?

Now that you have a clearer criterion, take into account these must-haves to choose the best candidates. It does not matter if it’s free or not, but make sure that:

It has an existence of between 1 or 2 years, in this way, most of its bugs already must have been fixed. This way you avoid the step of reviewing the bugs because this should already have been done.

They update frequently (or at least a couple of times in the year). This is a good sign, there is someone working to maintain your WordPress template.

  • It has good scoring, and support questions are answered appropriately.
  • It is popular (or how many times it has been bought or downloaded)
  • Two types of WordPress templates: Ones that are ready and customizable
There are two types of codes, let’s look at it:

WordPress Templates that are ready

These templates are ready for use, with a design and pre-set features. Some allow you to personalize them, choosing some elements like color, font, images, and styles. Others offer limited options for customization, but with fewer necessary code and scripts, which means they have a better loading time and less space for bugs.

When they are a good choice:

When your budget is short, you try to save the price you would pay for hiring a freelancer or an agency to build your custom design, you would spend only about $ 50- $ 70 for these types of templates.

You like the look of the subject and you are not interested in changing it for one that is unique in its kind.

You need to build a small or medium web, with a standard structure and content. If your website is projected to grow in terms of structure, you should understand that these types of templates will not be enough.

Unlike before, when WordPress templates were pretty basic, today they offer many features. This means that you will spend some time navigating your long list of options to configure everything.

When these types of templates are not a good idea:

When you need to have a custom design!

When you have specific needs in terms of design or feature that cannot be satisfied with this type of WordPress template.

Finally, it should be mentioned that these “ready-to-use” templates have two categories: a) multipurpose: they come armed with different types of characteristics, templates, and adjustments. The other category is b) specialized topics, created specifically for a particular niche such as restaurants, consultancies, agencies, medical clinics. In this case, they are given characteristics relevant to that niche.

 Custom Templates in WordPress

These are perfect because they fulfill all your needs. It has only one defect. It’s cost! A pre-made WP template costs between $ 50- $ 70, while a custom WP template can cost between $ 1,500- $ 2,000. Of course, there may be better offers in the market with huge differences to these referential figures that we discussed.

Often the price can go up if your templates are more complex and you need to customize more features.

What is a WordPress starter template?

It’s a blank template, which contains the basics for a WordPress template skeleton. Some of the most famous are Underscores, Bones, Roots.

What pros does it have?

This type of template is the starting point for you to develop your own template by creating a solid base code with what is required for the page template. Once you start, you have full control over what you want to accomplish with your subject.

And the cons?

The main disadvantage of this type of WordPress template is that you will not be able to update your base code so easily, and this gives you two options: either has a developer to give you regular maintenance or not and run the risk of your site crashing with any future updates.

What is a Frame template?

Unlike the previous template type, this template contains more than a single skeleton, it gives you some built-in options, as well as built-in SEO settings, built-in elements, a little style.

 Why use it?

Unlike a starter template, a frame template makes it easy for you to start your site development because many of its features and styles are already done. This saves you a lot of time and work (especially money).

The best thing is that you can update your base code without losing any changes or edits because of the child-parent structure of the template.

The cons of this template

The problem is that this type of templates generates a layer of abstraction between your code and WordPress, then instead of directly modifying your spreadsheet files, so you’ll see yourself making changes through hooks and functions.

And consequently, the second point is against, which is that you do not have the same level of control as the one you have in a starter template, in a way you will be limited within the customizations that this one offers you. It’s not that there will be things you cannot do, but some will require extra work.


Yes, finding the perfect WordPress template is not easy because there are many elements to consider, and they are not just the look and the cost.

The starting point is to understand and be clear about what you want, what you really need, what your goals are and what factors will guide your choices.

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