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Top 14 Admin Dashboard WordPress Plugins

WordPress is a well-known platform as well as helped small businesses, bloggers, startups, or businesses to establish their own identity while creating an online website. It is easy to use and helps to create a website, publish, and work together in this competitive world. WordPress has a large community that uses WordPress CMS to create a website. It is stood out the platform that’s easy to manage and optimize. For creating a WordPress website, the dashboard plays an essential role but mostly a WordPress user tends to neglect it.

The WordPress admin dashboard is the place where you can control all the activities of your website. The dashboard is a stage from that you can start setting up your WordPress website. Now, you can make the admin area even more effortless to handle with a brilliant plugins list. Here, you can set up everything from categories to permalink structure for the website or hidden dashboard elements.

I have created an extraordinary list of Admin Dashboard WordPress plugins that enhance admin functionality and add prominent value to your site. All the plugins are free so, you will definitely find something useful that fits your needs.

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1. White Label CMS

White Label CMS WordPress plugin helps to personalize your website dashboard & create less confusion to work on it. You can quickly customize your dashboard using this plugin. Now, you can impress your clients or users with an eye-catchy login page. You can customize various things like add branding names or logo on header or footer, dashboard, login page, which menus need to showcase on the client page, etc. This plugin makes work easy for the clients.

2. User Activity Log

The tracking of user activities is a big issue for blogging, membership, or online shopping website owners. Hows it if you can get the logs of all the activities performed by your website users? User Activity log WordPress plugin can do it for you.

You can get notified when the particular user is login on your website. The plugin gives you information about WordPress core updates, posts, pages, media, users, plugins, themes, import-export, etc. If you increase the security of your website, then it is a must-have for you. The plugin has 10k+ active installs and going on! You can get more features on the pro version.

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3. Download Monitor

Download Monitor WordPress plugin provides an interface for downloading and managing downloadable files. This plugin is fully compatible with Gutenberg and also includes a new download monitor block. It helps you to organize your files & efficiently manages it. This plugin also supports adding multiple file versions per download and mirrors. It has an intuitive UI design. There is also a log viewer & top download widget on the dashboard to monitor the downloads. Try Now!

4. Remove Dashboard Access

One of the most useful plugins for multi-site users. It helps to limit the dashboard access for specific capabilities. Remove Dashboard Access WordPress plugin restricts access for non-admins. Using this plugin, you can limit the use of dashboard access to admins only, editors or admins, authors or above or by selecting capabilities. You can also optionally allow the users to edit their profile but restrict the access to any other sections. Worth to use it!

5. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP by ExactMetrics (formerly GADWP)

Google Analytics WordPress plugin helps you to track your website data and stats. It gives in-depth page reports and post reports for further segmentation for analysis. It also provides performance details. It is a free plugin that gives you realtime stats with that you can easily compare your website performance. Using this plugin, you can track various events like downloads, emails, outbound links, affiliate links, page scrolling depth, and many more. It is one of the most useful plugins ever!

6. Adminimize

Adminimize is another most excellent WordPress plugin to control or limited access to WordPress users.

If you have a  multi-author website which has many clients, then this plugin is valuable. It improves the administration back-end & gives the right to designate some parts to a particular person. There are some sections that you can effortlessly control like administration menu, post and page, the menu in the admin bar, and so on. Using this plugin, different user role has a distinctive setting to view the dashboard. A truly helpful plugin!

7. WP Dashboard Notes

WP Dashboard Notes WordPress plugin helps to create stunning notes. If you’re working with multiple persons on the website and need to keep a note, then this plugin is useful to you. You can add as many as notes you want to using a distinct color. It will automatically save your data, no need of any save button. You can customize the notes to showcase everyone or to be as a private.

8. WordPress Custom Dashboard

Now, you can simplify and customize your dashboard with this ultimate dashboard WordPress plugin. You can also build your customized dashboard for your clients to give the ultimate customer experience. This plugin helps you to create new widgets or replace the default widgets with your own to give a meaningful use for WordPress plugins. It is a perfect, simple, and lightweight WordPress plugin.

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9. Client Dash

Do you require an amazing WordPress backend experience? Client Dash is the ultimate solution for it. It will help you to customize the WordPress admin area as per your requirements. The plugin allows you to arrange, remove, or add admin menu items. The widget customization options are available, too. It has easy admin page customization available like page access based on user roles, page icon, page content, page title, etc.

10. Admin Menu Editor

The menu is the most required for easy navigation. If you want to customize your admin side menu options, then Admin Menu Editor is the perfect solution for you. The plugin helps you to reorder the menus, show/hide particular items, change permissions, etc. It provides an easy drag & drop interface. You can make your custom menu with different functionalities like menu titles update, URLs, icons, CSS classes, hidden menus, etc.

11. Dashboard Commander

Widgets are essential parts of any website. Widgets help you to manage the small functionalities of your website in an easier way.

Dashboard Commander WordPress plugin is especially buildup for managing the widget areas of your WordPress website. You can display or hide the widgets by access based on user roles. It helps you to manage the inbuilt widgets as well as the widgets that are installed by the third-party plugins. It will allow you to set the minimum access level of each widget.

12. Erident Custom Login and Dashboard

Have you ever get bored with the default design of your login page?

Erident Custom Login and Dashboard WordPress plugin is specially developed for it. It will allow you to change the complete look of your login page and dashboard. You can do various changes like add company logo, background images, color, styles, footer text, etc. You can hide the links on the login page like lost password, register, or back to the website. It will allow you to do import/export too.

13. Admin Columns

Admin Columns helps you to manage and organize columns in the posts, pages, custom post media, taxonomy, etc. It enhances your WordPress installation. Whether you have a blogging site or full-featured eCommerce website, it is an essential plugin for every site. This plugin also allows you to display custom fields for meta post and user meta for all the fields you have. You can also customize many things as per your needs. It also comes with detailed documentation for installation.

14. User Blocker

If you have blogging or any membership kind of website, then you must have faced the spamming by users. Users can spam many of the ways. Spam users not only waste your time but make your company’s reputation down too. Try the User Blocker WordPress plugin. It will help you to block the spam users on your website. You can block the users by specific day & time, date range, or permanently. Website admin can unblock the blocked users at any time. You can show the customized message on the login page when any blocked users try to log in on your website.

Final Word!

You must have assumed that it is not compulsory to customize the admin dashboard when you are running a simple website. But, if you are using WordPress for the client’s site or need some customization on your back-end site then, you can go ahead to add WordPress Dashboard plugins as per your website’s requirement.

I would recommend you should use dashboard plugins to give user-friendly back-end to your clients. If you have used or known some other plugins that give great benefits to your website then, please share your opinions with us via mentioned below comment section.

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