Top 20 WordPress Plugins for Coupon Websites

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Updated onJune 28, 2022

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Coupons and discounts play an important role in attracting customers and selling. It is a very effective tool to promote any type of business. Advertising through coupons will bring additional profit to your  business. When you offer special “deals” on a special day, it will help you to pull a good amount of customers. If you are willing to set-up a coupon website to attract more visitors and help them save their money, then below mentioned are the Top 20 WordPress plugins for Coupon Websites. These plugins are easy to use, flexible and will contribute an outstanding deal to your business.

1) Coupon Code:

coupon code

A complete solution for the affiliate marketer and coupon website. The Coupon code is protected and it is automatically copied to users clipboard. So whenever the user clicks on the coupon, it will get directed to the merchant website. This plugin ensures that coupons and affiliate link are safe.


1) Coupon Management

2) Reporting

3) Customizable design

4) Income protection

5) Unlimited style

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2) Voucher Press:


Voucher Press is an awesome plugin suitable for coupon code websites. This Plugin allows you to create a voucher, selecting the layout and font from a range of templates. Users can get printed vouchers, coupons and tickets in pdf format too.


1) Large range of pre-built templates

2) Ability to add own templates

3) Each voucher has a unique code in one of four formats

4) Statistics on numbers of download of the voucher

5) CST export of all registered names and email addresses

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3) JC Coupon Plugin Lite:


This plugin allows you to post a coupon on any page or post with an expiry date or custom text for a coupon.


1) 4 Colour format

2) Manageable coupon

3) Ability to create unlimited coupons

4) Easy set-up

5) Ability to add coupons in posts and pages

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4) Coupon Creator:

coupon creator

This plugin gives you an opportunity to create your own coupon website or you can add images of the coupon by creating shortcodes.


1) Expiration

2) Shortcodes

3) Custom/ affiliate links

4) Templates

5) Filter Bar

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5) WooCommerce Coupons Countdown:


A premium plugin that allows you to set a countdown with the product. It helps the user to know the date and time of coupon expiry and it costs around 20$ for each license.


1) The coupon is limited to customers who have purchased limited product

2) A new shortcode that renders coupons in different colors.

3) A new coupon option  is available for new user

4) Allows to set an expiry date for coupons.

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6) WooCommerce Every Order Coupon:


Motivate your customer to purchase more through WooCommerce Every Order Coupon plugin. It gives you an opportunity to add a coupon for every product purchased. In short, the customer will get a coupon for next purchase or order and an unused coupon will be visible in coupons section.


1) Ability to generate new coupons

2) Coupon management

3) Multi-language support like English, Estonian and much more.

4) Compatible with WordPress 4.5X and WooCommerce 2.6X

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7) WooCommerce Coupon Exclusions:

A powerful and easy to use WooCommerce Extension plugin that helps to set a usage restriction for a coupon.


1) Ability to remove and add coupons

2) Documentation

3) WooCommerce 2.X support

4) Compatible with all browsers

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8) Sumo Coupons- Woo Commerce Coupon system:


A complete package of WooCommerce coupon system and it can be used for the customers who purchase products, write a review, sign up, do social media promotion, etc. It supports three modes such as credit coupon mode, email coupon mode, and auto-apply coupon mode that covers all possible coupons related to marketing.


1) Reward coupon types  (cart discount and cart % discount)

2) Blog post and comment creation

3) Payment gateway coupons

4) URL Coupons

5) RTL support

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9) WooCommerce After Sales Coupon:

wocommerce after sale coupon

This extension allows you to offer a coupon to your customers during the checkout process so that users will use that coupon at the time of next purchase. You can add a options page for a coupon for e.g., Disable/ fixed/ Percentage option, a specific amount of discount, minimum order amount before coupon creation, etc.


1) One user can use only one coupon ( if option is set)

2) The coupon is usable for one time

3) The coupon is limited to user’s email address

4) Easy installation

5) Ability to enable/ disable coupons easily

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10) WooCommerce Coupons by locations:

Coupons by locations

A unique and flexible plugin used for increasing conversation rate. Offering discount is a popular method to attract customers, but in terms of offering location-aware, contextual offers help to boost conversion rate. You can use this plugin to offer a coupon on special days like for e.g., “ independent day” coupon to customers from the USA on 4th July or offer “ Diwali festival” coupon to customers from India.


1) Restrict coupons by country, state, city, Zip/postal/pin code.

2) Give delightful experience to customers with offers they love

3) The ability to allow custom locations

4) Compatible with other coupon rules and plugins

5) Great for local marketing

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11) WooCommerc Signup Discount:


As the name suggests, WooCommerc Signup Discount is useful for new customers who register or sign up on your website. Whenever a new user registers, the plugin will automatically generate a coupon code based on the admin settings and an email will be sent to a customer on registered email address.


1) Powerful admin backend to customize the plugin

2) Showcase highly customized popup to promote the offer

3) The coupon is useful to registered email id only.

4) Allow you to define a coupon validity in numbers of days from the date of registration.

5) Ability to exclude discounts

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12) WooCommerce Quick Export Plugin:


A simple and quick plugin allow you to export your customers and coupon information into CSV files in short span of time. With this plugin, you can do an analysis of data and transfer store data into other software easily.


1) Easy to export orders

2) Support multiple shipping addresses

3) Compatible with WooCommerce 2.6+ and WordPress 4.6+

4) Add new custom reviews for shop product

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13) WooCommerce Volume Discount Coupon:

volume discount

The plugin allows you to offer a discount and coupon based on the qualities of product purchased by the customer.


1) Ability to apply discount based on minimum and maximum quantity defined in coupons

2) New shortcode that renders pretty coupons in various colors

3) Volume discount is applicable for specific product and categories

4)  Directly display discounts when they apply to products

5) Allow customer to apply for volume discount

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14) WooCommerce Sponsor a Friend Plugin:


A great marketing plugin useful for your customers to become your ambassadors. Your customer will sponsor or refer the coupon to their friends by filling a form and an email will be sent containing a unique coupon for that person. If that coupon is used to buy the stuff from your website then referrer will receive a “ reward coupon”.


1) For better optimization referrer and referral coupons have separate settings.

2) Coupons can be either percent or fixed base.

3) A lot of hooks (actions and filters) have been added

4)  You can allow referees to cumulate coupon’s value

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15) Events Calendar Registration & Booking:

events plus-calendar-registration

An advanced event manager plugin that allows you to create and manage online events. Users are allowed to register and pay online for the events, manage attendees, create discount coupons, export attendee list and much more.


1) Online event booking and coupons

2) Google map integration

3) Shortcode compatible

4) Recurring events

5) Countdown timer

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16) Advanced WooCommerce Reporting:

woocommerce reporting plugin

A comprehensive and most advanced reporting system that helps to get a complete report of recent orders, sales order summary, coupons, order status, stock, shipping, tax, and categories, etc. It also provides a section to set a desired monthly sale amount which is called Projected sales. It helps you to get a proper report about the projected and actual sale for each month.


1) The result will display in grid format

2) Powerful dashboard with many useful summarize reports.

3) Generate advanced report

4) Responsive layout

5) Compatible with the latest version of WordPress

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17) WooCommerce PDF Voucher:


WooCommerce PDF Voucher is perfect for the store owner who is willing to sell tickets for events, discount codes for on-site pickup, class admission tickets and much more. You can create unlimited vouchers for local businesses or online stores.


1) Contact your online store and business with customizable PDF voucher

2) Restrict codes to be used only for one time

3) Send an email to vendors when their voucher gets sold out

4) Ability to support QRcode and Barcode for vouchers

5) Customized for each product

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18) Loyalty Rewards for WooCommerce:


Reward your customers with Loyalty Rewards WooCommerce plugin. When a product or service is view by the users, they will get points and those collected points are exchanged for money. There are many parameters on which you can set criteria for rewards system.


1) Ability to choose where to apply the rewards ( subtotal, total or total without shipping)

2) Give older order rewards

3) User rewards can be used for the next order

4) New Table of predefined point value

5) Show in email rewards earned and used

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19) Coupon Reveal:

Coupon reveal

Coupon Reveal is a premium class plugin that allows you to set up an eye-catching coupon code widgets to your website.


1) 3 different way to display your coupons

2) Specific size is required to customize your coupon modules

3) Different color option

4) Ability to control the type and layout of the coupon expiration date

5) Shortcodes

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20) Woocoomerce Autoload coupons:

Autoload coupon

A great tool used for offering discounts online. Coupons will auto load in client cart when their restrictions are specified. For e.g., 20% discount if you buy 2 items of a particular product or 15% discount on a specific category.


1) Lightweight code that doesn’t slow your website

2) Applicable for all coupons

3) Ability to choose coupons to auto load on the cart

4) Easy setup

5) Thousands of combinations of coupon restrictions

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We hope above listed plugins will help you to set up a great website. If you already own a coupon code website and need to add some new features, you can use some of these plugins for better functionality of your website. If you know some other good plugins that count worth and are not listed here, please feel free to share them in a comment box.

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