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7 WooCommerce Extensions For Your Online Shop

7 WooCommerce Extensions For Your Online Shop

With more than 80% of the online retailers launching their ecommerce websites, it’s high time you should take additional care of your online shop to secure your position in the global marketplace. As more and more people look forward to shopping online, your shop should have an efficient system to handle a large amount of customer demand and their orders and data. For that purpose, you also need a reliable WooCommerce hosting with boosted performance for your sites online scalability.

Here are 7 WooCommerce extensions that let your website have all the arms and weapons to manage your online shop easily. 

Currency Converter Widget

With the growing demand and competition in the online market, selling your products only in the local market would be unjust as well as a debacle for your business. The global market has tremendous opportunities for ecommerce stores. WooCommerce makes the task easier by converting the currencies to the customer’s preferred country’s currency with the Currency Converter Widget. You can now facilitate the transactions in different currencies and cater to a huge international audience like the other big brands. 

The widget dynamically keeps switching the rates in real-time by using the money.js and Open Source Exchange Rates API. It formats all the currencies, and the real-time values and updates them with the converted prices. The widget setting contains an option that adds and converts any currencies as you want. This extension is easy to install and free and it allows up to two currencies without a paid subscription. This enhances user experience and increases the conversion rate as a customer does not feel skeptical about buying from a foreign online store. 

Creative Mail

With so many online stores squeezed into a small mobile phone, it is important to remind your customer to discover and explore your store frequently. This calls out for a mailing system that not only communicates with your customers about the deals but also enables them to view the online store with interactive visuals, blogs, and the latest pictures of the products.

Creative Mail turns the WooCommerce store into an efficient mailing engine that allows you to manage all the email marketing campaigns for your business. It can attract and engage with potential customers and allows you to establish and represent your business as a brand of trust. It takes much less time to create an email with layouts and templates and link your blogs and products with great ease. Imagine your favorite brand mailing you that the product in your cart is available at a 50% discount!

Product Add-ons

Personalization always pays off. Product addon in WooCommerce is one such extension that allows the customer to personalize a product. Your customer can upgrade the product to its premium level, add some premium features to it or add extra engraving on it. This not only makes the product unique but also makes it more valuable for the customer. The brand value of your business and customer satisfaction increase. Products like luxury and gifts demand customization for more aesthetic and unique looks.

Product Addons generally increase the margin and hence results in more profit. At the same time, it makes the product more interesting and engaging for the customers.

Online Payment Gateway – Razorpay or Stripe

WordPress allows setting up a payment gateway for your site easily with the WooCommerce extension that allows the user to pay online in just a few clicks. Razorpay accepts a variety of payment modes like Debit cards, Credit cards, UPI, Net Banking, Wallet, Pay later, and EMI. It stores the information of the cards to use later and makes it convenient for the customers to order again from your shop. Razorpay has a powerful and user-friendly dashboard that allows you to generate detailed reports about payments, refunds, and settlements. 

Stripe is another efficient payment plugin by WooCommerce that allows it to seamlessly conduct transactions and accept payments from anywhere in the globe. The advantage of using Stripe is that the user is not redirected to a different page and can checkout staying on your website. Stripe is cost-effective, easy to navigate, and provides seamless service for transactions from anywhere in the world.

Every ecommerce needs an inbuilt payment gateway for its customers to pay for their products. Moreover, you need a system that would not only allow accepting payment but also let you keep a clean track of the transactions about payments and settlements. 

WooCommerce Shipping

Your every doubt related to shipping gets resolved when you have WoCommerce shipping in place. This extension allows you to print domestic and international shipping labels most efficiently. It has store functions related to shipping that allows your store to have different shipping options for your store. 

The FedEx API manages and handles all the shipping along with their shipping rates in the domestic and international markets. It also allows using the UPS shipping method. It is integrated with the WordPress ecommerce store. UPS allows you to conduct the shipping by matching the country’s currency. All you need to do is to install the SimpleXML on your server. It makes your shipping process a lot smoother and hassle-free and you can focus on the business equation.

Store Management using Product CSV Import Suite

Product CSV Import Suite helps you to import innumerable products, handle the product catalogs and manage complex product details by importing CSV files to the site. It makes the work far less time-consuming as compared to importing product details one by one into the store. The WooCommerce Integration enables you to sell anything starting from appointments to reservations. It would be very time-consuming to make changes to the products and update the prices of the products.

The Product CSV Import Suite not only helps in the management of the product catalog but also helps with WooCommerce Photography and WooCommerce Bookings. WooCommerce Photography allows importing multiple photographs collectively with details. You can sell it even to people who have access to the collection or sell it to anyone on the globe. Simplification is what this extension aims for.

SEO Tools

In this super-competitive market, ranking in the search engine has become one of the few shortlisted ways to be discovered by potential customers. SEO serves a crucial role in providing exposure to a business. This extension would help you get detailed reports and analytics about keyword research and links to increase the visibility and ranking of the website in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

It organically lists your product on Google and lets your potential customers find it more easily. WooCommerce SEO is essential for the success of any ecommerce platform over the internet. Reaching out to more people implies reaching more prospects and closing more sales.                   


With the increasing demand for online shopping and competition, you need your store to stand out and make it easier for the customers to navigate through your store. The easier for them, the more they visit and buy from you. Several WooCommerce extensions cater to different needs of business owners and customers. However, the above-mentioned WooCommerce extensions not only make your task easier but also let your visitors experience a seamless service and one-click convenience in your virtual store. It buys you time and saves you money enhancing the overall performance of your website. 

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