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Best Contact Form Plugins for Your WordPress Site

Best Contact Form Plugins for Your WordPress Site

There are hundreds of contact form plugins on WordPress and it’s difficult to figure out what’s best. Many of them can be buggy, hard to use or too plain for your site.

Having robust and user-friendly WP form plugins are necessary for any WordPress website. Also, don’t ignore the important of WordPress hosting that ensures its online presence.

It gives your audience an easy way to reach out to you. You can also use a form to create subscriptions and receive money.

What you don’t want is for people on your site to fill out a form to only get an error. They will likely leave in frustration and you’ll never see them again.

This is why we’ve made you a list of top seven form plugins for WordPress. We’re going to help you choose the right WordPress form plugin without wasting time on things that don’t work.

Let’s go.

What to look for in a good contact form?

When you’re looking for a form plugin, you need to make sure that it has everything you need. The following items are necessary for any good contact form.

Great Features: You may be looking for the best WordPress form plugin for creating a contact form. However, it should also have the ability to take on other activities as your website grows. A good form should have many templates, integration features, and addons.

Ease of Use: Not everyone knows to code. A good form should be easy to make for anyone. We are looking for a contact form that has an intuitive interface and takes user experience into consideration.

Responsiveness: Most online activities take place on a mobile phone. You have to make sure that your chosen free form plugin for WordPress is responsive to different devices like mobiles, tablets, and PCs.

Price: A contact form plugin is an important investment. Consider your business goals to figure out how much you need to spend for a functional form plugin.

Support: Good customer care and support matters. If something doesn’t work correctly then you should be able to reach out to the plugin developers and get a helpful response.

Documentation: A good and free contact form plugin for WordPress form plugins must have extensive documentation. This will help you understand how the plugins work and how you can make the best of it.

Now that you know about the features to look for, here are the top contact form plugins for your WordPress site.

Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

1. WPForms

wpforms wordpress plugin

For the best WordPress forms available, look no further than WPForms. WPForms has over 2 million active installs and is very easy to use.

It has a drag and drop builder for every element which makes it easy for anyone to create a form in minutes. You don’t need to know any coding to get it up and running.

One of the most helpful features of WPForms is that its design works with any WordPress theme. You never have to worry about making a good looking form with WPForms.

You can also go beyond making a simple contact form using this free form plugin WordPress. It has features such as conditional logic which allows you to present queries that appear only if users give a particular answer.

WPForms is incredibly smart and you can use more of its functionalities as your business grows. It has payment integrations, registration options, and email marketing integration.

You can do many things with it. It’s stunning and easy to use. You can use it to increase your email subscribers. WPForms is the best contact form plugin available for WordPress.

Price: It comes with a Lite Version that is free and its premium pricing ranges from $39 – $499.

2. Formidable Forms

formidable forms wordpress plugin

Formidable Forms is the next level when it comes to form plugins. It is a highly advanced plugin that can do more than creating contact forms.

With Formidable Forms, you can collect data users and present it on the front end of your website. You can create your own user-generated content site, job portal, real estate listing and more.

Formidable (WP contact form plugin) has a number of advanced features that are not suitable for basic contact form needs. You can build up its functionalities by buying addons separately. It can collect, edit and present data from users without having to download any other plugins.

It’s great for developers who need more sophisticated functionalities. You can learn more about it by checking out this evaluation on Formidable Forms vs Gravity Forms.

Price: It has a Free/Lite version and the premium version ranges between $49- $399.

3. Ninja Forms

ninja forms wordpress plugin

Ninja Forms is one of the most popular WordPress contact forms. It has many great features like payment integrations, conditional logic, and file uploads.

You get the core Ninja Forms plugin for free. Like Formidable Forms, you can increase its functionality by purchasing its addons separately.

The free version does not have a drag and drop builder like WPForms but it is user-friendly. It is a good contact form builder and has other templates such event registrations, job applications and payment features.

Price: It has a free version with basic functions. Individual addons cost between $29 and $129 each. Premium plans are priced between $99 – $499.

4. Formstack

formstack wordpress plugin

Formstack is a versatile form builder for designing web forms. It works with WordPress but has also been created for multiple platforms, making it a multipurpose WordPress form plugin. This means that its solutions are not entirely dedicated to the WordPress platform.

It has a drag and drop form builder and great features like payment integration, conditional logic, email marketing and others. You can integrate it with MailChimp and other major email marketing providers.

It can also automate responses based on the choices users make when they fill in a form. Formstack has several functionalities that can help create interactive forms. However, you may find limitations when it comes to using it on WordPress.

Price: It does not have a free plan. Its premium versions range from $19 – $249.

5. Contact Form 7

contact form 7 wordpress plugin

You can consider Contact Form 7 to be a classic example of best free contact form plugin for WordPress. It is extremely popular. It has more than 5 million active
installs and has been around for more than a decade.

It is ideal for anyone who needs a simple form on their WordPress site. If you’re looking for more functionality, you will find third-party sites that work with Contact Form 7.

But it is not an easy plugin to use. You need to know basic HTML coding and editing to customize it.

Contact Form 7 is a long-standing favorite for WordPress forms. It may be too limited for many people, especially when there are more intuitive and easy-to-use option.

Price: Contact Form 7 is completely free. It does not have a premium version.

6. WP Mail SMTP

wp mail smtp wordpress plugin

WP Mail SMTP is a WordPress SMTP and PHP Mailer plugin. It comes to you from the same people behind WPForms. It is the best SMTP plugin for WordPress that will help you send emails securely.

It ensures that your mail does not get caught in the Spam filter. It works with your contact form plugin and you can connect with your SMTP provider.

Price: It has a free version available in the WordPress plugin repository. You can get extra functionalities with its premium plans priced from $49 to $99.

7. Fluent Forms

fluent forms wordpress plugin

Fluent Forms is a drag-and-drop form builder available in the directory of WordPress plugins. It allows users to create various forms for their website. Due to its drag-and-drop option, smart conditional logic, conversational forms, and email notifications, it is one of the most user-friendly WordPress form plugins. 

It has both a free and paid version; while the free version offers some basic features, the paid version provides a quiz module, payment forms, and advanced form styling as well. 

Price: Fluent Forms has both free and paid versions that users can use as per their needs and budgets.

Choosing the right contact form plugin for you

There are so many WP form plugins for creating contact forms. Many of them are buggy and hard to use. You need to choose the right contact plugin form that visitors will want to fill.

For the best WordPress form that is easy to use and gorgeous, look no further than WPForms. It is the best form plugin for WordPress that you are likely to find.

It’s easy to use and doesn’t require any coding. Get the perfectly designed form no matter what theme you use. Use WPForms and watch your website grow.


What is a WordPress contact form plugin?

A WordPress form plugin is an easy-to-use tool for WordPress websites that lets users easily create WP contact forms for their sites without much coding knowledge or technical expertise.

Why do I need a contact form plugin for my WordPress site?

WordPress sites have a built-in comments section, which might not be the most professional way to connect with your visitors. Hence, including contact forms on your website helps you resolve visitor inquiries and contacting you becomes easy.

Does WordPress include a built-in contact form feature?

Unfortunately, WordPress itself doesn’t include any built-in contact form features. Hence, we have brought you a list of the top contact form plugins that offer additional functionalities and customization options, making your WordPress website more engaging.

Are contact-form plugins secure?

We have included the most reputable and secured contact form plugins for WordPress. You can seamlessly install any of the above plugins without worrying about the security risks. However, remember that not all plugins are safe; hence, if you choose any other plugin, make sure you check its security features.

Are contact form plugins easy to install and use?

Yes. Most WP contact form plugins are designed for user-friendliness. Hence, such plugins offer a simple installation process and come with drag-and-drop form builders for easy customization options for all users without any coding expertise.

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