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How To Enable RSS Feed In Drupal?

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RSS or Really Simple Syndication is a web feed system that enables you to publish frequent updates of your website content like blog posts, news, web page content etc.

Publisher’s Benefit : As a result of RSS feeds, the publishers can automatically syndicate their website content.

User’s Benefit : RSS provides your website users with timely updates.

Drupal incorporates a built-in RSS system known as ‘Aggregator’. In order to configure RSS feeds for your website refer to the steps mentioned below:

  • Login as Administrator and go to Site Builder >> Modules
  • Check the ‘Enabled’ box for ‘Aggregator’ and click on Save Configuration
  • Go to Administrator >> Content Management >> Feed Aggregator
  • Click on ‘Add Feed’ and enter the feed’s title along with the URL
  • Click on ‘Save’ to publish the new RSS feed
  • Run Drupal cron for updating the feed

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In order to make sure that the feeds are regularly updated, Drupal cron should be perfectly configured and executed on a regular basis.

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