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How To Modify The Profile Pages In Dolphin CMS?

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Dolphin CMS enables the users to modify the information needed while signing up, this includes the information displayed on the member profiles and the arrangement of the information as well.

In order to access and modify these features, you will have to login to your Dolphin admin area and then execute the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to Builders >> Profile Fields.
  • You will be redirected to a page where you can modify the entries of pages like the Join form, the Edit Profile Page, the View Profile Page and the Search Profile Page.

In the ‘Join Form’ section, you can enter the information needed when a visitor wants to register a new account on your website. The entries that you add here will be displayed as fields that should be filled like in the image shown below:

entries fields

The ‘Edit Profile’ section is for the entries that you can modify when you already have an account and if you want to add or modify your personal information. You can determine what information can be visible on the member’s account by adding or removing fields in this section.

In the ‘View Profile’ section, you can determine the information that will be displayed when one user visits another user’s account.

The ‘Search Profile’ section enables you to specify the filters that can be utilized while looking for the profiles.

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