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Tips To Improve Your Web Texts Readability Drastically!

Web Texts

Whether you write a web text, a blog article or a product page, you do this for a specific purpose. What is your goal? How are you going to achieve this goal?

In this article, you will discover how you let your visitors absorb your texts. How powerfully you transfer the content and through which ways you can take into account the brain of your visitor.

Pop the deletion button

I write all my articles (still old-fashioned) with pen and paper. Why?

  • Because I prefer to write my articles early in the morning and do not want to have a computer yet.
  • Because I do not have a deletion button.

Everyone who writes regularly knows the principle of writing block. It is comparable to a kind of blackout. Whatever you try, you no longer get a sensible word on paper. The biggest reason for a writing block? The delete button. Continuous writing and deleting sentences is not the most conducive to your ‘writing flow’. By the way, your delete button is a great weapon to improve your texts. Is there text that you can omit without losing the content or message? Then use your delete button strategically and wisely and you will see that your texts are much better converted.

The principle of the ‘writing flow’

Did you just see what happened? I give you a tip about the deletion button, but first, allow myself to elaborate on my ‘early morning’ writing rituals. Once you are in your flow, write through. It does not matter if you expound. In fact, a personal story can make your blog interesting.

Go short and powerful if you use your pen to sell your service or product. If you notice after writing the sales page that you have expended too much, use the delete button.

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Give your visitors the right emotion

It is easy to assume as a writer that the reader picks up our emotion and tone from the text. Business web texts are often cold, distant and formal. The more formal the texts, the more professional the appearance, the thought seems. But the emotion in the text does not detract from professionalism. On the contrary, emotion in the text shows that you are immersed in situations and that you understand your visitors. Trust me, your visitors are like people. In fact, your web text can also evoke the wrong emotion!

In my time as an SME, I worked a lot with large teams. Teams that communicated a lot via e-mail. Every month there was a case describing what I call ‘had just picked up the phone’. Small irritations were taken out of context and before you knew it, the mosquito became an elephant. Visitors automatically pick up the tone of your texts. This does not mean that they are right. Read your texts, especially when these are texts for your sales page, always (after a few days of rest) well through. What emotion does it appeal to you? Is it clear what you mean? The joke that you make is that really funny?

The trick with the office chair

Time after time I come across websites that are guaranteed to lose visitors because of the bad layout. You make the first impression through your layout. Slide your desk chair back, just far enough that you cannot read the letters anymore. What does your text look like? Is it attractive? Does it invite reading?

A mouth full

When we write texts, we have the nasty habits to stand still for too long. What happens then? We ‘pimp’ our sentences. Instead of just saying what we want to say, we use expensive words. Or worse, jargon.

The 3-step jump for powerful texts

Shorten, delete and rewrite the parts of the text that do not add anything. ‘The shorter you keep your sentences, the longer they stay.’

To make this process easier, we use the 3-jump:

1. Write the whole text

Write the whole text. And with the whole text, I mean the whole text. Grab a notepad and your favorite pen and write down everything you want to tell. Is your text about writing SEO texts training? Write down everything about SEO texts that you can tell. What do customers get? What results can they expect? Which awards did you win? What reactions do your customers give? Remember that you do not need to have perfect text in step 1. You have successfully completed step one if you have enough input for step three.

2. Put your text away

You’ve been spluttering hard. You are entitled to a break. Put away your text and plan an appointment in your diary when you finish the text. Do you tickle your fingers to finish your text immediately? Do not do it. Do you have any energy left? Use that energy to make a list of critical points. On which points should your text score well? Or in other words, if you (in a few days) are going to improve your text, on which points do you want to pay attention? Whatever you do, never underestimate the power of a fresh mind!

3. Edit your text

Take the text you wrote earlier. Do not delete anything at this time. The only thing you do at the beginning is to mark or underline the sentences that appeal to you. Have you underlined or highlighted everything? Read through your text again and delete or mark the unnecessary words or phrases. Ready? Now the time has come for you to make a good text for the input. Rebuild your text with the sentences you have marked. Success? If it’s not good, you have to delete a lot of text and look with a fresh mind.

Bonus step – Optimize your web text for Google

If you have written a web text, you want it to score well on Google. Writing good SEO text takes time. The time that has to be recouped. There are enough SEO hippies who say that good content is enough to score well. But your website needs the value to score well. And good content alone is not enough. If you want a good position in Google, read about the best ways to get to the top of a Google Search.

What is the purpose of the articles you write? Do you achieve that goal? Or what will you do differently from now on to achieve this goal? Leave your experience or question behind in the comments.

The Author

A Journalist Specializing in Blogging, Social Networking and Community Management. As a constant learner, Pravin is always aiming towards new ideas and greater knowledge. When he is not doing research, reading, or writing for blogs, you can find him hanging around social media sites.

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