What is MilesWeb’s #99notoutoffer?

Updated onJanuary 25, 2022

Buy the .COM domain & get .SHOP or .XYZ FREE

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As a leading domain registrar in India, MilesWeb has been introducing awesome deals on domain extensions. Every year on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, MilesWeb never tends to disappoint with its exclusive offers and discounts on hosting services as well as select domain extensions.

Let’s see the latest and most hyped offer by MilesWeb for the .COM domains.

The #99notoutoffer of MilesWeb, What’s the Buzz?

Recently, MilesWeb has announced the #99notoutoffer beginning 20th of May, 2021. Users will get to register the premium .COM domain at just ₹99* per domain.

That is right!

Here are the registration plans that show your savings with the #99notoutoffer.

If you register the .COM domain for one year, the registration will cost ₹850. The price is not that irregular for a year, as almost all domain registrars charge the same. However, #99notoutoffer will allow you to register a .COM domain at a much cheaper price with the 2-year and 3-year registration plans.

2 Year Registration

With the #99notoutoffer, you can go for the 2-year registration and pay ₹99* for the first year and ₹1100 for the second year. Instead of paying the regular domain registration of ₹1700 for two years, you can save ₹500 and get .COM domain for ₹1199.

3 Year Registration

If you plan to go for the 3-year registration, you pay ₹99* for the first year and ₹950 for the second & third year. Instead of paying the regular domain registration of ₹2550 for three years, you can save ₹550 and get .COM domain for ₹1999.

You can register a new .COM domain for ₹99* only. Of course, there are certain conditions that you have to fulfill if you intend to avail of this offer.

  • The offer is valid for two or three-year .COM registration, where the amount you pay for the first year is ₹99*. The regular charges will be applied in the following years.
  • The renewal charges will not change for the .COM registration. It means if you already possess a .COM domain, you will have to pay the regular renewal charges.
  • The offer is exclusive only for the registration of the .COM domains.
  • You will not be liable for any refunds once you register your new .COM domain.
  • Domain Infringement: You cannot register a domain name identical to a trademarked domain or is a forged imitation of a brand involved in the same trade. For example: Flipkartsale.in, bajajfinancecs.com, adtyabrlafnanc.co.in. If you try to register a domain name of such nature, you could be held liable for infringement of the trademark. It will also expose you to copyright and infringement lawsuits. MilesWeb does not appreciate or tolerate copycats.
  • Domain Renewal: MilesWeb will send you notifications on your registered email address or phone number to remind you to renew your domain before it expires in a month. If you ignore it or fail to renew your domain registration, you will have to re-register your domain name. By that time, you may end up losing the domain name to some other entity. In any of these scenarios, MilesWeb will not be held responsible.

Despite the terms and conditions, which are natural, this offer is way too intriguing for anyone to turn down.

Why will You Regret Missing #99notoutoffer?

I think you already know how valuable it is to have a domain name ending in .COM. It is the most popular Top Level Domain(TLD) whose number of registered users surpasses other extensions by a hefty percentage. To be honest, people who ignore good offers on the .COM domains usually regret their decision.


  • Exclusivity: The .COM domains are not very easy to procure because of their high prices. The regular registration amount that legit domain registrars charge for a .COM is around the ball-park of $10.
  • Good Investment: People and businesses are willing to pay any amount of money for the right domain name ending in .COM. Plus, some tend to hoard all the good and potentially high-value domain names. If you are lucky, you can register a good domain and later transfer it to a business entity for a hefty price.
  • Limited Period: Offer this good does not come often and is active for a very limited time. The window of opportunity is narrow and, the rush is tremendous as people do not want to miss the chance.

Even now, there are not many hosting providers who provide free domains with web hosting services. The main drawback of it is that it is a package deal. You get one when you buy the other.

It is not plausible to pay for the hosting service just because you get a free domain. It is like that incentive deal where you get free fuel when you buy a car. You do not have to buy a whole car only because you are getting some petrol or diesel free with it.

Granted, the analogy has a bit of exaggeration, but the idea is more or less the same. You can always buy a domain from one domain registrar and a hosting service from a different provider. Not to mention, if it is a .COM domain you want for your website, you will definitely have to buy it from a domain registrar as it is almost impossible to get one free with a hosting service.

What are you Waiting For?

The thing about domain registration is that people always tend to go for an all-in-one pack. They are looking for a hosting service that would include a free domain saving them money. It does help a lot, financially.

MilesWeb’s #99notoutoffer will do just that! You can register a .COM domain name at the lowest price of  ₹99* only, which is the cheapest registration rate in the industry.

That said, I ask you this: Why are you still wasting your time reading this? Go, get your new .COM domain registered now while you still can.

Click this link: #99NotOutOffer: The Best Offer to Get .COM Domain at ₹99 only.

Prasad is a business grad specialized in Marketing. He has garnered experience as a technical content writer and a digital marketer that he brings out in his work. He likes reading classics and travel in his free time.

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