More Than Just A Web Host: What Makes MilesWeb The Most Popular Hosting Option

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Updated onJuly 6, 2022

Not happy with your web hosting service provider?

Most Popular Hosting Option
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Are you looking for a web host that provides feature-rich plans with low pricing?

Are you confused with the various web hosting options available? 

Creating the perfect website is quite a task! Everyone is aware that websites are imperative for any digital business success in a world that is increasingly guided by technological advancements. Having a website is the most powerful way to communicate and be heard when it comes to the dissemination of ideas. 

Web hosting holds the same importance as designing a website. This guide provides you with all the reasons to sign up with MilesWeb as your web host. 

What can you achieve by choosing the best web host?

If you want to set up a website for your business or if you want to create a blog, – the first question in your mind is about registering a domain and signing up for a web hosting service.

In light of the various options available, the task of choosing a web host becomes slightly tricky. You need to look for the right services for getting the best benefits.

Instead of looking for just a web host, you need to look for a complete web hosting solution that takes the responsibility of your website and provides you with a good platform to scale.

MilesWeb is among the best web hosting companies that provide feature-rich web hosting plans that are an absolute value for money. If you invest in a web hosting plan with MilesWeb, you get much more than just a standard web hosting plan. 

Brushing shoulders with the best web hosting companies in India, MilesWeb has got recognition for the comprehensive web hosting packages that aid in establishing a cognitive online presence.

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Here is an insight into the exclusive services provided by MilesWeb:

Along with providing the best hosting solution to organizations worldwide, MilesWeb is also beginner-friendly. Have a look at these features that make the process of creating a website a walk in the park!

Website Builder

Create a beautiful and responsive website with the drag and drop website builder tool. The best thing is that you don’t need to have any technical skills for creating a website with the website builder offered by MilesWeb. This tool enables you to organize your website’s menu according to your preferences. The website builder is offered for free and it enables you to get your website hosted and designed within a short period. 

This is one of the best features for beginners, small website owners, and bloggers. Design your website by yourself perfectly without having to involve a professional designer.

Free SSL Certificate 

Although most web hosts provide an SSL certificate as a paid addon, MilesWeb offers it for free considering the importance of website security. The best thing about MilesWeb is that you get SSL for free as long as your website is hosted with MilesWeb. When you research this, you will find that the web hosting companies usually offer SSL certificates free only for the first year and then the standard SSL charges apply. But this is not the case with MilesWeb.

Get lifetime security for your website or blog while you are hosted with MilesWeb. This is an extremely important factor that distinguishes MilesWeb from the other hosting companies.

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Free Domain Name

You get 1 free domain name with the basic shared hosting plan. To get this offer, you need to opt for a yearly or three-year term. The domain name is free for the first year. This is a good option for startups and beginners as they don’t have to invest in getting a .com domain name right in the beginning. 

Having a free domain name for the first year is a viable option for a small business or an entrepreneur who wants to create an online presence at a low cost.

Free Backups

If you happen to delete the website data accidentally, you can restore it with the backup stored on the server. MilesWeb takes backups of your server every 7 days. 

As the backups are taken regularly, the data can be managed efficiently and there is no impact on the business/website performance. There is greater security and the cost of maintaining or retaining data is reduced.

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Unlimited FTP User Accounts

MilesWeb enables you to create unlimited FTP accounts, you can add or remove as many accounts as you want. You also have the authority to change the user credentials. This is a beneficial feature if you are working with a team and you need to create many FTP accounts. 

Virus Scanner

All the web hosting accounts at MilesWeb are secured with the ClamAV virus scanner for free. This tool helps in detecting viruses, Trojans, and malware by scanning the complete home directory, the public web space, and the public FTP space.

Leech Protect

Leech Protect is a system that enables you to set the number of logins that can happen within 2 hours for detecting any unusual activities in the password-protected directories. This is a next-level security system that is provided for free at MilesWeb.

Network Tools

This tool is important for competitive analysis as it enables you to look for the IP addresses for any domain along with the DNS information. 

Technical Support Through Videos

When you host with MilesWeb, you don’t need to have technical knowledge!

All the processes related to your web hosting account are made easy for you through the video library. Every important process is demonstrated step by step. MilesWeb also has an information-enriched blog. MilesWeb’s technical support staff is very helpful and you can connect with them through calls, tickets, chat, or email.

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Assistance For Online Store

MilesWeb is a prominent part of your venture when you plan to set up an online store. Our experts provide solutions and suggestions that help you create an online store from scratch. We are there with you through your journey of creating a successful ecommerce website.

MilesWeb is a reputed web host and throughout the journey, we have focused on making web hosting easy and affordable for our customers. The web hosting plans provided by MilesWeb are the most feature-rich, you won’t generally find such a wide range of features with any other web host.

MilesWeb empowers startups and beginners to create and maintain a profound online presence. When you host with MilesWeb, the hosting is a complete value for money and you can consider MilesWeb for the long run.

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