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How Can Dedicated Server Hosting Empower The Service Industry?

dedicated server hosting empowering service industry

The service industry has come a long way in becoming technically advanced. As business owners look forward to gaining customer trust, attracting new employees, and refining the operations, making the right move at the right time is important. The service industry is all about ensuring a great customer experience and technology has a very important role to play here. The online presence of every brand operating in the service industry is important and hosting on a dedicated server is one of the most lucrative decisions that prove to be beneficial for enhancing brand awareness n the service industry.

How can a dedicated server empower the brands operating in the service industry?

When you host on a dedicated server, all the resources on the server are exclusive to your account. You get more power and resources for ensuring a robust online presence. 

Here is how a dedicated server can help the brands operating in the service industry:

High Performance

If you are operating in the service industry, you must be having a website or an app. Hosting on a dedicated server is beneficial in terms of increasing the uptime of the website or app. cPanel dedicated servers provide more flexibility and reliability as compared to any other hosting server. There are few or no possibilities of any downtime to your website or app as the resources of your server are not shared with any other account. Visitors or customers who come to your website can seamlessly perform the functions like bookings, paying, purchasing online, contacting and reviewing the services. 

With a managed dedicated server, you can contact the support team whenever there is a problem and your website will be back online within a few seconds.


The service industry is versatile; one has to keep making the right changes at the right time to be in business. With a Linux dedicated server, you get the flexibility to customize the server according to the unique needs of RAM, CPU, disk space, software, and operating system. When you are hosted in a shared environment the number of applications and the hosting resources you have are limited. 

A dedicated server provides the necessary resources to keep your website functioning, irrespective of the high traffic. You can easily customize your hosting environment according to your needs. Thereby, you get more control over the server.

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Unique IP Address

Every dedicated server has its IP address. When you use shared hosting, you are also using the IP address that is used by multiple website owners. If the account of any user on the shared server is compromised, it will affect your account as well as you are sharing the same IP. Being in the service industry, you can’t afford your website to get compromised or down. Having a unique IP address plays an important role in this. 

Any business that opts for dedicated hosting gets a unique IP address. You don’t have to worry about any other account’s activity as you are the only one occupying the server. This is an important feature for hosting a dedicated mail server for any retail business website that has an SSL certificate and accepts payments online.

Dedicated Resources

When you host on a dedicated server, you don’t have to share resources with other organizations, websites, apps, or users. As the single account on the server, you can use all of the server’s resources, including:

  • Disk space
  • CPU usage
  • RAM
  • Bandwidth

As you have the complete server at your disposal, you can eliminate risks like network congestion, other accounts eating up the server space, poor loading times and website crashes. Your website needs to be up all the time if you are operating in the service and hospitality industry and a dedicated server is the best way to do that.

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Fast Loading Speed

As you have more resources for your website, all the website elements load faster. Whatever you host on a dedicated server, it will load quickly as compared to any other hosting platform. Website speed is one of the most crucial factors that is used by Google for determining the search engine rankings. You need to be featured in the top search results as there are many more players in the service industry. Having a faster loading speed is important for your business website and it is also important for your search engine rankings.

A good website speed also has a positive effect on conversion rates. Any delay in the loading of web pages can result in the loss of customers. There is tough competition in the service industry and having a slow website can mean losing many customers and a large chunk of revenue.


Managed, unmanaged dedicated server hosting provides complete control over the hosting environment. You can adjust the hardware specifications according to your requirements; this cannot be done if you opt for a shared server. You can customize the resources like:

  • Installing the OS, applications, and tools you like.
  • Configuring the server according to your needs.
  • Deploying the security and data backup measures.
  • Controlling the way users have the access to the server.
  • Getting hardware flexibility and root access.

Dedicated server customization does not end at deployment. As your needs evolve, the flexibility of the server enables you to make the changes by adding new components and capabilities. The freedom you get for adjusting the server according to your needs is crucial for your company’s ability to adapt to the new opportunities or unexpected market changes in the retail industry.

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Reliable Uptime

As you are operating in the retail industry there are possibilities of having a spike in your website traffic. The high bounce rates can result in a loss of revenue. A dedicated server ensures that your website or application is running fast and smoothly always. Users of your website will always have a good experience irrespective of the volume of traffic or usage the server is processing.

As an additional boost to your website availability, you also get the best redundancy with the dedicated server. You are unlikely to suffer a website downtime even during natural disasters, fires, or power outages.

Superior Security

Dedicated hosting is usually a preferred hosting option when there are high-security demands. Hosting on a dedicated server eliminates the security issues like:

  • Getting affected by malware or a virus from another server occupant.
  • Losing access to data or suffering downtime because of another tenant experiencing a DDoS attack.
  • Malicious neighbor activity that impacts your website or application.
  • A malicious entity uses a server neighbor for infiltrating the device and accessing your data.

The in-house measures by the web hosting company also contribute to the level of security. As you have complete control over the server, you can deploy hosting solutions along with the ones deployed by the web host.


The service industry is faced with tough competition. For a website functioning in the service industry, everything related to a brand should be perfect and your website and application has special importance. Hosting on a powerful, reliable and secured hosting platform is of utmost importance for having seamless website functions and for providing a great experience to your visitors. 

As the service industry has many brands operating in it, even a slight downtime can mean loss of customers and loss of revenue. It is important to ensure that your existing customers and potential customers have access to you through your website and you have to make it easy for them to reach you and to know about you. For functioning in the service industry, your website is best supported and best secured on a dedicated server.

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