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Why Should You Consider Windows Dedicated Hosting?

Why Should You Consider Windows Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated server hosting is best for a startup or ecommerce business looking for a stable, secure, and reliable web hosting environment. 

Dedicated servers are best for several reasons; they are far more secure than shared hosting; you have complete control of the entire server; the chance of customization is higher in dedicated servers than in shared servers. Once you choose dedicated hosting, an inevitable question arises; which operating system to choose, Windows or Linux. Most servers on the web use Linux for several reasons. However, one cannot ignore the benefits of Widows servers. And both are available at MilesWeb. Being the leading dedicated web hosting provider, they provide reliable budget dedicated hosting services at affordable prices.

To decide which OS will work the best for your hosting account, it is essential to be aware of the differences between the two operating systems. This article makes a comparative study between them and talks about the merits of Windows dedicated hosting. 

Why Dedicated Hosting?

Before we move ahead, let’s look at some of the most prominent benefits of dedicated hosting. Some merits of dedicated hosting over shared hosting and VPS hosting are listed below:

  • Dedicated hosting is the right choice if your primary necessity is secured web hosting. You don’t have to share the server resources with other clients like shared hosting. As a result, you enjoy higher security for your data hosted on a dedicated server.
  • The user gets administrative or root access to the dedicated server. This access gives you more control over the hardware of the dedicated server. There is no threat of spamming from other users like shared hosting.
  • A dedicated server offers higher uptime to your website because you don’t have to share the resources with any other user. Your website content loads faster than any other hosting solution, and the site’s reputation is boosted.

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A Comparison Of Windows And Linux

Windows and Linux are the two most used operating systems for web servers. Linux, an open-source OS, makes it easier and cheaper than a Windows server. The choice of Windows or Linux dedicated server depends on the type of apps you want to work with. In terms of efficiency, both Linux and Windows OS are great. Here is a deeper look to familiarize you with the prominent features.

Cost & Licensing

Whether you choose a Windows or a Linux server, you have to pay the licensing cost and the cost of the server. In recent years the competitive nature of the web hosting market has decreased the price difference between Linux and Windows servers. Linux and Windows servers are offered almost at the same price, or you have to pay a little higher for the Windows servers.

Additionally, if you choose to go with a reliable web hosting provider, you can save on the hosting prices as well.


Both the operating systems, Windows and Linux, have the necessary features for the activities that you need to carry out. You can create pages, run scripts, and publish blogs on both platforms. Both platforms will work well for your dedicated hosting if you consider the standpoint of the features.

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Security is another point of debate between Windows and Linux servers. Certain users of servers of dedicated hosting advise using Linux servers for better security, but that doesn’t mean that Linux servers are ultimately secure. Both servers have their vulnerabilities. When you opt for a dedicated server, you should analyze the security essentials provided by the web hosting company like DDoS attack protection, malware scanning and removal, and SSL certificate.


In terms of performance, both the Linux and the Windows dedicated server perform efficiently. You can use the apps and content management systems you want to work with, and there will be no downtime to your website.

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Technology is the most crucial difference between Windows and Linux hosting. Windows uses specific Microsoft software to manage and run data, and Linux uses custom software that supports most programming languages. Windows servers work on MSSQL, and Linux uses MySQL. The primary programming language in Windows servers is Microsoft ASP.NET. MSSQL is mainly used in large enterprises to run proprietary servers. 

Specific Features of Windows Dedicated Hosting

The two operating systems, Windows and Linux, have different features, and distinct applications can be used on these operating systems. Some specific Windows applications are:

  • ASP: This essential web designing tool and framework; is used to create web pages.
  • FrontPage: It is a web page creator and can be used like WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). This platform enables you to develop web pages and forms before uploading them to your website.
  • .NET: This is a software framework it offers a variety of solutions like connectivity, application development, security, and much more.
  • Windows Streaming Media: This is a way to serve audio and video to the viewers and is frequently used in movie trailers.
  • Access: It is a database management system, just like MySQL. It is mainly used to store data in the form of tables in servers.

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Benefits Of Windows Dedicated Hosting

  1. Access To Resources: Enterprises using Microsoft services are highly recommended for Windows dedicated hosting. When you use the Windows platform to operate Microsoft programs, that dedicated hosting service helps to make your task easier.
  2. Better Performance: The websites using .NET technology need Windows web hosting. Windows dedicated hosting is also required to support databases created with Microsoft SQL or Microsoft Access. Servers run on other operating systems like Linux are not capable of supporting those databases. Windows dedicated servers can help the most common development tools created by Microsoft like FrontPage and Visual Interdev. Servers run on Windows OS can be used to share information using SharePoint, a prominent program launched by Microsoft.
  3. Administrative Control: Dedicated servers give you root access to the server. The users of Linux servers approach their servers through the SSH (Secure Shell or Secure Socket Shell), and the Windows server users access through the remote desktop. You can have custom configurations with the Windows server.
  4. Comprehensive Hosting: Generally, the Windows server OS is more user-friendly than Linux, as the former has higher user experience functionality. Users with fewer tech skills can work more efficiently with Windows dedicated hosting servers. You can run the Windows applications and design your website’s functionalities as you want with Windows dedicated hosting.
  5. Remote Desktop Access: Linux servers are based on commands. Windows servers are offered with a remote desktop, which gives an easier way to manage the server as it comes with a GUI (graphical user interface). GUIs are also available with Linux yet require a complete custom setup from a server administrator. This remote desktop functionality of windows dedicated hosting servers is also easy for server administrators, enabling them to access the network and accomplish tasks from anywhere.
  6. Scripting Frameworks: Windows dedicated hosting offers easier-to-install frameworks, like ASP and ASP.Net, and they have more exemplary support than Linux scripting frameworks. ASP is the predecessor to ASP.NET scripts, and the web pages developed with those Microsoft frameworks can mostly work with windows dedicated hosting.

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Windows dedicated hosting is a winner for its quality performance, user-friendly technologies, and easy-to-navigate cPanel. More specifically, the Windows dedicated hosting will not leave any bugs for website owners worried about server maintenance and performance. The windows dedicated hosting will take your website to a new height on the parameters of speed, usability, and functionality. The strength, security, and execution of Windows hosting are best-suited for setting up a robust IT infrastructure.

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