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5 Important Google Ranking Signals That Content Marketers Need To Know

Unique and interesting content has the potential to get a lot of traffic and good exposure to your website. It is a great enabler for search engine optimization, which all content marketers aim for and work on. The quality of the content has to be significant to be considered useful so that it gets ranked in the search engines. But there has to be an idea of what this content should be like for getting the best response and for securing a good ranking.

Google finds content relevant through certain criteria in order to determine if the content is search engine optimized. Here are some important Google ranking signals that will benefit the content creators:

Content That Is Highly Linked

The number of backlinks for the site truly counts. Google has an algorithm that checks if the site has a valid number of backlinks and if it is worthy of being on the site because bad links can pull down a website in the same way as good links can do wonders for the site. It is a complex methodology that is applied to check how the backlinks are actually utilized to access the ranking of the site.

It would not be easy to understand as it involves a lot of criteria for determining what can qualify to rank at the top of search engine results. If the site doesn’t have good links, it sometimes can be the sole reason for not securing a good ranking on search engines.

The content creator has to work on getting organic links and making sure to have good content to support it. If the site has great content, it will be easier to get associated with good links.

Know Which Content Is Linkable

Linkable content is varied and has no specifications for getting linked. Links of a particular category may get associated according to how they attract traffic and associate with the kind of content that is being put up by the site. There are guidelines to determine linkable content. But as the content gets innovative and perhaps moves towards bizarre, the links to the content sure will turn on the same path as well.

As per research, there are many linkable trends that a website should follow, but they are not the same. It is the truth that trends change and doesn’t last long and you can’t depend on them. Hence you have to build up a good database of links for the website you have created along with content that backs it. It would be the first step for the content marketer to work on.

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Content written by any copywriter has to create relevancy. The relevancy algorithms used by Google are advanced, and some of these are implemented through semantic mapping, which helps to match the sequence of every query in context to the indexed pages and documents. Hence the publishers have to work in the direction of researching well for semantically relevant content. As the search engines very well know how to determine relevance, the content creator will have to step up efforts on creating content that is informative and interesting. The content creator has to not only delve into meeting user expectations but matching Google’s relevancy as well.

Thankfully, there are tools you can use like the Text Optimizer, that will help content creators pick out the relevant content as per the Google algorithm. It is advisable to use this tool as there are constant changes in Google’s algorithm.

Length Of The Content

The content may be descriptive, but one must refrain from creating large content pieces that are too lengthy and ultimately they move away from the topic. When you capture the essence of the topic, unique content is created. Though there are several opinions about the length of the content, some experts suggest that the bigger write-ups can get better backlinks. Although this cannot be true in all the cases, the focus of a content writer should be on creating linkable content. It is good to choose a middle ground of working on 500 words to 1000 words content pieces, which would work well than just a 200-word article. Lengthier articles can be cut into different parts and the endings can be strategically done to build up into sub-topics maintaining the relevancy to the topic of content.

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Exact Keyword Match

Google has an advanced algorithm not only to match the exact keywords but may also look beyond the strings presented in the query. It is true that the content creator has to focus on the target keywords, which still are relevant for getting the ranking. Not all the title tags match fully, and there can be some partial matches to get the rankings. From this, it can be derived that variations of the keywords also do the trick for incorporating the target keywords. The content creator still has to work on keyword research for the content that is put up. The content creator should work on the content with the help of the keyword research tools to create profound pieces of content that are in tune with the keywords as well.

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Creating Content That Is Engaging

Time spent by a visitor on the is very important, for that you have to work on creating engaging content. It is considered one of the direct ranking factors. As soon as the visitors land on the page, how long they stay on, is considered. The time on a page and the bounce rate can be determined. It helps to know how the visitors got off to another site as soon as they landed on your page. The search engine has its own analytics at work to find out the engagement metrics of visitors, which are different from SERPs of one to another. As there cannot be any definite measures to decide upon; the comparison is made with two highly ranked sites to draw conclusions.

Hence the content creators should also consider website analytics and learn about tracking the content performance. Finteza is a tool that will help you on the analytics platform and helps the engagement monitoring process. It can help the content marketer to understand to what extent the visitor was interested in the content, whether fully or not. The behavior then helps to understand the sales pattern and helps in getting to the potential customers. It also helps to know what repels people from the site or the landing page.


Google utilizes many techniques to bring up the best content results. Not many of these techniques are known to everyone and they keep changing as well. The content creators have to be on their toes to make sure that the content stays relevant; it is informative and authentic so that it is in accordance with the search engine algorithm and holds a position in the search engine rankings. Content creators can work on internal linking and site architecture. There are plugins that help out on the SEO factors. It will be hard to get the site personalized and localized. But the task of content creators and content marketers is to create relevant content that is useful for the people so that it gets the maximum exposure and is termed as authentic and informative by Google.

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