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8 Strategies To Scale Up Startup Marketing

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The startup ecosystem is always exciting, especially for the entrepreneurs. After all, it’s about their dreams. You are an entrepreneur and no doubt, you want to be successful. Success depends upon your sales, conversions, demographic reach, product value, etc. These parameters are tied with single string- marketing.

You must strike at the right place at the right time. How can you do that? Have a look at these marketing strategies:

Market Analysis

This is the most important aspect for a startup marketer. You enter a market with a product. Now, you have to understand that your product is for specific customers. You have to identify the market. If you plan to target everyone, you will end up wasting money and other resources.

You should identify the customers by their location, age, gender, and spending patterns. This will help in zeroing on the customers.

Market wealth is another factor. Is the target audience capable of spending money on your product? You have to customize the product according to their needs. Watch out for the market saturation. There will be different players in the market. How do you plan to surpass them? Your product should be unique and exceptional.


Hard work without ambition results in stunted growth. You have to define your goals if you want to achieve your ambition, aims, and objectives. Goals are a driving force for you and your team as well. When you are driven by will power to achieve your objective, you tend to expand your reach with efficiency.
Define your goals periodically.

For example, you can do it in every six months. Once you achieve your goal or target, strategize for your next move. This will help immensely towards productive growth.

Analyzing Metrics

In a startup, it’s important to analyze your activities deeply. It is important to determine whether your decisions are right or wrong. For example, if you want to rank for “apartments in New York,” analytics tools will let you know your performance for the given keyword.

Analytics tools like Google Analytics and KISSmetrics will help you in determining demographic trends, real-time and all-time visitors, bounce rate, traffic sources, and other factors.
All these parameters are important for making decisions. Decisions that will enhance your market reach and therefore, increased productivity.


Keywords define your product. It defines what you are doing and what you intend to do. Now, selecting keywords and using them wisely is an important task. You will use the keywords for your homepage, product pages, and blog.
When using a keyword, you have to make sure that the target audience uses it to discover new products. You have to define 3-5 main keywords for your website. These keywords represent your startup. Then, secondary keywords are equally important. These keywords are developed around the main keywords.

There are essential tools like Google Adwords that will help in determining secondary keywords. The potential keywords are those that have less competition and high traffic.

In the initial stage, work on long-tail keywords that are easy to conquer on search engine results. This will immensely benefit you in marketing your startup.


Everything depends upon the budget. Your product, processing, delivery; everything is dependent on money. Marketing is the most important tool for any venture and therefore, allocating budget for it should be most researched decision.

It depends upon you where you’d like to spend money for more conversions and sales. For example, you can invest a major portion of the budget in the blog if it seems potentially feasible.

Also, your budget allocation should be based on the ROI analysis. After all, the sole purpose of every task or decision is profit. When you plan it according to the ROI analysis, your plans will be implemented as per your strategy.

Social Media

There is no doubt that social media is the best way to expand your market reach. People spend most of their time on social media and that’s why; social media is the new medium for conveying your marketing gimmicks.
You have to choose a right social network for showcasing your product. For example, if you have a clothing store, Facebook and Instagram may be wise options.

If you have a news portal, Twitter may prove to be beneficial. The time also plays a major role. Post on Facebook or tweet on Twitter according to high engagement time factors. Tools like BuzzSumo and Buffer give detailed social media data on the optimum time to post on social media.

Even on social media, keywords are important. Hashtags can be used to reach your target audience.

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Start Blogging

People like to read a lot. Not only read, they like to see, listen, and respond. But, this is possible when you are able to deliver something informative. The readers like information that satisfies their curiosity.
Blogging is effective in providing an answerto a reader’s query. To tap into the potential customers, market yourself by investing in a blog. In your blog, you can post articles related to your startup. Along with the post, add beautiful images and videos.

But, you have to optimize your blog so that it ranks for the target keywords. Setting up a blog on user-friendly CMS like WordPress is a wise option.

Public Relations Department

When you are starting up, you have to work hard to mark your presence. For this, you need a robust and organized PR team. The primary objective of PR team is how to deliver information about your product to the target audience effectively.

It can be through engaging and lucrative descriptions about the products. It will help in connecting with the reader.
Secondly, determine the success factors in competitor’s arena. Determining these factors requires in-depth and strategic analysis, extracting information from known and unknown resources.


Startups need to invest in marketing strategies for a bright future. But, at the same time, discover and innovate methods to expand their targeted market reach. Resources are always available. It depends upon you how to utilize them in the most efficient manner.

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