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How Long Tail keywords Will Benefit Your SERP rankings

“Long Tail” keywords is a string of four or more words that make up a phrase. The concept of the long tail keyword is simply tapped into gaining the huge amount of search traffic using longer keyword phrase. In this competitive world of SEO, business owners are persistently looking for multiple ways to get their pages to the top of the search engine result page.  Whenever performing a keyword research the most important thing is to be focused on the relevant keywords that give search volume.

Search engine algorithms are getting more complex. When a search engine crawls the website, they are taking into account the keywords and phrases found in the indexable text on the website. Moreover, most of the marketers avoid using long tail keywords due to less search volume and much less competition to rank for. Let’s have a look at how long tail keywords will benefit your SERP ranking.

1) User Intention: The Real Key To Much Better Conversions:

It is important to understand what is typically referred to as user intent. Most of the SEO experts give first priority to ranking a page and aim to bring on the top.  However, the ultimate aim is to boost the conversion rate and to make user invest in some action on the website that increases the revenue.

For e.g., “How to rank on Google Map” or “ home remedies to get clear skin”. However, it is termed as long tail keywords when compared to rank for a lot more competitive search phrase “Google map rank” or “get clear skin”.

The difference between “Google Map Ranking” and “How To Rank on The Google Map” is explained below:

When a user searches for “Google Map Ranking”, it didn’t give a clear idea about what exactly the user is looking for and this results to many assumptions. For e.g., the user is looking for a strategy or looking for general details and much more.

When a user searches for “how to rank on the Google Map”, it means that user intent is significantly clear. He’s looking for better rankings on Google Map and there’s a possibility of having the ability to “sell” the service to rank higher on the Google Map.

Moreover, long tail keywords are outstanding. Clear knowledge of user intent is significantly ideal for conversions that will impact your ROI.

2) Significant traffic:

A single long-tail key term will not give you more benefits in terms of traffic. However, it is true that long tail keyword brings phenomenal changes in the work.  For. e.g., when the police ask someone to describe a robber to get the details, this will help them to catch the right person. Similarly, the descriptive phrase describes what you are looking for and higher the chances that you will find the product and service as per the requirement.

3) Opportunity to build more content:

It is universal fact that long tail keywords bring in a lot of variety, they are utilized to create more content material. If you are writing a brand new post for every long tail keyword, then give a title to each and every page, a diverse meta description and unique content. Google focuses on such websites as it gives benefit to both the readers and search engines. The quality content determines more SEO along with a better website. If you are getting visitors from a longer pair of keywords, the general website traffic would sustain for a longer period in the competitive market.

4) Good for highly competitive niches:

The market is growing very fast as per the requirement of users. In some fields competition is so high that, when you are on the top of the SERPs, you are worried as competitors are ready to overthrow you at any point of time. It is always better to look for alternative keywords to optimize for, that is, long tail search terms.

For. e.g., You own a small motel in India. How do you compete with all those competitors out there? The solution is here – you don’t need to bother about ranking number for the keyword “hotels in India” since 14,10,00,000 websites are bidding on it. All you need to do is optimize your website for “cheap hotels in India” as only 4,50,00,000 websites are competing for this term on Google.

5) Get more pages indexed:

If you are willing to use long tail keywords and getting good results, then you can explore various combinations for your web pages. This will help you to create newer landing pages too. Nonetheless, unique pages with good content are cherished by Google too and thus gives good rankings.

6) Helps to beat personalization:

It is observed that search results are getting more personalized, that is, tailored to a particular user’s geographical location, age, sex, interest and much more. Long tail keywords can help you to optimize your page for different categories of users. For e.g., you can have a separate landing page for designer sarees for women or shirts for men. This is effective in order to minimize the negative effect of personalization on your SEO. Additionally, it’s always suggested to use long tail search terms for your SEO campaign.

7) Affordable for PPC:

Even though SEO is a very big concept, committing to PPC will help you to generate visitors quickly. PPC is expensive if you decide to opt for extremely competitive keywords. It is beneficial if you focus on long tail keywords for pay per click campaign.

8) Less Competitive:

If you are running a small B2B software organization, then there is a possibility that you will not rank well in a search engine because of the competition. Therefore, to get better rankings, concentrate on your Speciality. For e.g., ERP software will get a lesser amount of searches instead of software.

As I said before, some SEO practitioners neglect long tail search terms altogether and miss out good opportunities. Targeting long tail keywords in your SEO process will lead you on the way to success.  Hope this blog post helps you to win lots of potential users to your website.

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A passionate Digital Marketing Executive and Content Writer working with MilesWeb. I am passionate about writing blogs related to Information Technology and Digital Marketing. In my free time, I love to watch news channels and hang around social networking sites.

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