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Going Beyond Conventional SEO : 3 Productive Traffic Growth Techniques

SEO, SEO techniquesThe athletes who have been training through the same techniques over a long period of time, often reach a stage called ‘training plateau’. In this situation, a common response is to train more and train harder! Unfortunately, the possible end to this is an injury instead of an improvement in performance.

This is a useful ideology for many SEO campaigns. If you follow the best practices and use the standard SEO techniques, you will see noticeable improvements up to a certain point of time. After a few months or a few years, most of the SEO initiatives will become a ‘training plateau’.

So, what should you exactly do? It is obvious that most of the marketers take the same approach as the athletes. They train harder and more often. This might result in significant leaps in results and may be harmful in many aspects.

If you think that your SEO efforts have reached a natural plateau, you have to change your strategies to take the game ahead!

Here are 3 amazing techniques that will help you to break through the plateau and help you in terms of steadily increasing your search engine visibility.

Release Your Content


We all are aware of the fact that great content is of prime importance for creating and enhancing online visibility. Inspite of this, most of the companies protect their best content behind the ‘gates’. It is surely important to have gated content that supports your lead generation efforts; however, you should concentrate on getting the best of both the worlds. Videos, case studies or whitepapers that are attached behind a lead form are not of any value from SEO perspective. These are main content assets that should be utilized for SEO.

Think of re-creating some of the ideas present in your whitepapers into new blog posts that can be read by anyone who visits your website. You can also think of quoting some of the important stats present in your case study in some blog post. Your gated content will still be the same but by re-creating the content, you will be able to increase your search visibility, referrals and most importantly the number of leads generated through your website.

Another important way of utilizing your gated content for SEO is to publish it in multiple sources. Why not make this content accessible to the visitors as ‘gated’ content and also offer it as un-gated? A visitor who reached your lead form won’t realize that he / she can get the content without providing any information and without filling out any form. This will give you the best of both the worlds! Your content will be indexed and it will work in terms of generating more traffic to your website.

Focus On The Long Tail Keywords

keywords, long tail keywords

During the initial phases of an SEO campaign, the focus is usually on the primary keywords and phrases. These keywords/phrases are linked to the most important pages on the website. Generally, the rankings of these key pages get affected first. When this happens, the best approach is to make your search wider. This means focusing the SEO strategies on the long tail keywords.

The long-tail keyword rankings are often fair. They have lower competition, they are specific and well-selected. The long tail keywords can be extremely action oriented. If your SEO efforts are based on long tail keywords, then you can increase your search referrals and conversion rates within a short span of time.

Go Offline

go offline, meet people

This is surely one of the most commonly overlooked SEO techniques. SEO is not completely a digital discipline. One of the most efficient SEO strategies is building and cultivation of human relationships. Going offline is more about getting out of your office and talking to people. Some of the most precious links, press release opportunities and ideas can be gained through real-world human relationships. Go out there and find out what is working for other people.

Reach out to the key influencers and peers. If you do this on a regular basis, it is a guarantee that you will unleash opportunities and insights that will help you in ensuring the best performance.


The simple principle that everyone should follow for search engine optimization is that: When you reach a plateau, do something different and change the game! These are three effective examples of how you can re-create your SEO approach in order to uncover new opportunities and keep improving the online presence.

This is not the time of applying the ideology of ‘more is better’. Diversify your online marketing efforts and you will see good results consistently.

The Author

Neha Kahnna is a professional content writer associated with MilesWeb. She curates articles on web hosting, latest SEO trends and technology topics. Her insightful content captivates the reader’s attention and deliver a higher learning ROI.

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