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5 Quick Ways to Generate Leads

ways to generate leads

It is not surprising that so many start-up ideas fail real quick. There are some strategies that businesses overlook because they don’t realize how beneficial they can be. Consistent lead generation is one of them. So, if you don’t know ways to generate leads, your business will not grow much. 

You are missing out on potential wealth if the lead generation process is not considered or prioritized. It is one of the critical factors that a business runs on and offers varied chances of better growth. 

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is a process of converting audiences into leads and eventually customers. The prospects could be anyone, like a stranger, a friend, people around you, anyone. 

You perform tasks and activities that attract people, create interests and develop a relatable emotion. As they transform into a lead, you look forward to turning them into customers. 

The methods could differ like traditional and digital modes of lead generation. Traditional methods don’t work anymore as the digital world has won 90% of hearts. So, if you want to be better at business, you can try lead generation in digital marketing. 

Traditional ways –

  • NewsPaper marketing 
  • Pamphlets
  • Mouth to mouth, etc.

What is Lead Generation in Digital Marketing?

Lead generation in digital marketing means that users on the internet connects with you and turn into prospects. You attract these users using certain lead generation techniques and strategies. As the mode is digital, there are many ways to general leads. 

Lead generation plays a vital role in business growth. It helps make more sales than just selling or marketing

If you, as an entrepreneur, is overlooking the strategy, the chances of consistent growth can stop. 

5 Ways to Generate Leads

There are plenty of ways of generating leads. Here are a few of them that personally worked for me. 

1. Survey Forms

Create Survey Forms

You can create forms that catch attention and make prospects fill in their details. For instance, if you are a recruiter and offering a job position, you may circulate the forms asking for contact details and a resume. 

You must have seen many businesses try sending you links to their forms and ask you to fill them up. Whether they are offering a surprise gift, giveaway, or free materials, they ask you to fill in details so that they can reach out to you if you get selected. That is their way of generating leads for their businesses.

Most businesses maintain these data collected from forms and use them for email marketing, cold calls and text messages. 

2. Referral Program 

Create Referral Program

A referral program is one of the most used ways of lead generation. You can reward your customers for referring your products to others. Every time they purchase a product or service from you, they can get an opportunity to earn or gain something in return. 

Every time the customer refers your product to someone, you receive a lead. Even if they just leave their details and do not purchase or sign up in the case, you get the chance to convert them through marketing. 

Referral programs are the best ways to receive more customers and generate more sales.

3. LinkedIn 

LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy

LinkedIn lead generation strategy is simple. It is a platform loaded with like-minded people. You will not find random accounts here but standard businesses and freelancers with built-up profiles. 

I call it a platform where every user walks with money in their pocket. If you hit their nerves, they are not only your prospects but also your customers in no time. 

There are a few ways you can use LinkedIn to generate leads. 

  1. Post a job free or a post about recruitment. You will receive endless entries. If you post the job, you will not have to ask for their contact details or email id. They will anyway share a resume. Plus, their profile will have an email id.
  2. If you post about recruitment, you can ask them to reach out to you on your email address or phone number. 
  3. Build a profile, not a bio. That means you must structure it in a way that anyone who lands on your profile has a clear idea of what you can provide them. 
  4. Write thoughtful and valuable content. Redirect readers to your website or products or forms as you like. 

LinkedIn is a simple go-to platform with endless value. What it offers is something no platform does. You can flourish your business in no time and generate both b2b and b2c leads. 

4. Smart Use of Social Media 

Smart Use of Social Media 

It is a generation of social media. 80% of humans spend 80% of their time on the internet daily. It is not a big deal anymore. The prospects walk-pass your door (profile/business) every day. You only need to hit their nerve to offer you attention. 

For instance, you can try your hands on useful comments on blogs and social media pages. The consistently you do, the more you stay in the eyes of people. 

As they see you offering value, they might check your business or profile in that case. 

Also, never sell yourself in the comments. Try commenting value on their post, picture or product. 

You can also leave link comments to different blogs and websites. That will help you generate traffic to your blog or website. 

5. Guest Blogs

Guest Blog Posting

You can reach out to websites that offer guest blog postings. This can help you generate traffic as well as potential leads. 

However, it is essential to research worthy blogs to guest post. Otherwise, they won’t offer you any value. 

In fact, guest posts generate leads in a variety of ways. 

  • You receive redirected traffic
  • Boost branding and engagement
  • Builds varied connections and contacts

Free Lead Generation Tools  

  1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator – lets you have insights about your customers and audiences.
  2. D7 Lead Finder – You can find leads around you.
  3. People Finder – A free tool to get leads, contact details and sales.
  4. Skrapp – Let’s collect verified emails. 

Commercial Lead Generation Platforms

  1. Run campaigns using Facebook Marketing
  2. Try LinkedIn Advertisement
  3. Run experiments on Google Ads
  4. Instagram Ads have an attention

Wrap Up

If you look at successful businesses, you will always wonder how they do it. But one thing we always miss thinking about is, how can I do it? Consistent lead generation is the way to go. It can offer more sales than you make now.  

The Author

Rukayya is a psychology student. She loves writing and can curate content on any provided niche. Her immense love for writing content has helped her heal. You can find her on any social media platform.

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