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How AI is Changing Social Media

Do you use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., to create an audience, generate interaction with your business and products, and turn prospects into leads and sales?

If you are a social media marketer, you should think about how artificial intelligence may help you boost social media income while lowering the expenses of planning, development, and management. !

Quick Takeaways:

– What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

– Why is AI so relevant to the digital age?

– AI and social media – the perfect blend

– The pain points – Why AI still remains an under-developed part of most marketing strategies

– Leading social media platforms using AI to provide services-at-scale

– Analytics and the power of AI

– Conclusion

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence is something that was never thought of until 1956 at a conference at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. If you see the development of AI since then, it has reached way beyond expectations! With minimal human interference, AI has the ability to make machines smart. Your smartphones today have voice assistants and real-time navigation, all thanks to artificial intelligence; its tools have some amazing potential that traditional technologies lack.

Talking about the specific usage of AI, on top of the headstands social media. Can you imagine the world without social media? Hell, not! Every day when you sip a cup of coffee you sign in to your social media accounts. Well, this is where AI jumps in. Social media has a strong connection with AI without which it is deemed to be nothing!

AI is a key component of the popular social networks you use every single day. Facebook, one of the most followed platforms uses advanced machine learning to serve you the best content, you can get your photo identified to target users with advertising. LinkedIn offers job recommendations, suggests connections, and serves specific posts in your feed. Snapchat strengthens computer vision, wherein it tracks your features and provides filter options that move with your face in real-time.

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The above mentioned are a few instances to show how AI occupies a major part of our life. AI is not limited to just social media platforms like these, but it also has a major role to play in content creation. Marketers spend a lot of time developing content for social media distribution and engagement. A typical social media management software helps with this, by streamlining social media scheduling and monitoring. But AI tools take it further and can manage it better. AI has tools to auto-generate social media content across channels, it can automatically include hashtags and shortened links. It can auto-schedule these shares in bulk. In simple words, an AI tool is able to handle certain types of social media creation and management in minutes or even seconds.

Why is AI so relevant to the digital age?

Social media platforms solely depend on analyzing data. Without data analysis, social media platforms are like superman without a cape. AI has the power to analyze large datasets. It uses advanced techniques and superior computational firepower to extract insights from data. These insights can then be used to make predictions, recommendations, and informed decisions.

Artificial intelligence makes social media marketing better in two big ways for social media managers. First, it can decrease costs. AI can fully automate some of the more labor-intensive tasks that take up your precious time, letting you focus on higher-value tasks. Second, it can increase revenue. AI can dramatically enhance the efficacy of social media content and strategy, which automatically translates into better engagement and results from your social media investments. This advanced tech can help you better determine which posts will be most effective, which audiences are most relevant, and which channels work best. It can even generate ads that are more effective for you.

The relevancy of AI in today’s world is very evident and is the need of the hour, because it excels at extracting insights and patterns from large sets of data, including finding signals from social media platforms, advertising data, audience data, and social media performance data.

AI and social media – the perfect blend

Artificial intelligence has key benefits in aiding companies to improve performance and also satisfy customers. Brands can be recognized by promoting themselves on social media with the use of AI while reaching out to their customers; they can interact and understand their requirements too. Recent studies state that approximately 62% of consumers have entrusted the firms and 59% have been all-time loyal. This proves that AI has a major role to play in social media marketing.

Social media seldom can avoid AI because it runs on it. Now look at platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, they all feed majorly on AI. How do you think you get job offers and connect to like-minded people? Yes, again AI. This advanced technology makes sure it targets the right market, as the need for technology elevates, new tools are making their way to allure more and more customers, and AI is spewing its way into the user experience on social platforms, creating a better experience and journey for the users.

The pain points

As discussed above, social media is one of the most important aspects of marketing and communications strategy as it helps business owners to reach a large set of the right audiences very easily and effectively. But it’s easier said than done, it still remains an underdeveloped part of most marketing strategies. This leaves much social media marketing struggling to maximize its potential as a platform.

One of the challenges social media and its managers are facing is optimizing the strategy when new platforms are added to the social media mix. Implementing a bigger set of activities optimized for each platform without a doubt requires more time. To keep up, you may need more labor hours, or have to adjust your work schedule to manage social media responsibilities. Also, the time constraint that keeps bugging the managers is often the most challenging aspect.

Let’s say that you’ve somehow managed to overcome these above-mentioned challenges, but what about ROI? ROI is perhaps the biggest pain point of social media. You can track the purchase of a product, but can you track the ROI of the same product with the same ease? Let me toughen the question for you.

– What if you are trying to measure something relatively intangible like brand awareness, brand reputation, or loyalty?

– How do you prove that you have achieved expected results using your social media strategy?

– Although likes and shares can often be seen as basic metrics, but it is not the right indication that your content is hitting the right people and is generating revenue. This made you think more, right?

Leading social media platforms using AI to provide services-at-scale

Artificial intelligence is proven to be very promising in transforming the business world. There are real-time changes in industries after adopting AI and machine learning. It has become easier to train technologies to strengthen individual behavioral patterns, interest to customize customer experience and beliefs. Businesses can now predict and administer strategies to forfend business risks and financial losses.

Leading social media platforms are reaping the benefits of artificial intelligence and are successful in bringing forth voice bots, improved security, and identify visuals. Social media platforms are making the best use of AI to reach the target groups that can influence the results of your marketing efforts. Below mentioned are some examples to make you understand better.

  • Facebook

Facebook utilizes machine learning to serve you content, view photos, advertisements; basically, all visuals are possible with the help of AI. To explicate in detail, FAIR elaborated as Facebook Artificial Intelligence Researchers have given their time to analyze and develop AI systems to match the level of human intelligence. Artificial intelligence monitors the comments, posts, and other data, well, not only that it also oversees malicious actions on the platform, the application of ML algorithms develops its automatic AI-based translation system.

  • Instagram

People think that Instagram is just limited to photos, videos, and statuses. How many are aware that the Facebook-owned Instagram also started effectuating big data and artificial intelligence to boost user experience, filter spam, and uplift the results of target advertising. With tags and trending, information people can find related information like an event they are interested in, restaurants, food, and any other newly started outlets.

A recent study demonstrated that more than 100 million photos on Instagram are related to global clothing patterns. Instagram also protects users from hate speeches and cyberbullies; its Deep Text recognizes the messages and posts and eliminates them from the platform.

  • Linkedin

LinkedIn offers job recommendations, suggests connections, and serves specific posts in your feed.

  • Snapchat

Snapchat strengthens computer vision, wherein it tracks your features and provides filter options that move with your face in real-time.

This is all to say that AI is a fundamental part of how today’s social networks function. Machine learning, a subset of AI has the ability to analyze data, identify patterns and make decisions with the slightest human interference. Anything from content strategy to ad buying to analytics everything involves Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

Analytics and the power of AI

It is estimated that the adoption of AI in marketing has crossed 58% already! AI aids companies reach their goal by leveraging data and machine learning to deliver campaigns effectively. Marketers mostly use AI in market research, data science, and real-time campaign analysis.

A quick example of AI being effectively used in marketing is Gmail and Google Docs. They use AI in Smart Compose to go through what is being typed and then analyze and finally suggest what to type further. AI marketing is termed to be very essential for its automation feature; it can quickly translate data into decisions, meaningful interactions and bring favorable results to businesses.

AI also caters benefits to email marketing, it boosts customer engagement, and most importantly, AI works above copywriter by providing apt subject lines for clicks and tracks the performance. AI can be of great help when it comes to personalized website experience, it can jack up viewer experience with smart personalization on your site.
Consumer brands and publishers like Pandora, The Wall Street Journal utilize artificial intelligence to enhance their conversation rates and differentiate from their competitors. Pandora blends human curators and machine learning algorithms to recommend songs that are best preferred by the listeners. If you want to get a deeper understanding, few more examples are ready for you:

  • Gmail applies machine learning to free your mail from spam
  • Credit card processors use artificial intelligence to root out fraud
  • One of Google’s AI platforms, Rankbrain, aids in analyzing your search objective and using those insights to provide you with the accurate information

The Future is AI

With the large volume of data out on the internet, it’s just about impossible to filter out the communications that cause concern without completely slowing down the system or heavily controlling it as do some more rigid governments. Artificial intelligence has a number of techniques that can help business owners overcome many challenges and mitigate those risks. It can analyze complex data to understand the meaningful value that often overwhelms human analysts, helping us find adequate solutions in a timely manner.


“Build a time-proof business with social media, analytics, and AI”
Artificial intelligence will very soon rule the entire world. The transformation from just social media to becoming a buzzworthy marketing platform is never to be forgotten! If you’re a social media marketer, chances are that AI can help you increase revenue and reduce costs across different social channels.

Social presence is possible just by AI, what more does it need to prove to be worthy of capturing the world?
That means now is the time to get started with AI, no matter your skill or comfort level.

“To do so means you build a potentially insurmountable competitive advantage. To delay means you risk getting left behind”

Data and information in this modern age have reached a saturation point as its being constantly produced by devices and sensors as the Internet of Things. Yet, unless we interpret it, that data remains just what it is – data.

The Author

Abhilash Dasari has over 7 years of experience working with SaaS startups defining and implementing Growth Strategies. Abhilash is currently heading Product at RecoSense and is involved in planning, coordination, and development of various products, marketing, and sales deliverables, including website content, blogs, decks, datasheets, landing pages, emailers, research reports, and feature insights to grow demand and revenue.

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