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Social Media Algorithms For Marketers

Social media is an integral part of everyone’s daily lives and it is an integral part of the marketing campaigns as well. You can connect with a friend through social media. Alternatively, you can sell your goods through them. Businesses use social media platforms for branding and marketing. Creating top-notch content is the best way of grabbing the attention of people on social media.

Developing eye-catching content will be incomplete without understanding the social media algorithm!

The social media platform algorithm decides the quality of the content and helps the content reach relevant audiences. You will find multiple social media websites today, and all of them use a unique algorithm to rank content.

Why Is The Social Media Algorithm Important?

why is the social media algorithm important

Every social media platform has millions of users, and thus managing the standards of content is manually impossible. Social media websites build community standards for the content. The algorithm is crafted to check community standard compliance. If any content is found worthy, it will be promoted. On the other hand, unworthy content does not reach the audiences.

Not only the exposure but also the relevance of the content is an important thing. For example, you sell glasses. Thus, your content needs to reach people who look for glasses. Social media algorithm stores the user data. Depending on the activities, the algorithm suggests content to the users. As a result, the advertisements and content you see on your social media dashboard are relevant to your interest and requirement.

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Top Five Social Media Algorithms

If you think about promoting a business through social media, you need to understand how the algorithm of a social media platform works. When you understand the science behind a social media algorithm, you can create content accordingly. As a result, your content will reach more audiences on social media.

Here are the most important factors about the social media algorithm of the prominent social media websites that you should know about.

  1. Facebook


Facebook is the biggest social media platform today. According to the industry report, Facebook has around 2.9 billion active users. According to the surveys, a person gives around 35 minutes per day on Facebook on average. People use Facebook for different reasons. While some people use the platform for getting connected to friends & family, some people use the platform to exhibit ideas, products, and talents.

Facebook gives many interacting features to the users. Through your engagement on the posts, the algorithm decides your interest. Thus, it shares content that meets the area of your interest.

Since Facebook is a big social media platform, it has a complicated algorithm. Find a guide on the most crucial factors of this social media algorithm.

  • Relevancy Score: The news feed algorithm captures and analyzes your activity on Facebook in different sessions. When you come to a new session on this social media platform, the algorithm features information according to your activities on Facebook in previous sessions. Your activities are also taken into consideration to display ads on the Facebook news feed.
  • Prioritizing Friends: People have more than 300 to 400 friends on their Facebook accounts. But, you will get content updates on the news feed from only a few friends. Depending on your engagement on the posts of friends, Facebook prioritizes content from the friends.
  • Video Engagement: Facebook runs surveys to understand your interest in video content. Depending on data collected from these sources, the Facebook algorithm recommends videos on the news feed.

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  1. Twitter


The Twitter algorithm works similarly to the algorithm of Facebook, though the mechanism differs in a few cases. Nevertheless, the approach of analyzing user data may be different in a few cases by Twitter. Some important features of the Twitter algorithm have been discussed in the following section of this article.

  • While You Were Away: While you do not use Twitter, others may have posted many things on this social media platform. You will not miss them out due to this feature of the Twitter algorithm. When you open Twitter, your timeline will show posts from people while you were away. You will find the content depending on the engagement you had on Twitter earlier.
  • Show Me the Best Tweets First: This particular feature of the Twitter algorithm is similar to the Facebook algorithm. While you browse Twitter, the social media algorithm records and analyzes data. Depending on the analysis, it suggests the tweets that have received the highest engagements.
  • Prioritizing Verified Accounts: Globally, many celebrities use Twitter. When a celebrated person uses Twitter, you will find a blue tick mark beside his account name. Twitter prioritizes a tweet from verified accounts. You will get updates from such accounts first on your timeline.

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  1. Instagram


After Facebook and Twitter, Instagram has gradually emerged as an important social media platform. As per data from January 2021, Instagram has more than 1.2 million active users. Thus, many businesses use this platform to promote their products and services. Though Instagram started its journey as an innovative and independent social media platform, Facebook acquired it in 2012.

After Facebook’s acquirement, it is expected that the algorithm of Instagram will work similarly to the algorithm of Facebook. Facebook uses machine learning technology with the algorithm of Instagram. Due to the influence of machine learning, you will notice the following crucial things with Instagram’s algorithm.

  • Interest: The algorithm can predict a person’s interest depending on the activities done on the social media platform.
  • Frequency: The algorithm judges the frequency of usage of the application. Analyzing your usage suggests advertisement and content.
  • Recent: Instagram features the content posted recently. Every time you open the platform, you will get the most recent posts of your friends.
  • Relationship: If you have a relationship with someone, content from his or her wall will appear on your Instagram news feed.
  • Following: You will see content from people you are following. Additionally, the algorithm judges follower patterns for suggesting new accounts that you can follow.

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  1. LinkedIn


Among the various social media platforms, LinkedIn is one of the oldest ones. The social media platform is suitable for those who want to build public relations for their career goals. Through LinkedIn, you can connect with people working in the sector of your interest. You can share your skills and academic background through this platform.

The popularity of LinkedIn attracts businesses too. Enterprises can use LinkedIn in many ways. For example, you can use the platform to promote your product or service. Secondly, they can also use this social media platform to find employees and business partners. Startups use the platform to search for business investors too.

The LinkedIn algorithm is not as complex as the algorithm of Facebook and Instagram. However, it also integrates machine learning to provide a better experience to the users. The algorithm aims to establish engagements between people with similar interests. Depending on your interactions on this social media platform, the algorithm suggests people and content.

The algorithm also focuses on information on your profile and bio. Analyzing the profile information, the algorithm can suggest jobs, advertisements, content, and friends. Overall, the algorithm makes the experience of the users seamless on LinkedIn.

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  1. YouTube


YouTube is different from the top four social media platforms discussed above. People use this platform to find videos of their interests and requirement. From entertainment to information, people use YouTube for many reasons.

YouTube also uses an advanced algorithm to understand the behavioral patterns of the users. Since Google owns YouTube, you will find similarities in Google and YouTube algorithms. For ranking the videos, YouTube uses the same algorithm structure as the Google search engine. On the other hand, the algorithm collects behavioral data of the users.

After collecting data, the algorithm analyzes it and suggests content to the users accordingly. YouTube users also interact with different features of the platform. For example, you may like or dislike a particular video. You may comment on a video. The algorithm suggests videos depending on your interactions or engagements on the videos.

So, these are some important factors of the YouTube algorithm. If you want to promote your business through YouTube videos, you need to follow the community standards and policies of the platform.

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Algorithm is an important part of social media platforms, if you know about it, you can promote better!

The user experience of a social media platform largely depends on the efficiency of the algorithm. If an algorithm is efficient, it will suggest relevant content to the users according to their interests. Moreover, it will enhance the experience of the users by featuring relevant advertisements. An advanced algorithm increases profitability for the businesses that use paid ads on social media platforms. In the coming years, there might be slight changes to the parameters on which content is ranked and featured on the social media platforms but the basic algorithm elements will be the same. When you promote posts with all the algorithm factors in mind, you can expect finer results.

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