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11 Apps That Help Business Growth

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The growing digital ecosystem has given rise to robust mobile applications across business sectors like retail, fashion, finance, and healthcare. These apps allow businesses to progress and scale a business continuously.

In a 2008 Report by Mary Meeker, the importance and scope of mobile intervention and human life can apparently be estimated. We are past the tipping point! Mobile Internet access is the most used online framework. Therefore, this is the best time to switch your business focus on mobile-based activities, marketing, and customer outreach.

Here are 11 Apps that can help business growth:

#1 Square Up

squareup, squareup app

Finance is one the sectors hit big by the IT bug. Fintech apps and startups are churning out new models of cashless transactions and ease of payments every day. Square Up is excellent for retailers and online store owners looking for alternatives to credit card processing and associated risks.

Anyone using a smartphone can download the app and start using it to accept CC payments (credit card payments). Being a one-point solution, it takes care of stuff like sales reports, digital receipts, and inventory updates. It also provides you with data for analytics and valuable feedback.

#2 Evernote

evernote, evernote app

How much longer will you be able to keep track of your business on sticky notes and pin boards? As you scale up, you have an unending list of to-dos to complete. Evernote puts all your notes, tasks, and chores into one dashboard with reminders so that you never miss a thing.

The impressive synchronization between desktop and mobile version of this app has already made it hugely popular in the professional world. You can easily share your Evernote content with others and collaborate on important projects.

#3 Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive is an all-around business management solution offered by none other than the world’s biggest Internet company. Most of you might think that I am just talking about Google Docs where you can edit, share and collaborate on documents, excel sheets and PPTs. While that’s a great feature, it’s not all of it.

You have email clients for your company, project management capabilities, calendar integrations and a lot more. DropBox offers similar benefits, but it is still limited in functionality.

#4 Asana


Talk about team collaboration and project management and this app can solve all your worries on the go. It makes collaboration between colleagues easier even when all are at remote locations.

You can easily create new projects. You can assign to-do lists to specific team members and track project commencement, progress, and completion. You can assign deadlines and make sure all your deliverables are well managed.

However, one can say that the dashboard can become cluttered at times. Once you get used to the interface, it doesn’t remain that big of issues.

#5 Expensify


Handling and tracking everyday expenses and petty receipts can be a difficult task. Expensify allows all of this to come to one framework and instantly become organized. You can track expenses, click photos of receipts and submit expense reports from anywhere.

Everything is integrated to prepare confirmed books and numbers so that your company accounts remain spic and span

#6 HootSuite

HootSuite Insights

HootSuite has become one of the leading providers of cloud-based business resources and tools worldwide. With its suite of activities, you get a dose of analytics like no other with social media tracking, automated marketing, and sales automation CRM.

It is one of the pioneers that understood the transitions of global business would be towards the cloud in the time to come.

If you are looking to manage only social media, then BufferApp might also solve your problems.

#7 Xero


Business accounting has to be clean, precise and always kept track of. Xero can help business owners manage finances on the go. You can log in from any device and look at up to date reports.

Unpaid invoices are tracked easily. You can consider this app to be business accounting software, ideal for SMBs.

#8 Cam Scanner


Everyday business operations often need a lot of paperwork, Xeroxing, and scanning. Use this app to quickly sort out all such needs. It can easily be installed on your smartphone.

Its intelligent grid locking imaging helps capture sharp copies that can be transferred to your PC or tablet and printed later.

#9 Hip Chat

hip chat

Coming back to team communication, Hip Chat takes the same to another level of personalization with video call and group communication capabilities. You can do video communication with a group of team members, share screens, share files and collaborate anytime, anywhere.

#10 Doodle

doddle app

I still remember my workaholic grandfather in his days before retirement. A calendar hung in the living room, by the refrigerator. It had all the days in block columns where my old man used to mark important events, meetings, and even household chores.

Those days may be gone, but the concept is still of great use. Doodle can synchronize with your Google Calendar and tells you when you are free when you have meetings, what business trips are lined up and more.

It’s all round daily scheduling automated for you, right on your palm.

#11 Shop Seen

shop seen app

This is one must have app for eCommerce retailers who that their products listed on multiple websites. It accumulates all of them into one central database. You can analyze your cumulative metrics like gross orders from all websites, sales, and accumulated profits without spending extra time on separate calculations.

The products are given SKUs. These unique identifiers help the app crawl the eCommerce sites and create a listing for you. People can also download this app and purchase exclusively from your store with the full range of your products.

It has collaborated with Stripe, Instagram, and other channels to ease payments, social media management, and marketing.


These eleven apps are some of the best in the industry that helps with various elements of business and provides added efficiency and organization to your operations.

However, business needs are personalized more than ever. Therefore, don’t shy away from exploring more apps in your Playstore and app stores. There is a whole universe of business apps, and some of them might just be the solutions you are looking for!

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