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World Backup Day: A Reminder to Protect Your Website Data

World Backup Day

Losing data is a massive loss to online ventures. Remember that in this 21st century, data is gold and its mining is done every day! Therefore, businesses need to keep their IT infrastructure efficient so they can handle and access data hassle-free. However, it is difficult to know about disasters before time. It can occur anytime and we have observed many businesses shut down due to their data loss.

Almost 60% of businesses going through a data loss incident will shut down within six months after that. Thus, in this blog, we will be reminding you that combating data loss in your online business is possible. MilesWeb will help you with it. But before that Happy World Backup Day! This day is celebrated to convey the importance of backing up data to prevent data loss.

Although this day comes once a year, data disasters might occur anytime. So, it is recommended to have your data backup with us.

Why is Data Loss Concerning?

Hard disk failure, losing devices or non-functioning of IT infrastructure will lead to an unforeseen accident which is data loss. Just imagine that you have generated millions of profits in a year through your eCommerce business, but what if one day suddenly the website crashes? You will not just experience a 404 error but also you will also find that no data is available for your business.

That is why many web-based firms are opting for data backup. And reliable web hosts like MilesWeb will do it for you to keep your business risk-free.

In today’s era any nasty infection, virus or cyberattack destroys an online website within minutes. In such cases, website owners have only two choices. Either they have to shut down their business or backup all data before a cyberattack. Backing up data is the preferred choice and you can save your online business without investing lots of capital.

Below we will be sharing with you some hard facts that are an eye-opener.

1. Within one year of losing their data center for 10+ days, 93% file for bankruptcy.

2. Workstations don’t have a backup service for 96% of businesses.

3. Data is not adequately recovered are not by more than half of businesses.

4. Disaster recovery plans are lacking in 75% of small businesses.

Had COVID 19 pandemic played any role in it?

After the COVID-19 pandemic hit, businesses worldwide have shifted to the online medium. In this era, keeping data safe from all kinds of cyber-attacks is necessary. Data in simpler terms are documents, images, and other files.

Why Is Data Backup So Important?

As part of organizational data protection, data backups and data retention processes need to be established and enforced. It is possible for data safety to be compromised in a number of ways, such as hacking, ransomware and viruses, device failure, human error, natural disasters, and even something as mundane as spilling a cup of coffee in the wrong place.

The loss of personal data can be particularly costly for an individual, but protecting user or customer data is crucial for an organization to survive. Maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customer data assures a business of the flow of paying customers it needs to flourish.

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You should also back up your data for the following reasons:

Preventing Data Loss

Since there are so many ways to lose your data, having a strong Plan B (and sometimes even a Plan C and D) keeps your business safe because you have a backup that will allow you to recover your data as soon as possible.

1. Save Time and Money

You will be able to get back up and running without much downtime if you have a viable backup, and you will not need to spend as much time restoring or replacing lost data. Backups also provide you with a competitive advantage because they provide data resilience.

2. Improved Data Lifecycle Management

You can enhance the security of your data lifecycle by knowing that your data is backed up safely in the right infrastructure.

3. Protects Against Cybercrime and Ransomware

You may have a comprehensive cybersecurity program in place, but if something slips through the cracks and damages or steals your data, you can restore it to its previous state and fix any vulnerabilities faster if you have a backup, especially during a disaster recovery situation. Secure data protection safeguards enable you to respond promptly to threats, errors, and attacks.

Tips to make the backup process easier

You might have concerns about how I can make the data backup process smoother? Here is how you can! Find out.

Set Your Priorities First

Backing up your data requires knowing what you need to back up, where it is, and creating a plan for how to do it. The following steps should be taken in consultation with our MilesWeb team:

  • Know what data you have that needs to be backed up for security, compliance, or privacy reasons, and where it is currently located.
  • Make sure the most critical data is backed up first. The recovery plan should contain a list of priority categories for each type of data, so that there is a clear course of action when it comes time to implement it.
  • Plan a backup strategy and communicate it to key stakeholders – This will ensure that backup processes, responsibilities, and deadlines are understood by all stakeholders. Make a hard copy just in case.

Automate Your Backups

Manually backing up all your online data is challenging. We understand it and therefore recommended automating the same. By doing so, you are eliminating the risk of human error. Also, it ensures compliance with global data security regulations. There are tools which allow you to schedule automated data backups.

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Test Your Backups

Now, once you have got your backup, it is recommended to test once. How would you know if it is appropriate or not? To maintain the business continuity keeping no room for unexpected disasters. It is required to do so because you will understand and identify some issues in the current backup system. For instance, hardware and software failures. Moreover, your IT infrastructure will be ready for disaster planning, helping organizations to figure out gaps in their backups and recovery process.

Have An IT team

Website owners by themselves cannot manage the backup process. A dedicated IT team or web hosts like us will help you. The team of professionals will not allow a single data breach and keep all information safe in the database.


Backup has become a crucial aspect of data security in a world where our lives are increasingly digital and our data is under threat from many directions. Everyone has their way of doing this, but the basic principle remains the same – more than one copy, in more than one place. Make a copy of all your digital data on this day. With MilesWeb’s Backup, it can be done just with a click, easy and secure!

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