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6 Signs That Show That It’s Time to Change Your WordPress Hosting

Hosting is an important aspect that determines the success of the WordPress website. Whether it is about the website performance or the customer experience, having a poor hosting plan can offer poor results. Thus, it is essential to hire a reputed hosting provider. A poor hosting platform hampers the visibility of your website and the functioning of your website thus providing a negative browsing experience to your customers and visitors. 

Web hosting plays a significant role in the growth of your business. When you have an online business website, you need to check whether the website is performing well or not. However, if you have hosted your website with a good web host, they ensure that your website is always working well throughout the entire year.

Web hosting helps to optimize your website software which is an essential part of running the website successfully. It is crucial to spend time researching the best WordPress hosting provider before you take the plunge to make your website live, this will help you realize the complete potential of your website.

If your website has been inefficient, it might be something to do with your existing WordPress hosting. Here are 6 signs that indicate that it’s time for a web hosting change!

Your Website Is Inactive For Long Time Durations 

It’s a tough competition out there and your website has to be live for people to find you. If the WordPress website is not functioning properly, even for a short time, visitors will find an alternative right away. The search engine evaluates the rate of your website availability. If the search engine finds that your website availability is not up to the mark, your search engine ranking will be affected as well. So if your website is constantly downranking, it will affect your business, and you will lose plenty of customers. If these symptoms are persistent, it is a clear sign that you need to change your hosting plan without any delay.

If you find that your website is going offline repeatedly, you should check its uptime. You can install several plugins from the admin panel. There are many free plugins that you can readily find in WordPress. You need a WordPress hosting platform that ensures uptime of 99%.

Your WordPress Hosting Does Not Have The Required Features 

You must host your website with WordPress hosting that is perfect for your website needs. The hosting plan should be packed with all the features, or else you need to allot a considerable amount of time for developing your website.

Here is what MilesWeb offers with its best affordable WordPress hosting packages:

wordpress hosting features

All these features enable you to set up your website perfectly and to safeguard it as well.

Updating your WordPress websites is pretty easy with WordPress toolkits that allow you to secure, install, and customize your WordPress websites from a single interface.

A firewall is an advanced security system that WordPress websites demand. It prevents hackers from hacking the system. The daily backup plan ensures that your data will be restored, and you can recover the lost data at any time. You must look for a WordPress hosting platform with all these features.

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Your Website Is Slow 

When visitors land on the website, they expect to load the website quickly. The user wants to get fast responses like fast clicks results, swift data input, and much more. But if your visitors leave your website quickly, the bounce rate of your website will increase and the search engine ranking of your website will also go down. To ensure that the website is working well, you need to host it on the right platform.

Due to the huge quantity of plugins working in the background, speed is a common issue for WordPress website owners. Image optimization, compression, caching, and content delivery are some of the few ways which help to decrease the loading time of the website. The speed of the website is determined by the performance of the server. After optimizing the website, if the website still runs slow, it is a signal which tells you to upgrade to a more robust hosting solution.

Most web hosts assure 99% uptime. But few web hosts help to make your website visible.

Whether it is a problem of dead pages, hijacked pages, or slow loading time, these things negatively impact the website. The main reason for website downtime is the malfunctioning of hardware and system overloading. There may be other reasons for website downtime, but it can lead to poor user experience, negative reputation, low search engine ranking, and loss. Therefore, this is an essential reason for changing the existing host plan.

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 Your Account Is Suspended By Your Web Host

There are few reasons for which a web host suspends your user account. For instance, if the website is attacked with a virus, or if there has been any unethical activity, or if the hosting charges are due. Continuing with the same host will only result in more website downtime. Receiving maximum bandwidth allocation is a sign that your website is experiencing a good amount of traffic.

There are many situations where your WordPress is suspended. However, you need to be informed before having your website suspended. This is an unfair act. It will directly impact customers who cannot access the website, which affects the sales of the business and causes loss of traffic. If this condition persists, it will affect the search engine ranking and brand reputation as well. You should change your web host if the provider suspends your website suddenly and f you are not able to resolve this issue with your existing web host.

Your Account Has Limited Bandwidth

It is quite normal for any WordPress website to experience errors. But if the WordPress website is having server errors or any database errors, then it’s time to change your web host. Sometimes there is a connectivity issue because of the network at the user’s end. But most connection errors are due to the problems of the web host’s server. Your visitors will not be able to visit the website if they experience a connection error. This can lead to customer dissatisfaction, higher bounce rate, and low search engine ranking.

After your website grows, bandwidth requirements will increase to manage the visitors. Sometimes, it may happen that your web host cannot offer you the required bandwidth, if this occurs then your website might crash abruptly causing an inconvenience to your customers and visitors.

It is important to make an informed decision when it comes to selecting a WordPress hosting company. For instance, if you have an existing website on WordPress, then make a comparison with the other services and find out which one meets your budget and requirement.

You can consider choosing a premium server if you have an existing web host. However, it is better to change the host since it can deliver more benefits in terms of both price and services.

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Inefficient Technical Support


Although you can find a considerable amount of WordPress help on the internet, when the requirement is urgent you naturally want a WordPress expert that can help you to figure out problems quickly so that the website remains online and continues to work as it should be working.

One of the main features of a web host is offering excellent technical support to its customers. Few companies provide free technical support where all the databases and technical support teams are available 24/7. You can approach them through online chat, email, phone about any problem you have with your website.

If you notice a lack of technical support, consider it a signal that you need to change the web host before you fall into a tricky position where there will be no one for assistance.

After completing the work of website development and registration, you need to focus on the security of the website. It will be your prime concern.

The security system of your website is an important aspect of the business. Do not hope that every provider will be able to offer a secure hosting environment. Many dishonest people are always ready to take the benefit of less secure servers to gain access to private information.

The malicious attacks will affect valuable files and compromise your confidential data, which can affect the reputation of the brand and hamper your image. This can negatively impact your website, therefore you must consider changing the web host if it cannot offer a secure hosting environment to the visitors.


If you are experiencing any of the issues mentioned above, then you must change your WordPress hosting platform to an appropriate one. WordPress is an extremely user-friendly platform to work with and it is used by many blog and website users across the world. Your WordPress hosting platform should support your website and help it to grow and stay secure. Consider hosting with a company that offers a managed WordPress hosting solution along with all the necessary features for ensuring complete value for money.

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